Articles on Dissociation

Freewill’s Story

My story…. there isn’t much to tell… An incest survivor, a survivor of a pedophile of 4 years who happened to be my teacher, physical abuse starting at age...
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Book Review: Lifting the Veil

When I began reading Lifting the Veil, it seemed clear that the main theme was dissociative identity disorder — previously and popularly known as multiple personality disorder. The book appears...
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Bird in the Invisible Cage

As I watched my 68-year-old father hug my 16-year-old daughter at the airport, my stomach tightened around the bag of worms, renewing that old, buried feeling. My son waited...
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My New Life

At the age of 23, I woke up one weekday morning with the feeling that something was wrong. I searched my mind. Oh, yes. I remembered. I remembered that...
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