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4 Kinds of Brain-Stimulating Techniques

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  1. What about Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation?
    Take care Dr Shock

  2. Therese:

    What do you think about these as treatments for depression? It would be good to know.

  3. Has anyone had success with the rapid transcranial magnetic stimulation? One of my family members is on a couple of meds but does not seem to be effective.

    • I tried this in the late spring of 2007 at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis; it did not work for me, but everyone is different.


  4. There are ways to stimulate the Vagus Nerve without using a machine. Stphen Porges at the University of Illinois has ben looking at the role of the vagus nerve in depression and PTSD for years.

  5. I had ECT twice; other than memory loss it didn’t really do anything- yet now I am very stable on an anti-seizure medication, so obviously the electronics of my brain are the issue, more than a chemical issue. Should the medication not be enough I would look into these other treatments that may have fewer side effects than the ECT.

  6. So maybe me getting shocked on my head enough to buckle my knees and me not able to think clearly for about 30-45 mins might have helped in getting to a good dose of antidepressants to finally start coming out of the depression fog????? and to where I can tell that I’m not doing good and evlauate what I have changed in my daily routine???? I wonder how much better I would be if it would have been a prescribed treatment. …..

  7. Try meditation.

    I’ve never heard of a depressed monk before.

    If you can focus clearly without involving your emotions, you are conditioning your synapses for a healthier and more peaceful mind.

  8. These treatments are barbaric and harmful to the human brain and the proof of that is signifigant. Read Dr. Peter Breggin’s work and see how quick you are to shove a pill down your throat. There is not even a shred of proof for the Chemical imbalance theroy.

    You disease mongering liars should be jailed for your self serving money making propoganda.
    I would like to see anyone of you Nazis submit to a single treatment you support. Where are the lawyers to fight this false advertising?

    When you are old beware you yourselves are 4 point restrained, tortured with these sick treatments against your will, are drugged with the toxins you push and are completely helpless to stop it. What kind of person would do this to another human being when the proof of what it does to animals is clear. You have turned the Hippocratic oath into the hypothetic hypocrites oath.
    It is further amazing that in this day of information that ANYONE in there right mind would believe a word you wrote here. Pathetic!!!!

  9. This should not even be permitted to be done. The success rate is low and they burned my Mothers temples from the procedure! My Mother died at very young age due to poor health care and professionals NOT doing there job and treating her like a piece of meat. Yes, she was severely mentally ill but, no excuse for poor healthcare if you are a Dr. who has skills and the brain to put it all together.



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