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Living Oprah? Live Your Real Life

By Therese J. Borchard
Associate Editor

I think I read too many books last year.

Let me take that back. I didn’t read too many. Too many read me. I let them tell me my truth and how to accomplish it. I turned off my inner voice, my truth, as I …

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Living Oprah? Live Your Real Life

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  1. “That is my New Year’s resolution: to own my truth, and to protect it as best I can from all propaganda out there today challenging it.”


  2. I’m sure that many people have these confusions and reservations about these popularist presentations of self-help to be honest. It is sad if they make people feel inadequate because the proposed solutions don’t work for them. One of the many things that I have appreciated about Dr Clay’s book is its ability to present self-help in an honest way that does empower the individual to ‘find their own truth’ in the manner described.

    The two – finding ones own truth, and self-help, don’t have to be in conflict provided that we have a sufficiently broad concept of self-help. I tried to explain this point, among others, in my review of Dr Clay’s book published on this site:

    Therese: please tell Robyn about Dr Clay’s book and encourage her to read the first chapter:

    People need to know that there IS an alternative between acceptance of this main-stream self-help material as exemplified in Oprah and Dr Phil, and a rejection of self-help altogether. Dr Clay was a supreme exponent of that. He died on Wednesday 6th of this month. He was a great friend and it was my great privilege to help him with his book in the last five years of his life. Dr John’s article in memory of him can be found at:

  3. I’m in. Huge flashing lights go off in my three pound mass of thought and feeling when I come upon a title indicating I ought to do something someone else’s way. Re-evalutation and adjustment are good and necessary…within the context of knowing oneself.

  4. I never swallow a book whole. There is always some little gem that you can find, and use it in your own life. That’s what makes reading fun, and not a chore. Just listen for the little bell to go off; and tell you: “This is for me!”

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