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Drunk Online Shopping

By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

Drunk Online ShoppingDo you engage in drunk online shopping? Apparently, you aren’t alone.

Alcohol decreases our inhibitions, and removes that rational switch that normally intercedes between our emotional selves and a particular behavior. That’s why people drink in social situations — it makes it easier to engage in social activities without worrying about what others think of you or over-analyzing the situation.

Ki Mae Heussner has the story about drunk shopping online, over at ABC News. Drunk shopping is when you’ve had a little bit to drink, your inhibitions are down, and you decide to make a purchase or two that maybe you didn’t really need.

There hasn’t been any research done on this phenomenon yet, but we do have anecdotal evidence that drunk shopping online is something more than a few people do.

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Drunk Online Shopping

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  1. Ha! I did this when was taking Ambien. It was particularly bad when I took the extended release type. Since I couldn’t sleep, I’d kill time online until the sleepiness kicked in.

    After a few months of taking Ambien, I started buying things online during the “waiting period” between ingestion and sleep. I had a particular affinity for loose freshwater pearls (I make jewelry). Some of the pearls I bought were just gorgeous–and pricey. I never would have splurged that way at any other point in the day.

    At first I didn’t even remeber shopping, but little packages started arriving, and my credit card statements corroborated what I was doing.

    At first I was embarrassed, but I had to compliment myself on my fabulous fine taste in pearl selection. In the end, it was just funny. A bit painful financially, though.

    My husband and I agreed that going forward, I would no longer even take Ambien until the computer was turned off. Pearls, mmmmmmmm, pretty…

  2. I never experienced that because , i don’t drink:)

  3. I gave a comment a few days ago and it was a good one, but I never saw it posted. Drunk online shopping can be a habit just like drinking or anything else.
    They are looking for escape, a release, something that they can do in their drunken state, by them selves that will make them feel good. There are better ways to shop online.

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