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10 Ways To Find New Motivation

How often do you lament, “If only I were more motivated, I could get so much done and be successful”? For many of us, motivation seems hard to find. Whenever a tough project pops up or we have to do something we’ve been dreading — whether it’s stripping the wallpaper in the bedroom or collecting the year’s receipts at tax time — our motivation vanishes.

Here’s an excerpt from my recent article on how to find it, keep it, and overcome the most common roadblocks along the way.

1. Assess your values. Consider whether the task at hand aligns with your values, Maynard said. To figure out your values, she suggested asking, “How do you want to see yourself in the world today?” Another way to think of this is to mull over what accomplishing the task would give you “that is even more important than having accomplished the goal itself,” Maynard writes in her own list of tips.

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10 Ways To Find New Motivation

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  1. Great tips. One thing that I will add is sometimes it is important to hve the right people around you to help with motivation and they might not be your friends. Being with a highly motivated group can do wonders to keep you inspired.

  2. Great additional tip!

  3. As a coincidence, I just published a piece this morning on my blog about your very first point — values. It’s critical to understand how values influence perception and choice. Best, Ted

  4. i never ask why and never create lists of reasons.
    i should be doing that from now on.
    thanks Margarita.

  5. I can’t emphasize the values piece enough! I’m often amazed in my work with clients at how their lives are transformed once we really do a good values assessment. This exercise helps them set goals so they can live their lives according to their values.



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