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Am I Normal?

This is a common theme I hear echoed from a lot of people I meet.

“Am I normal?”

“I can’t wait to feel more normal again.”

“Must be nice being so normal …”

The problem is, I don’t know what normal is.

I suppose for some of the people, they mean “without the symptoms of my disorder.” That makes sense, especially as some symptoms of some disorders can be pretty severe and debilitating toward living their everyday life.

But then I realize that even people without a diagnosed condition still don’t often feel “normal.” We live our lives, we have our stresses, we hate our bosses or the 9-to-5 routine, we get into arguments with our significant others. Is this “normal?”

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Am I Normal?

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  1. Normal is being content with yourself without hurting yourself or others in the process. It is living up to your full potential by taking all that you have and doing the best you can with what you have. That means that you must have some type of concept about what is good, better and best. We choose nothing at birth and must “Play the cards that God has dealt us.
    The main thing is what separates us from other created beings is that we have “Free will” and we exercise it one second at a time. Human beings have confused the difference between, normal and perfect. So normal is basically being in complete peace with God, yourself and others, accepting what you cannot change about yourself or others and being wise enough to choose the way you live in the same way you choose your friends. Now you must decide what is the meaning of “friend”.

  2. Interesting article. I would like to just share a few things with anyone who is reading these comments. First of all when someone asks themself if they are normal it depends what aspect of their life they are reffering too. Are they normal psychologically, do they have normal penis size , etc. There are certain standards, social values averages in which people gauge each other. If someone has a learning disability or mental handicap they are deemed as being not normal in my opinion, does anyone disagree with me?

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