Psych Central & MindApps Offer eCBT iPhone AppA few months ago, MindApps released an iPhone application called “eCBT Mood.” It allows a user to apply tried and true cognitive-behavioral techniques in their everyday life, and …

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Psych Central & MindApps Offer eCBT iPhone App

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I will give this app a try.
    I notice that it was updated two days ago and that there are no reviews of the current edition. I promise to remedy that before christmas for you.
    I also notice that the app requires the most up-to-date version of the ipod and iphone os so it will not work on each and every phone.
    my main ipod uses an older os because it is jailbroken and there are some privacy issues associated with the newest iphone os. however i do have one ipod that work with this.
    I have a definite need to try so cbt right now because there are some anger issues in my life that need to be addressed- seroquel has been recommended to me for my problem but i am already overweight so i need alternatives to atypicals.

    as an aside. my identity at psych central has been locked for more than 7 days and i have not received a webmaster response please help. I would not post this publicly but i am not able to use internal mail with my newer identity yet. if my blockage is connected to my anger issues and you do not wish to discuss it at all i also understand and do not wish to put you on the spot. no response is necessary immediately.

  2. There’s a new CBT app just released yesterday worth checking out.. iCouch CBT. It’s the first app that allows for a professional evaluation via an in-app purchase. Pretty cool.

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