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10 Reasons I Quit Smoking

By Therese J. Borchard
Associate Editor

quit smoking

You’re almost there. You want to quit. In fact, 80 percent of your brain is sure you can. But 20 percent insists that you can’t. How do you make it over to the other side without falling …

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10 Reasons I Quit Smoking

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  1. All excellent reasons and I hope will provide the needed motivation for others to join you in your smoke-free accomplishment. I can add one on the parenting front: I didn’t want to face questions from my kids, from my chemo-bed or worse, from my death-bed. I imagined having to answer, “Mom, why didn’t you quit?” That feeling of guilt and responsibility was a strong incentive.

  2. what do you think about devices like this that actually work for quitting of smoking?

  3. You gave me alot to think about now if I could just set it in motion

  4. man, I quit on October 2, 2009. Not one cig since. Chewed some nicotine gum until November 29th. The cravings have been overwhelming at times. I keep thinking in terms of an alcoholic. I will not smoke today. I chew a lot of spearmint (not nicotine) gum. I’m still having what I call withdrawals…..griping!!!, wanting a cig so bad just for the taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hubby is still smoking and smoking in the home, anytime he wants one right in my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really having a ROUGH time. The only thing that keeps me from lighting up is that it is so damned hard to quit in the first place. I’m really not sure how long I can go. Can someone please help me? I just want to taste a cig again — just one—–I know, I know, I know!!!!—-There is no such thing as “just one”. Once you light up again, you are right back where you started before you ever put them down….Damn, I really want one, but I will not smoke, just for today…..I need to go to bed. That will make the urge stop, besides, it’s getting late…..Thank you all for letting me vent…….

  5. I agree with all of those things. I had 1 more reason: IT GAVE ME CANCER! I can guarantee you that mey kids will never smoke…

  6. I’m so glad I Stumbled upon this site. I quit smoking 2 days ago, and have been feeling weak this morning. Thanks

  7. I quit smoking for as a new year’s resolution. I find the best way to not smoke is to just not think about it- stay busy.

  8. I had been a pack and a half smoker for 26 years and never dreamed that it was even possible to quit. My additude was that I was going to continue on being this smelly, inconsiderate and morning hacker for the rest of my life! But I believe in Angels here on earth and the one Angel who has now turned into my very much loved friend who never once asled for me not to smoke around him but would say sometimes (I did not smoke in my home) are you going out for another choke? So my beloved smoke turned into a choke and that had hit home and also the fact that my dear non smoker friend would sometimes cough while I was having a “choke” in the truck. Then it dawned on me how mean and inconsiderate that I was being…strange how none of your friends who are non smokers never say how badly you smelled or just put up with your “choke” until you say that you are planning to quit!!! I finally did what I never dreamed that I would be able to say goodbye to my bestfriend, my crutch when I was stressed out but I have and my dear friend is even feeling much better now himself. Don’t get me wrong, there are times that I want a “choke” so badly that I could walk on a bed of hot coals just to have one but why? I would love to have one right now but why have no lungs, be a three time cancer survivor and am on a healthy diet have no breath left in me to enjoy life? I just tell myself to get a grip whenever I want one because yes it is addicting but it is also JUST A HABIT!!! Hang in there everyone, if I could do it then anyone can do it!

  9. Going to make one of these lists for myself and keep it with me at all times. Quitting is the hardest think I’ve ever tried to do and I’ve failed a bunch of times. Hopefully this will help get me over the hump.

  10. Those are good reasons to stop smoking. Even dentists suggest that smoking is a significant factor in dental and gum diseases. There are even cases where individuals who are overweight and stopped smoking, lost several pounds. While those who are underweight or “too thin” because of smoking and stopped the habit, gained weight and confidence.

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