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Your Sense of Coherence

Can your ‘sense of coherence’ influence your health? The concept of sense of coherence (SOC) was put forward by Aaron Antonovsky in 1979 to explain why some people become...
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A Birthmom’s Pain

Their name is legion, for they are many, and yet no one knows them. A “legion,” in Biblical terms, was a Roman military platoon of 6,000 men. There are...
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Preparing for Grief

The death of someone close to us is the most severe stressor imaginable. Bereavement brings a high risk of mental and physical health problems for a long time afterward....
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Depression in Employees

Employers sometimes have concerns about a specific employee and whether the employee’s poor health might be affecting their performance and ability to do their job. But employers should also...
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Book Review: Undoing Depression

Undoing Depression: What Therapy Doesn’t Teach You and Medication Can’t Give You Richard O’Connor knows what he talks about in one of the most thorough, comprehensive, and enjoyable books...
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