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Generic Lexapro Coming to Stores Near You!

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  1. Having never experienced depression (in my own mind) I started lexapro in march 2011! Did not have ins at the time but was happy to pay $120/mo for it in Indiana. It has changed my life! I’m a nurse and fortunately have ins now w/ 30$ co-pay! The difference between lexapro (newer) and celexa (older) is one isomer was removed from celexa and u then have lexapro. This isomer is what is responsible for the side effects experienced w/ celexa! That is how my Doc explained to me! Hope this helps someone!

  2. Does anyone know how much Lexapro will be through Medicare Complete/United Healthcare in 1012?

    Mail order is Perscription Solutions?


    • I got a notice from AARP United Health Care the Co-pay is going up from $45 to $95 in Jan. of 2012.

      The FDA approved, in 2006, Ivax Corp. of Miami, part of Israel’s Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., becomes the first company cleared to make a generic version of the prescription drug, according to the Web site of the Food and Drug Administration. The agency approved 5, 10 and 20 milligram doses of the drug, also called escitalopram oxalate.

      The company that was trying to bring it to market, Teva, lost a patent fight with Lexapro’s maker, Forest Labs. To put this in perspective of how big a deal this was for Forest, in the 2nd quarter of 2006, Lexapro made up 60% of Forest’s revenues.

  3. I have been on Lexapro for almost 8 yrs now and the price continues to go up….I now pay $295.00 for a three month supply of 30 mgs. This is just outrageous!! I can not afford this but I can not go off because it really helps me. I pray that there will be a generic product very soon.

    Thanks for listening.

  4. I was on Lexapro for about 7-8 years, then it got really expensive. I asked for the closest generic and was told Celexa’s generic, citalopram, was the one to try.
    I felt about the same, but my spouse told me it was nowhere near as effective in terms of my behavior & personality.
    I’ve now gone back to Lexapro, even though it costs about $120/month.
    I’m looking forward to the generic, scheduled to come out in March, 2012.

  5. I have taken Lexapro for 3 years. In 2002 I had breast cancer. I am not able to take estrogen because of this and found myself deep in the throws of menopause. Many women have had success in treating these symptoms with Lexapro. My doctor and I tried several things, but I suffered many side effects. With this I have none what so ever. Yes I have some sleeplessness, but that I attribute to the menopause as many others have told me they have suffered the same thing and I had it before taking Lexapro. This helps me with the emotional aspect,(not crying all the time at the drop of the hat for no reason) and the hotflashes. I have received a letter from my insurance stating that now it has to be preauthorized by my doctor. Of course they suggested 2 generic alternatives, but more than one doctor has told me that the two don’t compare. I believe them as my husband tried to use the comparible substitues for his medicine that our insurance suggested. He suffered a year of misery that not only our family, but co workers, friends and neighbors noticed. It got so bad that therapy was suggested. His medicine went generic and within 2 weeks he was noticably improved and is now back to normal. It is hard to afford, but the sacrifice for me is out of the question.

  6. Under my wife’s old insurance, she had to pay $30 a month for Lexapro. When she goes over to my insurance next month (layoff), my insurance will charge her $70 for the same prescription. But get this: She can only get one 30 day supply, then they won’t pay anything at all!!! She has to pay $175 for a 3 month supply by mailorder or they won’t cover it at all! And my insurance costs me twice what her’s did!

    United Health Care sucks!

    • I totally know how you feel. I have insurance with my union and mine is 61.00 for a thirty day supply which isn’t too much I guess it has to do with formularies. I did call my insurance and a 90 day supply is 100.00 which is also not bad but I am a bagger and I only make 100.00 a week thats a whole paycheck. I also tried mail order and its not that different. I did find out it is going generic in 2012 in feb hopefully it will be cheaper.

  7. if it makes you feel any better, my cost AFTER ins is $117 for a 1 month prescription

  8. I was prescribed Lexapro and when I got to the pharmacy I had to leave without it because I had no idea how much it was going to be. $100.00 after insurance. I guess my question is if it’s worth it; I have MS and funds are VERY tight. I didn’t see any offers from the makers to help with financial assistance. Any resonse?

    • I have been on Lexapro for over a year now..and was on it a couple years ago, and I’ve always got help from the actual makers of Lexapro, Forest pharmaceuticals through their patient assistance program. I get free three months supply at a time, then I must have my doctor fill out a new prescription and reapply for the next three months. The only thing is, is they only help you if you have no health insurance to cover the medication, which I have none, so that is why I get the free Lexapro. They also have financial guidelines you have to fall under.

    • it is absolutely worth it. I have tried others with bad results and I know other people that have done the same thing and say Lexapro is without a doubt the best. I lost both parents 6 weeks apart and neither was sick or expected to die. Lexapro makes the difference in whether I can get out of bed in the morning. My aunt also has MS and has had for about 6 years and it works better than anything else she has tried. If you are low income try contacting the manufacturer to see if you qualify for discounted or even free medication. You can ask the pharmacist who the manufacturer is or google it and get their contact information. I have looked for coupons and discounts and have never found any. I am hopeful that the generic works as well as the name brand.

  9. JDinFL, I have UHC and they are awesome!! I suffered infertility issues and they paid for treatments, even IVF, and the medication, most insurances don’t. I was diagnosed with cancer, everything was covered, I was able to see world renowned Drs, chemo, radiation,surgery were all covered.

    My point is, your employer chooses your coverage plan with UHC depending on how much they want to pay for the coverage of their employees. My Lexapro costs $100 for 3 months. Consider speaking with your HR dept about getting a better level of benefits for you and paying more of the cost like my company does.

  10. I am on 40mg of lexapro, but due to not having any insurance its $375 a month. I have gradually reduced it myself 20mg for 3 weeks then 10mg for 2 weeks. I have been on this med for about 4 yrs. I have 2 days left on the 10mg and that’s it I’m done. My ? Is does anyone else know of another antidepressant that is simular to lexapro, I take wellbutrin also. Its suppose to be a antidepressant but the price is so high it causes depression.

    • You might ask your doctor about Zoloft. It has a few more side effects than Lexapro (nothing that shouldn’t be tolerable and most go away after a short while), but it is generic and costs a lot less.

    • I have taken Lexapro in the past. This time my doctor put me on Citalopran 20mg. She said this has the same ingredients as lexapro but also has some other ingredients. It is not exactly a generic for lexapro but contains the same main ingredients. It has worked fine for me & it is on the $4 list at Kroger pharmacy. I used to pay $80 for a 3 month supply. Ask your doctor about this.

  11. paying too much for drugs? Take a stand with your doc and ask for a generic .. maybe a different drug that has a generic.. Or go to Wal-Mart and check their $10 list (90 days) and take to your doc to get RX for one of those… paying $10 cash out of your pocket for a 90 day supply is often less expensive than your insurance co-pay… many many generics of very good drugs are available – docs often times write RXs for expensive brand name drugs – that’s all they hear about from the drug companies

  12. try 40 mg of citalopram… it’s the same base drug as Lexapro – when citalopram went generic, Forest Labs did a modification of it, called it Lexapro, and tripled the cost… you should get the same results from citalopram – maybe you’ll have to take higher dose of citalopram but 40mg should be available for $10-20 for 90 pills – Walmart and others…

    • Citalopram has less of a control of anxiety. It did not work for me. It has one molecular structure that is the reverse of Lexapro. There are many doctors that believe it has the same results. Not true. To bad the FDA gave Forest Labs an patent extension of 14 months do to patent infringments. The FDA should have sent FL to civil court for monies rather than make us wait for the generic. Word has it Forest has another varition that is even better, it costs more, and has also combined Lexapro with other medications for improved results.

  13. So, if the FDA says 2012 is when a generic for Lexapro will be possible – and it is now 2012, what exact date will the generic come out on the market in pharmacies? My mother, age 80, (so with Medicare insurance) had to pay $341 for it since this year the coverage is not as good as it was last year due to government changes. I will ask her doctor now about Citalopram and hope he can change her over to that since it is only about $10 for a 90-day supply most large pharmacies like Wal-Mart, etc. There is no way she can keep paying that amount for Lexapro and a similar generic is better than her not taking anything because she can’t afford to get it.
    Keep us posted on the release date for the generic form of Lexapro.

  14. Ive been reading about release date for gereric Lexapro . Looks like March ,2012 is target
    Date .. Stay tuned

    Patent ends March 14,2012 .. This will help save us money! I personally love this medication.

    • What is the name of the generic Lexapro ? I can afford the $95 per month but have great resentment in doing so. I am confused weather to use the other approximations or not.

  15. My insurance company told me TODAY, that citalopram WAS the generic for Lexapro. My insurance is with AARP. Mine was going to be $95 for a 30 day supply so I left it at the store and called insurance company and that is what I was told. So is citalopram the generic for Lexapro or not????? Aren’t generics supposed to be the same??

    • No, citralopram is not the generic for Lexapro. I was researching that drug because my mom is taking it and was previously on Lexapro. I’m concerned some issues she is having may be medication related which is why I was investigating. The generic for Lexapro is called “escitalopram”. No wonder there is confusion in the two names. And as for formulation between the two drugs, folks, be aware that though drugs may have “some” of the same ingredients, if they have extra or are missing others, you are not going to have the same affect. Read up on these drugs before you make any changes no matter what your doctor says.
      And as for Tony Dee, there’s nothing wrong with the headline. They never said the drug was going to be OTC. They simply said it was coming to stores, meaning pharmacies, near us. May you all be found happy and in good health this year!

  16. If the damn thing is not going to be over the counter then why the OLD misleading headline? The headline should have been altered. And, the original story did not have a date.

  17. I have Medicare Part D (the Rx benefit) through AARP’s affiliate, Prescription Solutions. My co-payment for my next refill will be $270 (!) for 90 x 20 mg tabs, a 3-months’ supply.

    This is supposedly a government-subsidized prescription benefit for seniors like me (and the disabled). But it’s plainly just another big teat on Big Pharma’s cash cow.

    I’d suggest sending that cow to the abattoir, if I weren’t convinced the meat would have to be recalled.

  18. I think all the big wigs in goverment are trying to rip us all off by getting kickbacks from the drug companies. No wonder are world is going down the sewer. What happened to the great healthcare the president promised us. What a joke. No wonder we are all so depressed. I say we protest the high prices of these drugs and stop these billionares from taking are last pennies.

  19. My dr. prescribed Paxil way back in 2000. I was told I looked like I was high all the time, and that’s how I felt, too. So they switched me to Celexa, and subsequently gained 35 lbs and was drowsy while taking it. Enter Lexapro in 2006. I absolutely love it – no side effects at all! This drug, although expensive, has made me the fun person I used to be! It keeps the rage in check, and I don’t feel bi-polar symptoms anymore. So for those who wonder if it is worth it, my answer is a resounding YES, YES, YES!!! I pay over $110 per month, and every single cent is worth it. The only thing better will be when the generic is on the US market. Be patient, my fellow patients… rescue is on the way. :)

  20. Lexapro…I get a 90 supply from Caremark…But have canceled my order because the price is now $320.16 for a 90 day supply…I will wait for a generic version at a lower cost or simply quit relying on this medicine. No biggie..But it works good, so am hoping for a generic version. Even my doctor thinks this is rediculious……

  21. Well it’s finally here but when I went to get it the generic was the same price as the brand name $95.00 so I took the brand name Lexapro which after reading up on the generic I am glad I did if I read it right they already have lawsuits against them the FDA is questioning them and I’m just not sure I want to be a study patient for them. My pharmacist tried so hard to force the generic on me you would think he was getting the 95.00 in his own pocket he did every thing but make me swallow it trying to get me to buy it. I was told it’s been out for 11 days now. For those of you that need help with paying for your drugs the drug manufacturers and the pharmacies have created a free insurance nation wide called Coast To Coast RX all you have to do is go on that site print out a card it is good for the whole family including pets and you get discounted prices on prescriptions I have them check to see which is cheaper my insurance or that I am on medicare and for 2 years in a row it has stopped me from going into the donut hole by using that card and I have not found a pharmacy yet that doesn’t except it even the old mom and pop ones take it. So I hope this helps some of you but please google lexapro and read about the generic before buying it and check the price because for me it was still $95.00 either way. Good Luck and God Bless To All

  22. I tried it for 1.5 weeks, made me dizzy, gave me a headache, nausea, hot flashes came back, yuck!

  23. Sorry for all of us on lexapro, the generic is the exact same amount you’ve paid before! I was honestly surprised! United health care sucks, it’s still $75 for a 30 day supply. No kidding. Thanks Obama keep it up with everyone getting insurance. This is how they recoup the money. So now I pay the same (which I won’t) so if I end up going postal thank the insurance companies and the government. This is just so wrong. Extremely depressed in NJ

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