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4 Quick Mindfulness Techniques

By Therese J. Borchard
Associate Editor

4 Quick Mindfulness Techniques
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This is Thanksgiving week … the week some of us are very thankful that we don’t live in the same city as our relatives. So I’m calling in the experts.

My friend, Elisha Goldstein, who writes the …

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4 Quick Mindfulness Techniques

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  2. “Just like seeing a movie, standing back and watching the actors play out their dramas…”

    It’s funny how our own memories sometimes provide opportunities for compassion above and beyond our training.

    Today while a client recounted the pain of her parents’ holiday week conflicts I recalled several of my own childhood memories.

    Compassion is one thing but the respectful and humble “you are not alone” builds a profound bridge for timid clients.

  3. I think mindfulness is best emphasized when you instantly become aware of a thought or event in your life that takes you away from being fully present – this is not to say you won’t be distracted but just knowing that you were or “sensing” the distraction coming allows you to step back and calmly watch them unfold.

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