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Generic Lexapro Coming to Stores Near You!

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  1. Also, seems like industry insiders are posting ‘positive things’ about Lexapro. Geee.

  2. Does anyone know the generic name for Lexapro

  3. I am not an industry insider, just a woman who finds her quality of life enhanced with Lexipro..to cut costs, I get the 10 mg tablet and half it for my daily dose of 5mg to control anxiety symptoms. It is is good medication, and I am grateful to have it available to me.

  4. Just and FYI- with out Big Pharma there would be no medication for another company to make a generic version of. The generic companies don’t have to pay for the reasearch and development to get the Name Brand drugs approved by the FDA in the first place.Also the generic versions don’t have to be exactly the same chemical stucture as a brand so the generic doesn’t always have the same clinical benefit that the brand name drug has.

  5. The generic name of Lexapro is escitalopram oxalate.

    I agree with Cindy too; generic versions come from the R&D that pharmaceutical companies undertake. And the vast majority of possibly therapeutic compounds never make it to drug trials. Pharma scientists spend a lot of time pursuing dead-ends.

    For an example of a generic that performed significantly worse than its name-brand counterpart, I recommend this article about Wellbutrin:


  6. Anyone who sticks up for the pharm companies of the USA are idiots and must be getting their pockets lined and getting free samples! Lexapro is the only med that treated my symptom without s/s of yawning excessively and being overly tired. Tried Celexa – terrible side effects and no effect on mood. I can’t afford $100.00/month! Instead of working on a “universal health care plan” start looking at the pharm companies and insurance companies!

  7. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  8. Hi all,

    Went to my RX today after my MD called in a Lexapro scrip. Asked if it was generic and they said none was available. I’ve been “off” it for some time now but “thought” I had been getting a generic in the past. As I read through these posts I now know where I was getting them from! My last insurance provider Signa had a program called Tele-Drug in which you ordered your scripts over the phone or by mail, so I did just that, had 3 RX’s, 1 came from the US, 1 came from England and the other (Lexapro) came from India as a generic!!!!

    This was during the time when lot’s of folks were going to Canada to get RX’s to save $$ and the drug companies were all crying how drugs from another country might not be safe and here is a BIG insurance company sending me a generic FROM another country!!!!

    So yes they have to make a profit but they can’t turn around and do exactly what they warn against.

    So for me it’s back to Canada…. screw them…

  9. With regard to generic lexapro. The reputable Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla makes a generic of Lexapro called S-Citadep. Cipla is recognized by the WTO and has made a name for itself creating cheap generic drugs. Please google it or wikipedia it rather than have a knee-jerk reaction to “non-US medication.” Obviously there is some risk to taking it as it can not be regulated by the US – but by all accounts Cipla is a respected international company that makes medicine for one of the largest populations in the world.

    That being said, i have taken their version of generic lexapro for 3 months and have found no adverse reactions. It performs quite similarly to name-brand lexapro (complete with teeth clenching side effects) for me. It is extremely inexpensive. The costs outweigh the potential risks for me.

  10. I purchase not only Lexapro generic but several other RX my partner needs through http://www.canadianpharnacydrugs.com – great find when we hit the infamous “donut hole” in RX coverage from inusrance companies

  11. I have heard that customs will not allow meds to be send into the US. Is this true. Does it get intercepted in the Post office?

  12. I use patient assistance programs for my meds. They are free if one meets the manufacturer’s criteria. I found the address for assistance with Lexapro.


  13. This is robbery. It is ridiculous that the generic is not made available due to the greed of Forest Labs and that our judicial system allows this! People have no choice but to try to purchase outside the country where it is widely available. To add salt to the wound..the withdrawal is terrible if one tries to stop taking it! This is an “acceptable” crime without consequences for Forest Labs. Amazing.

    • I, too, am a Lexapro user who desperately could use a generic form; however, one cannot call Forest Labs gready when you realize that it often costs $100 to $800 million per drug to bring them through trial and to FDA for approval. Then they are given a finite amount of time in which they can sell under patent. Since their patent doesn’t run out till 2012, they are simply making money while they can. Without the money spent on trials to assure safety, living in the litigious country we do, it’s a wonder they make any money at all. Guess we’ll just have to be patient.

      • I have been a Lexapro user for 3 yrs. and consider it a lifesaver. I found that Costco has the most reasonable prescription prices, sometimes less than than half!! You do NOT need to be a member to use their pharmacy. Also, I asked my doctor to re- write my 10mg / once daily Rx as 20mg / one half daily. The cost for the same # of pills is only a few $$$ more & the Rx lasts 2 months. Works for me until 2012!

      • You appear to be a uninformed about the cost that is charged to good old Americans as opposed to other countries. Greed in the US is in great form. The agencies that we the people pay for really work for the companies that are supposed to be regulated.

    • I tried to go off lexapro last year because of the high cost and I had horrible physical withdrawels that lasted for 2 months. I was sweating and shaking and felt I would die. I finally relented and went back on. I anxiously await a generic because I cannot afford the brand.

  14. Only thing that ever helped me but can’t afford and no doctor to get prescription. No generic- I will die before they ever get a generic of this drug!

    • Go to Lexapro.com and there is assistance with your meds. You can get a free 3 months supply. You print out a form, take it to your doctor (even a family DR) and they will send it in. You will have to fill the form out again every couple of months in order to get your next 3 months supply but it’s worth it. Plus, until I start getting my free 3 months supply going I have a CVS NC Drug Discount Card. Ask your local Pharmacy if they have anything like this

      • I searched throughout the Lexapro website for such a form to take to my dr. but did not find it. How did you locate this form on their website?

      • Went to lexapro.com and do not see anything for a 3 month supply – where is it?

  15. Go to a free clinic, they have them in most areas. Sometimes they are on just certain days. try a search for your area. or ask at your state health office.

  16. Hi all, new to the lexapro thing…got on it via the samples my doc gave me. Called around and the prices were high as ya’ll have mentioned. Looked online and thought i was ordering real lexapro but got the generic instead. didn’t read the fine print because like most of you didn’t think there was a generic. used that candadian pharm online previous poster uses. won’t be taking it tell i talk with my doc. best of luck in getting healthy.

  17. I am 20 years old. I use lexapro for two months i must say great anxiety and depression are gone. I found Lexapro online on google i must say great medicine also for young people.Lexapro help me

  18. Celexa is the generic for lexapro. Hallelujah. I was told about it by a CVS Pharmacist and I just got off the phone with my Doctor’e office and they assured me it was the real deal and that they would be prescribig CELEXA henceforth.

  19. Lexapro and Celexa are NOT the same drug. Lexapro/Ciprolex (escitalopram) is the newer version of Celexa (generic is citalopram), developed by the same company (Lundberg), and manufactured and sold in the U.S. by Forest Labs. Lexapro/Cipralex has been trialed for generalized anxiety and depression, Celexa/citalopram for depression only. If you order name brand Lexapro from Canada, the cost is about $145 for 100 10mg pills, and you will receive Ciprolex made by Lundberg (the non-generic, under the brand name it is sold by in the rest of the world). I am currently trying out the Cipra-manufactured generic escitalopram S Citadep, also purchased through a Canadian pharmacy. Took about 8 days longer than usual to arrive, and I thought customs had nabbed it (it was posted from Switzerland), and I’ve only been taking it (rather than Ciprolex) for about 9 days. So far it seems okay.

  20. P.S. I’ve been on a 10 mg dose of escitalopram (Lexapro/Cipralex brand name) daily for a year. No sexual side effects. (yeaaaa!) Also, FYI, the effect of a 10mg dose is the same as 20mg of citalopram/Celexa.

  21. To the morons that post that the drug companies “deserve” to charge as high a price as they want for their meds to recoup the “millions” they spent developing those drugs, you have NO argument. They recoup the costs almost immediately and then it is almost ALL profit for the next 20 years (minus the millions they spend marketing to get us to shove more down our throats). Most of these drugs earn BILLIONS annually and are hugely profitable, all paid for on the backs of people with illness (although that marketing often convinces us of illnesses that are made out of thin air). Drug companies are some of the wealthiest in the world, yet the world seemingly just keeps getting sicker and sicker. Does not sound like they are helping as much as they are making a profit. It’s great they develop new drugs that are really needed, but to lock out competetion and monopolize the sick even after they have profited billions is a crying shame against humanity and clearly shows exactly what they are in it for–to take advantage of people for as much as they can possibly squeeze out. How much is enough and how much is too much?

  22. AMEN to realconsumer’s post of June 3rd. If the pharmacetical companies took all the money they spend on (a) advertising (TV, multi-page ads in all the magazines, etc.), on (b) the super expensive conventions in resort hotels, on (c)free samples and other incentives to doctors, and (d) so many other wasteful expenditures, and spent that money on research, they could charge a fair price for new medications. The concept that the patient should be told by the drug company to go to a doctor and ask for “Brand Drug XYZ” is ludicrous!!! Another example of the big corporations (drug companies and then insurance companies who arbitrarily decide if they will cover this drug or that drug)running the show.

  23. Forest labs did not pay there taxes on the profits from lexapro. Saw that on the news recently.

  24. Carol…I am on Lexapro..It is expensive…the best Generic I am reading in Comments isnt really good….symptoms are bad///Im sticking to LEXAPRO!!

  25. the company that manufactures lexapro has a help line for people who cannot afford it. Look up lexapro and there will be an 800 number at their site. And yes, it does work. My sister needed it and her husband made too much to get state medical but not enough to afford medication and she got it. the company mailed a three month supply to her doctor. who distributed it to her.

  26. My doctor put me on Lexapro…..I have gained considerable weight in my tummy…..Anyone else gained a few extra pounds? Also I keep reading about “coming off” Lexapro??Is it as bad as it sounds? I came off Prozac without any problems at all.

    • I did as well, and I talked with my Dr. about this and was told it does not make you gain weight, I just need to exercise more and have gained because of my age and inactivity. Funny though as I lost five pounds right away when I went off of it. Unfortunately, I need to take it so I guess the extra pounds are better than the depression/anxiety. I gained about 40 lbs though…

    • Been using Lexapro for more than 5 years and still on 20 mg/day. My weight stayed at 185 LBS. through those years. I started a health food diet, got off the milk products, and the white junk (Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta) and go the the gym three days a week. Since, January I am down 29 LBS and my belly is 80% gone. I am 65 years old and decided to get all my Social Security back that I and my employers paid in for me. lol

  27. I was just prescribed Lexapro by a new doctor. He claimed it would deter my weight gain from Prozac and Paxil. He gave me a two week sample. I haven’t been able to get samples of Wellbutrin for years. I believe this drug is effective but I hate being reamed by Big Phar. I don’t understand why Forest Labs just doesn’t make a generic for the sake of those who can’t afford it.

  28. Loxalate is a generic version

  29. Since I am suffering from extreme depression problems, it was great to know about this new drug, Lexapro, which I’m sure will be of great help to me. I came across a list of antidepressants from the website Findrxonline and I’d suggest everyone to take help from it. Such a commendable site!


  30. I have been on others but Lexapro seems to work the best…it is so expensive even with Insurance. We need that generic…Great for hot flashes

  31. I tried the generic from India and after about a week I developed diarrhea. I tried taking less, skipping
    days etc. , but finally had to give up.

    • Sorry, I just commented on your post and used the word “generic” I meant to say “Trade name” Lexapro has several such as trade names Anxiset E(India) Lexapro, Cipralex, Seroplex, Lexamil, Lexam

  32. Question: Did any of you actually read this article? There is no such thing as generic lexapro, the maker has a patent until 2012. Generic from india? lol you def tried something else. Generic will be available soon, early 2012 possibly even sooner. As for the weight gain reply, yes that is a side effect, your doctor was lying to you when he told u it wasn’t.

    • Escitalopram Oxalate is another brand name that I think some assume is a generic.

    • It is true that the generic may be available in other coutries, such as Canada or India, before the generic is available in the USA.

  33. Just got a refill of lexapro 20 mg. 3 mos. out of pocket cost after medicare and blue cross supliment policy. Ehen I got to the “doughnut” hole last year my out of Pocket for 3 m0s. was 1595.00 (for 3 mos,). Is this typical for other ins. companies?
    Also; Minnesota blue cross contracts with wal-mart and Walgreens in minnesota for these prices on an annual basis. This is price fixing. I am going to contact my legistlators about this.

    • My insurance United Health, where I have the high deductible plan, charges me $300 for 90 days.

      Thanks for the tip on Northwest Pharmacy in Canada, I will try them.

  34. Wow. I can’t believe this discussion has been so long. The developers of Lexapro have a registered PATENT people! Any other drug being sold to u is NOT Lexapro. I did try the one my insurance company said was similar and could tell the difference within days. I am sticking w Lexapro and counting the days until March 2012. If this was anything other than an FDA approved drug, that patent would b in effect forever.

  35. I was on 10 mg. of Lexapro after a bout of severe insomnia that lasted close to 2 mos. I got healthy, then I weaned myself off Lexapro and ended up in the same boat- insomnia and loss of weight, not able to do anything. This time I went to a psychiartrist rather than a sleep doctor and the psychiatrist put me on 30 mg. of Lexapro. Is this alot? All I know is that I am sleeping now but I wonder if I need to be on such a large dose? The doc seems to think so…..Also, at this dosage I am not orgasmic- bummer for me and husband. Does anyone have a solution? I seem to remember at lower dosages I had some sexual issues but not at this level.

    • I am taking 30 mgs as well which is pretty much the maximum dose. I’ve been on this dose for several years now and sad to say, most all antidepressant meds have sexual side effects. Its no fun what it steals from you but when your options are limited in order to function you just have to do what’s necessary.

      I called the company to ask if they offer any discount coupons for lexapro as most other companies do these days. I was told very quickly NO! And, the gal I spoke with almost sounded offended that I dared to ask. Fortunately for us, their patent will expire at some point in 2012 and we will be able to easier afford it.

    • I started out on 10 mg. and my body just needed more. My Doctor raised me to 20 mg. and said that this was a massive dose but it works beautifully for me. I have never heard of anyone being on 30mg. Matter of fact I ended up having fatigue and a couple of mood swings and he placed me on what he considers a “dusting” of Lithium 150 mg. My body motabolizes meds very different but this combo seems to work

  36. My cousin who is a nurse told me that the drug company wasn’t going to make Lexapro any longer. That the generic drug was out…..already. He is only a nurse, but wants lay people to think he is a brain surgeon, so I supposed the generic isn’t even available yet??
    Thanking you for your answer in advance.

    • My Dr. has been giving me samples of Lexapro for a few years now, as I stopped taking it due to not being able to afford the prescription. Last month, they said they are no longer receiving samples of Lexapro, as it is now available in generic form. My pharmacist said it is absolutely NOT available in generic… So I paid the $60.00 and moved on. Now I realize that after 2 months, my insurance won’t cover it at all unless I order it online. Unsure who knows what they are talking about!

      • I had the same experience with my insurance company. They refused to cover it anymore unless I bought it through their online pharmacy. I tried to buy it that way, but they were incredibly difficult to work with and kept insisting that they weren’t receiving the right form from my doctor, even though my doctor was sending exactly what they required from him. We gave up and my doctor prescribed Citalopram. Works ok, except horrible sexual side effects.

    • Just read your humorous remark. This week my doctor told me that, yes, Lexapro will go generic in February 2012. Yay!

  37. I’m NOT amazed at all the ignorance (lack of info) of the general public out here in cyberspace!! Defination of generic: the STATUS of a drug!! It may be listed by the name(s) of its chemical component(s), OR, a different “brand” name assigned by a manufacturer when the patent period has expired & other manufacturers are free to “have at it”. Status could better be understood as “big money” vs “little money”. These “brand names” can be chosen by using a combination of parts of the names of the chemical components, or making up a name that’s totally irrelevant to the chemical ingrediants. Using Lexapro as an example, Lexapro (they COULD have called it “FeelinFine”) is the ORIGINAL brand name assigned by Forrest Pharmaceuticals FOR the chemical components or main ingredients called Escitalopram Oxalate. Celexa is citalopram hydrobromide & has a dirrerent chemical arrangements and/or ingrediant(s). I’m sitting here looking at my box of S-Citadep-20 (escitalopram oxalate) manufactured by Cipla LTD in Mumbai, India and purchased thru Canada. If Ivax was trying to market a generic equivalent in late ’06 or early ’07, that meant the patent period was up or due to be up shortly. How Forrest got an extension carrying the patent up to 2012 is NOT beyond my comprehension. Given the huge amount of revenue brought in by their drug, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that a big pay-off to the judge or FDA or somebody else took place. Look at FrontLine Plus….same thing just happened, only they lost their patent fight….New “brand” name (PetArmour Plus), exact same ingredients, exact same proportions, different manufacturer and WAY LOWER PRICE!! One other bit of trivia…..when you hear about a drug that treats a condition/disease you have, don’t assume it will work for you. I had to try 4 different combinations of drugs until I hit on the the magic recipe that worked for me & is now keeping my blood pressure under control. If your doctors’ prescribed drug hasn’t made a noticeable, significant & acceptable change in the expected results time period, discuss it.

    • Are you saying you get your Lexapro from India? How do you do that and what’s the cost? I don’t have insurance and can’t get samples anymore, my friend doesn’t work for the doctor anymore. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Mine is ordered from Canada (Northwest Pharmacy) and I pay $49 for 100 pills of 20mg. Free shipping usually too. It is much less $ that way than using my insurance to get it here in the US. Bambi is correct regarding the patents.

  38. Can someone tell me if it is possible the samples of Lexapro seemed to be fine..but the Lexapro at the pharmacy seems to be making me feel crazier than ever: anxious, depressed, like I am gonna jump out of my skin! Please help

    • lexapro takes time to have any effect once you start, usually more than a 2-3 weeks. Could be you are just starting to have a real reaction after having taken the samples for a short while. Talk to your doctor about your issues. Maybe you could combine it with Xanax until the lexapro kicks in properly…

    • When depression lowers, anxiety tends to creep up. An anxiety med to use short term may help until your body gets used to it. Worked for me that same way.

  39. For those without insurance it appears there is an assistance program in the Forest Labs website for those WHO (whatever that means!)qualify. My doctor told me this week that Lexapro will go generic in February 2012. Hope this helps.

  40. I have been on 20mg of Lexapro for years and it works great. Now I get mine from Canada, and YES, they have a generic there. The US does not have one yet due to patents but other countries DO have a generic, the same chemical breakdown manufactured by different companies. NO change whatsoever in how I feel taking it from the US or Canada. Nice that I can get a 3 month supply not using my insurance for $49 including shipping. Northwest Pharmacy is who I use now in Canada and have not had a single problem with them so my entire family uses them now. It does take 2-3 weeks to get your med in and yes, you must have a prescription.

  41. Wow, I can’t believe how much y’all pay for Lexapro. I pay my co-pay of $30 per month. I love in Florida and have BCBS

    • I also have BCBS, but Lexapro is not on their approved medication list. I just paid a little over $160 for a 30 day supply for mine.
      I guess it depends on which BCBS package your insurer purchases. Ours is ridiculous, nothing like the BCBS policies I have had through other employers.

      • I take 10 ml? a day but my dr prescribes 20ml (or mg?) a day so it lasts 2 mos and Sams club fills it in daphne al for a little over $100 a mos. I can’t stand bcbs!
        Good luck!

  42. I just paid $60.58 for a 30 day supply of lexapro, I have medicare and AARP It is really a problem for a lot of elderly people . The FDA coud work faster but thats the government!!!!

    • My copay has now doubled. I just got the notification in the mail from AARP. I cannot afford to be on it any more. I have taken it for 8 years. My husband died 4 yrs ago and have been depressed. I feel like some of what I have been feeling is the medication. I have no energy at all and forget things a lot too. I get very little done, stay up all night and sleep all day. I have the sweats too. I do not think the side effects are worth taking it, and now being twice as expensive, I will have to quit it. I am going to talk to my doctor this week.

      • Good for you for recognizing it, and good luck with the doctor. Depression is a horrible thing to go through and I wish you the best in overcoming yours like I did mine!

      • I heard today that the drug probably will go generic sometime in the first quarter of 2012. One of my docs had a suggestion for something different when i told him that drowsiness and sleep disturbances are part of my personal side effects with Lexapro. He suggested Effexor. and a pharmacist said that Celexa seems to work as well as Lexapro. I hope your doc finds something good for you.

  43. This case is not a result of slow government but patent rules that apply to all medication development. Otherwise there would be no motivation for med development. This allows the US companies to recoup cost of trials and chemists.

    • to Rosa: Bull sh&%$t. Recoup the costs? Sure there are lots of cost involved in r & D for new drugs and they should be able to get thier investment back but they get much, much more. The average hold on ANY drug for generic is 5 years. 5 YEARS of charging $150 for a 30 day supply of a drug that now cost them 1.00 to make. They make thier money back in 1-2 yrs. Its all bullshit & profit sucking people.

      • Just to be clear, Rosa is correct. The laws are in place to protect the pharmaceutical companies, rightly or wrongly. There is nothing FDA can do in this instance to speed up approval. Want that changed? Write your member of Congress. I am sure they will get right on it. Ouch (sorry, couldn’t resist).

    • and don’t forget the lawsuits rosa …. that’s prbably the biggest recoup fee!!!!

  44. Thank GOD !!, I lost my job and I have to pay $150.00 a month. I can not afford this.

    • I get my Lexapro from Walmart for $118.00 for a 30 day supply of 20 mg tablets. I too have no health insurance.

  45. I just swiched my part D drug plan to Humana for 2012. It’s Humana Enhanced at $41.50 per month and the Lexapro is $38 a month. Sorry to leave United (AARP) but their price for Lexapro is going up to $95 a month.

    • I too looked at Humana compared to AARP/United Health Care for Part D. It looks like Lexapro on Humana will be $98 for 3 months, not 30-days.
      Using AARP, it will be completely unaffordable, that’s for sure.

  46. I take Lexipro in high dose-40mg per day. My copay is $330 for 90 days. I am really looking forward to the generic version. Does anyone know if IVAX will be good to go when the patent runs out? Sure have had to cut necessities to pay this. Have tried many other options but an pretty nonfunctional on anything but Lexipro.

  47. I pay $130 a month for my lexapro. It’s awful but I can’t live without it. Cannot wait for the generic

  48. is there another medication that is similar to Lexapro, but is available in generic?

    • Try the drug Citalopram!

      • My daughter is on Lexapro and does very well. Our insurance called me to ask if they could call her MD and get the RX changed to Celexa which is brand for citaloprom. I agreed but after about 2 weeks on the citalopram she called me and told me she was angry at everybody. It does NOT work the same. I even questioned another psychiatrist and he confirmed the fact. So we switched back to the Lexapro and pay the higher co-pay. Sometimes the switch is not worth the results.

  49. Have Medi-Cal insurance and just paid 143.99 for 30 days of 10mg from CVS because Medi-Cal no longer covers Lexapro…fml

    • Try walmart. U might be able to save a few bucks a month. If ur on a low dose ask for a higher one and cut in half. At walmat for 124. For 20mg i take 10mg an cut. Just tell ur doc its to save money an they most likely say yes. I work for 3 good ones :)

  50. I pay $30 for my Lexapro and have insurance. I tried the citalopram and it gave me bad headaches and made me dizzy. It is not a sub for lexapro, but some doctors will try you on it if you want to save money. It is a $4 at Walmart.

    • I had been on lexapro and couldnt afford it. They put me on citilopram and gave me severe headaches and raised my blood pressure. got off right away.Surely no sub for lexapro cant wait for generic

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