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5 Gifts of Being Highly Sensitive

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Douglas Eby,
M.A./Psychology, who is a writer and researcher on the psychology of creative
expression, high ability and personal growth. He is creator of the Talent
Development Resources series of sites (including
at I know many of you are “highly sensitive” and enjoy articles on that topic, so I am excited to pique his highly-sensitive brain today!

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5 Gifts of Being Highly Sensitive

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  1. People with Borderline Personality Disorder are Highly Sensitive People. Many are misdiagnosed as Bi-Polar and suffer for years until they receive the correct diagnosis.

  2. I need to move to Thailand…..

  3. I have made several videos featuring Dr. Elaine Aron talking on High Sensitivity: (General talk) (Research) (Life) (Questions)

    and on about Highly Sensitive Boys and Men with Dr. Ted Zeff:

    I hope you like them.
    Shari Dyer
    Keigan Productions

  4. OMG I’m home at last, I understand now
    Thank you x

  5. I know that I’m not alone. I always hated that I am very high sensitive to people around me. Especially emotions. I now know there is a way to overcome this. I want to be stronger. Not only I am sensitive, I also have low esteem. So it takes a toll on my emotional mind. I wish to know how to overcome this. What steps do I need to know.

  6. Im glad to have come across this article and subsequent comments. I remember my mom commenting to me about being empathetic when I was young. Ive been commonly told I dont take constructive criticism well. Until recently, have had trouble shutting it all out/down and just fall asleep. Dogs are naturally comfortable around me, I have a tendancy to stand up for others when being put down in some way, music came as a natural expression and outlet. I am a problem solver/analyst. I take things apart and put them back together just to see how it works. I am very independent and often considered determined and stubborn to a fault. My husband left me in part, because he perceived my taking time for myself at night to unwind from the pressures of the day was my way of avoiding sex with him. He was one to withhold honesty and say what he thought others wanted to hear until one day he decided to finally be honest with me and couldnt handle the pain he caused. He eventually left and Im still learning how to live with his decisions and let go of the pain. I am far more an extrovert but have become somewhat introverted since the divorce process. I live alone now and dont mind it much at all. I do have a tendancy to push people away if they move too close too fast. I hope I am able to process this awareness and learn how to better communicate with others who I am and how to handle me. Thank you for publishing this article.

  7. What an interesting read! I am a professional photographer and realised after 8 years of wedding photography that it was actually something I hated doing! I chalked it up to being an introvert – but I think this article describes my situation/sensitivities much better.
    I would come home on a Saturday after 12+ hours of being around ‘vibrating’ highly emotional people, having to be ‘on’ the entire time, doing what I love to do (photograph) but in such an emotionally charged setting – and feeling every single one of the emotions from everyone it seemed.
    I would literally spend all day Sunday in bed – feeling hungover, and not feel myself again until Monday afternoon. I felt like I had taken everyone’s energy from that day and internalised ALL of it.
    Realising I couldn’t carry on – I stopped doing weddings – which caused a huge financial hit to my business…and decided to pursue other things that I love. I do portrait and equine photography – and it’s on my terms. I don’t make as much money – and I couldn’t care less.
    thank you for this article.

    • This is insane how relevant this is to me!! I had two experiences in particular recently where on each occasion I ended up in a long conversation about the other person and how they felt and the things they experienced. The next day I had no energy to deal with anything or even move from bed. On the second occasion I made myself go for a long walk and sit down somewhere for about an hour so I could reflect and regather myself because I felt so scattered and drained. And it’s so bizarre that I literally explained it to myself in the exact same way you did, that I had taken all of their energy and internalised it!! I comforted myself with the thought I had at least hopefully lightened the load for them.

  8. I always had my family saying to me as I was growing up ‘you’re too sensitive!’. It makes you feel as though you have something wrong with you. But at least I now know that it isn’t all bad. I have always been quite insightful and always get ‘feelings or vibes’ from people when I meet them. However, I am an introvert. I wasn’t when I was younger, but the world only gets more intense as you grow. I also have an anxiety disorder. Usually in a social situation I just sit back and observe. I’m not a big talker. This unfortunately can put people off. I am slowly embracing my sensitivity.

  9. I’m 52 and my mother told me on several occasions to stop being “over-sensitive.” Needless to say, I have cut off communication with her over this. If I do speak to her again, I will let her know that it was my “over-sensitivity” that allowed me to be such a good high school teacher. I could tell what kind of mood each and every child was in the minute they walked in the room. It allowed me to never have fights or conflicts in my classroom. It’s really weird though, I know I was like this in grade school because I also got picked on there and never knew why. But, when I went to high school I was class president, homecoming queen, and a cheerleader. Is it possible to go through periods of being highly sensitive?

  10. Yes….5 gifts of being an HSP, and 95 curses. I would gladly return all the creativity, etc. for just an hour of peace during the day.

  11. I’ve faced a lot of challenges and problems being a Highly Sensitive person, also Creative, but I was lucky to have known the concept since a long time, and I’m really benefiting from it a lot, being a (young) writer.

  12. Princess Diana was a classic HSP…if only she’d seen wonderful websites like this one, she could have been spared so many painful, humiliating years feeling as “flawed.”

  13. I myself have some of the traits…I’m creative, love to write, often notice things most others miss, and need alone time at the end of most days and at least one if not two days over a weekend.

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