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Are You Feeling SAD?

During the winter months we often hear people mention feeling “blue” or “down.” There are others that speak of SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. You may wonder, “What on...
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Depression and the Elderly

As we age, deteriorating health and the loss of life partners and independence can significantly impact our emotional well being. It may be too embarrassing to admit feeling depressed,...
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Depression and Smoking

Depression is associated with an increased frequency of smoking. Addicted smokers are characterized by preoccupation with smoking, abnormal attachment to cigarettes and anticipation of brain reward from the drugs...
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Antidepressant Medications

Major depression, the kind of depression that will most likely benefit from treatment with medications, is more than just “the #8221; It is a condition that lasts 2 weeks...
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An Introduction to Depression

Depression is the common cold of mental disorders — most people will be affected by depression in their lives either directly or indirectly, through a friend or family member....
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Social Phobia and Health

There is much evidence that strong friendships and relationships can positively influence health. But if you tend to become anxious in social settings, you may not be gaining the...
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