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Children of Gay Parents

By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

Children of Gay ParentsParenting is a complex task, one that doesn’t lend itself to easy generalizations (which isn’t going to stop me from making some in this article). Virtually every parent believes they know what’s best for …

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Children of Gay Parents

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  1. This was a good article. It supports what I have always believed about parenting. Parenting is a difficult and rewarding job no matter WHO the parents are. There needs to me more articles like this one and more studies done and published in several medium. In this way maybe people will start to let go of their fears and understand sexual orientation isn’t what makes you a good or bad parent. I look forward to reading more about this topic.

  2. Thank you for sharing this as I already knew this, but it is good to find other support for my point of view.

  3. As the child of a gay parent I can honestly say that my father’s sexual orientation had no effect on his parenting skills. I wish there were more articles like this out there to try to encourage people to let go of the erroneous belief that gays can’t be good parents. That’s just silly.

  4. My gradparents are gay. They couldnt love my mother anymore then possible.

  5. You can be raised by aunts, uncles, grandparents, single parent, etc. and still be instilled with good values, but I don’t believe in that gender neutral teaching colleges try to push. We are not neutral, male a female psychology has a lot of similarities but complementary differences as well. Why do you think marriages have to work to understand each other?

    I don’t double same sex couple could be good, caring parents, but I wouldn’t go so far as to forsake the ideal nuclear family as if it’s something failed and discarded. I personally try to encourage it and get behind the problems that are causing our divorce rates to sky rocket. I support healthy marriage and family.

  6. I believe that we should push for the idea that a parent is someone that leads you down a path of knowledge. That it is someone that can show you what is kinder thing to do. The one thing I believe that we need to stay away from is demeaning the differences in lifestyles. Believing that what you “feel” is always right, may not be so. I don’t believe that either heterosexual or homosexual parents top better than the other. I believe that love and understanding and discipline will bring a child through great strides into adulthood.

  7. John M. Gorhol,

    My class was just assigned a literature review assignment, and I chose the topic of children that are raised by homosexual parents. I have now come to phase 3 of my assignment, which is the part where I have to ask experts on the topic a handful of questions. I was wondering, if I could borrow a few minutes of your time, so that I could ask you around 5-10 questions on the differences of being raised by homosexual parents then being raised by heterosexual parents.

    Thanks so much,


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