Classical Texts in Psychology

Christopher D. Green
York University, Toronto, Ontario

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(Editor's Note: Many thanks to Joseph Trimble of Western Washington University for bringing this work to my attention, and making it available to the "Classics" project.)


Intergroup Conflict and Cooperation: The Robbers Cave Experiment

Muzafer Sherif, O. J. Harvey, B. Jack White, William R. Hood, Carolyn W. Sherif (1954/1961)


Preface (1954)

Preface (1961)

Chapter 1. Integrating Field Work and Laboratory in Small Group Research

Chapter 2. Approach, Hypotheses and General Design of the Study

Chapter 3. Role of Staff, Subject Selection, Experimental Site

Chapter 4. Experimental Formation of In-Groups

Chapter 5. Intergroup Relations: Production of Negative Attitudes Toward the Out-Group

Chapter 6. Intergroup Relations: Assessment of In-Group Functioning and Negative Attitudes Toward the Out-Group

Chapter 7. Intergroup Relations: Reducing Friction (Stage 3)

Chapter 8. Summary and Conclusions




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