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Minding the Media: Ralph Lauren Sinks Lower and Lower

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  1. I will NEVER buy anything from those sleazebags again. BOYCOTT RALPH LAUREN!!!!

  2. I was a regular shopper of Ralph Lauren. No more. I worry for my young granddaughter, who is 8. Thanks goodness for the Dove ads.

  3. Me too, Magskis! I’ve always loved Ralph Lauren because it offers such classy, beautiful clothes. Every brand uses Photoshop, whether it’s to make big changes or touch-ups here and there. I’m really disappointed in Ralph Lauren and its actions.

  4. Ralph Lauren isn’t above SELLING clothes to fat women. He has large sizes, like many other brands. In spite of all the concern about obesity, large women do want attractive clothing. If it’s okay to sell to people who don’t weigh 120 pounds, why do brands refuse to photograph anyone larger than 120 pounds?

  5. When the standard’s fake, it’s not surprising that you don’t measure up – and that eating disorders make the most of the insecurity. After suffering from chronic anorexia bulmia for 17 years, I am staggered by the irresponsibility and ignorance demonstrated by these ‘influential figures’. With airbrushing and photo-shopping lying to a whole generation, it’s no wonder that eating disorders are on the up – and that more people are being struck by this devastating illness. It is only through my recovery that I’ve been able to see just how off kilter the whole body image concept has become, as my story (findingmelissa.co.uk) explores.

  6. Hi Margarita,
    I once read in interview with “Cindy Crawford” who was asked “If you could look like any one in the world who would it be?”- Cindy replied “Cindy Crawford”.

    Thank you
    Linda Cooper

  7. It’s a shame that a brand like that is so selective in such a stupid sense. I work at Abercrombie and Fitch so belive me, being skinny is HIGHLY recomended. And though I am not that skinny Just getting the job was a self esteem booster. If I were to find out that I was fired because I was fat I would be soo hurt. I think it was wrong for Ralph to do this. I hope this model get a better job for like burberry or something lol. Hope everything works out.

  8. Hi Margarita,
    I wanted to add to your discussion;

    I once read an interview with ‘Cindy Crawford’. She was asked – “If you could look like any one in the World, who would that be? – Cindy replied “Cindy Crawford”

    Linda Cooper

  9. No more insincere apologies, we are looking for a FIRM COMMITMENT that Ralph Lauren will put a stop to the harmful ads. Please join us in helping to stop the suffering of women everywhere! http://facebook.com/boycottralph



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