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This Emotional Life: An Interview with Daniel Gilbert

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  1. The aim is always to fulfill yourself from within and learn to meet your own needs . This prevents needing others to find self-worth and esteem. When your needs are met by you – with awareness and curiosity – you can explore the real motives behind your actions.

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  2. In the interview with Daniel Gilbert on “This Emotional Life” he was quoted with the following: The first was this: “Here are the three important facts about happiness that have become the themes for each of the shows: 1) You can’t be happy alone. Social relationships are the single most important ingredient of happiness. They are key.”
    MY QUESTION: If you are alone and don’t have any friends or social contacts and have tried to get out and meet people through church and volunteering, what else can you do? Daniel Gilbert is correct, “You can’t be happy alone”.

  3. I am interested in see this series. I have been married for 15 years and my husband has been depressed for a year and a half. He is taking pristq now and it has changed our relationship. I feel as if I am living with a person I don’t even know. I decided to reach out to people on this blog to help cope with my husbands illness.

  4. I especially liked the segment on the young adult with Asperger’s…inspiring to watch him develop a friendship and a meaningful career.

  5. I saw the first two sessions and enjoyed both tremendously, as did my spouse. We taped the programs when they were originally aired, and we watched the second session tonight, Thursday January 8, 2010.
    We are so disappointed that it had not been clear to us sooner that there were 3 sessions. Unfortunately the advertisement we saw did not make that clear to us. I have gone online, hoping to see that this program will be aired again, but I see nothing to indicate that. Please tell me it will be aired again, and let me know when.
    The info about stress – not being able to turn the signal off – may change my life! Thank you so much for this program.

  6. I just watched Episode 2 of this program and was troubled by what I felt was a major bias toward medication, cognitive behavioural therapy, and the desire to believe that depression and other problems are “nothing more than physical problems with the brain,” as the host gleefully proclaims when he is shown “evidence” that anti-depressants actually grow cells in the brain!

    For a show entitled “This Emotional Life,” there wasn’t much in-depth discussion about the nature of these emotions, where they stem from, and the forces that shape emotions and people. There was zero discussion about the unconscious, and our emotional life in *that* realm of our selves. No talk of dreams, of unspoken desires or socially unacceptable feelings and ideas; the stuff that gets repressed by our social and cultural expectations and end up coming out as crippling neurotic symptoms.

    The young woman who ended up receiving ECT…did anyone delve into who she was as a person? Talk to her about how she REALLY feels? What kind of real emotions lay under her depression, like anger and rage? If so, it wasn’t presented in the program. Basically, she saw a psychiatrist, tried meds, and ended up with ECT, which didn’t seem to help her much. There was no discussion about her relationship with her family, and what feelings might be simmering there.

    Once again, we have a program about mental illness that looks for (and promotes) the quick fix through CBT, psychiatry and – of course – medication, while glossing over or totally ignoring the inner life of the person.

    We ignore our deep inner life at our own peril.

  7. You can download all 3 of these programs at the iTunes Store online. Just $4.99 for all, or you can buy them separately for $1.99 each. And PBS offers the DVD set for $34.99.

  8. RC: agreed.



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