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9 Holiday Depression Busters

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  1. I like this. I HATE christmas with a passion and this time of year always sux. will try to use some of these points to make it at least slightly more bearable

  2. One of my students once said that her way of coping was sitting alone “with a bottle of Jack [Daniels].” I am grateful that I can add this list to a list of coping strategies to help my clients get through the tough stretches.


  3. Past happy Christmas memories are with other’s families! I only do Christmas eve with the extended family. Christmas Day is reserved for waking whenever, staying in jammies, and eating waffles. I wish I would be able to have my son for Christmas, but maybe next year!

  4. This holiday stuff has been driving me crazy since the commercials started November 1st. I’ve been praying for January 2nd every since. I’ll heed the advice and stay in prayer.

  5. May I add a rule? … Plan – and contain – a private time to let your own melancholy in. Experience it as fully as you can for a brief hour or two; knowing that you will step away from it within a specific time frame. Me? I cozy up with a glass of wine, and pull out the old albums and mementos of Christmas’s past. Sure; I experience a bit of sadness and longing, but I usually emerge from the experience more ennervated and determined to make THIS Christmas as meaningful as possible in a way to honor all those seasons past. It just plain feels good :)

  6. Thank you for writing this. I now I am finding it hard after it was posted by you, but on the of chance you ever see it, thank you. Thank you for caring about someine, anyone, besides yourself.

    I found your post indirectly, because I was reading up on ways I might kill myself. I don’t feel very good lately. I passed over a link to the Samaritan’s websitewebsite, and was not familiar with them though I figured out quickly enough what they were about. I figured I would take a chance, and just kept clicking through on things and wound up here. I think you have some very sound holiday advice.

    I don’t feel so great lately, and I just lost my kid, so the holidays have little meaning to me. That’s not what’s painful. It’s that they USED TO mean something. The light of my days has been put out for good, he’s dead, and being conscious means being conscious of how uncomfortable my loss makes other people. Without saying a word, the Grieving get the message, especially by happy families dieing happy holidays: Please.Go.Away.

    Well, you got it. But don’t act sanctimonious about the suicides and how sad it is and how none of you knew what to do and gape at the tragedy and human suffering, while finding is humorous side.

    Yep. Gotta find that funny side.

    Christ almighty…

  7. I wish I would have read this blog two weeks ago to prepare for today…
    Today has not gone well. I sit home alone. I wanted to go sledding with kids and husband, but the previous arguments, hassles, starting my period, headache, depression, sense of being the ultimate looser and not getting anything right… yah I know, “pity party”… can’t seem to shake it at the moment. Thanks for the article. I hope that I can do better next year. I hate the holidays……..



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