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10 Things I Don’t Want for Christmas

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  1. Great ideas! I get together with my family all at once-if part of the family doesn’t show, oh well, catch em next year- this keeps my stress down! I don’t ask for anything for Christmas- I want to be together, take pictures and make memories!

    By the way- why did I have a person from an ad walking across the print as I was trying to read?? It is bad enough that I have to deal with flickering and flashing out of the corner of my eye (not good for people prone to seizures). Can it be corrected??

  2. re “Have 40 different ways to communicate with a small group of people? … Trying to update your statuses on 12 different social networks?”

    Yes!! Now that you mention it, that is what I’m doing! Thanks

  3. 11. To be Tweeted “Merry Christmas!”

    12. For a Christian to be nervous about wishing me Merry Christmas out of fear s/he might offend me because I’m Jewish. This is a Christian-majority country. “Merry Christmas!” away, even if I don’t!

    13. More catalogues in the mailbox.

    14. For every day to be yet another example of The Tragedy of the Commons http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2009/07/29/the-tragedy-of-the-commons/

    15. Psychotherapists who don’t carefully prepare for each session with their patients. In college, it used to be three hours of prep for each hour of class time How about 1/2 hour of specific prep for each 50-minute hour with a client?

    16. “How are you?” when you couldn’t care less.

    17. A health care bill that doesn’t reward those who take good care of themselves, help those with catastrophes that can’t be avoided, and reduces the cost of health care as a percentage of GDP.

    18. Ingratitude. ‘Nuff said.

  4. Nice additions!

    What’s up with #13? Why do companies believe if they blitz your mailbox with catalogs, you’ll suddenly order something from them?? I get more catalogs the month before Christmas than I think I do the rest of the entire year… What a waste of paper, too, as they go right into the recycling bin.

  5. 19. Stuff. I know Xmas is all about the gifts and the “thought” that counts, but really most of us don’t need more ‘stuff’. Donating to charity is a more meaningful gift, never has to be exchanged, fits all sizes, doesn’t become obsolete. I tried to move from exchanging lovely wrapped ‘stuff’ to passing the hat for donations and taking turns choosing the charity. Didn’t take. Maybe next year I will choose to do this myself in lieu of the stuff-swapping.

  6. 20. Clothes that don’t fit… with sizes you haven’t worn in 15 years.

    Don’t get me wrong… its not about getting gifts.. but when you have about 4 shirts total, getting clothes that won’t fit is very annoying… “oh I finally have a new shirt!!! oh never mind….”

  7. From TPG #11 above:

    “17. A health care bill that doesn’t [“does NOT”]
    reward those who take good care of themselves, help those with catastrophes that can’t be avoided, and reduces the cost of health care as a percentage of GDP.”

    WHY DOES NOT? I don’t understand, unless this was a mistake. Please explain.
    Thank you.

  8. 21. No rows,physical fights,arguements. Just what we had this year thanks to my mum’s so called brother punched my mum… not good…



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