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Trauma and Codependency

You can make significant strides in overcoming codependency by developing new attitudes, skills, and behavior. But deeper recovery may involve healing trauma that usually began in childhood. Trauma can...
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Book Reviews

Book Review: Mindful Relationships

While most of us devote a considerable amount of energy and attention to improving our relationships, in their new book, Mindful Relationships: Creating Genuine Connection With Ourselves and Others,...
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The Loneliness of OCD

I get a lot of comments on my blog. One recurring theme is that obsessive-compulsive disorder is often accompanied by feelings of intense loneliness. Those with OCD typically realize...
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OCD and Who You Truly Are

I connect with a lot of people who are suffering from the effects of obsessive-compulsive disorder. And I’m not just talking about those who have OCD. I’m talking about...
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