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Do Czech Teens Lie Online?

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  1. so we are talking about a relatively small ethnically homogeneous country where young people do not lie about information that is publicly available. and the laws concerning how minors are treated there, is it the same as here? because we instruct our children to lie on the internet in a,erica to protect them from predators and they should! and our children cannot contractually use many websites if their true age was known so to be full citizens of the net the kids need to lie in the usa.
    i do not know the financial laws in czech republic but there are a lot of countries where ordinary people, much less children, do not have credit cards, so why would such people need to lie to use a service on the net?
    what is most interesting about this story is how the researchers used their own culture to extrapolate results from czech culture. i do not believe this is a psychological issue. rather it is a pragmatic anthropological issue.

    incidentally, i have friends who work for czech immigrants here in new york. and these immigrants are quite candid with my friend about their dislike of jews, with whom they have no experience in their native land. this saddens my friend, who is not jewish but he tells me about it. an american gentile employer with the same disposition–if he exists– would behave more cautiously about his ‘truthful’ opinions.
    truthfulness in itself does not confer a higher level of morality, as i hope my example demonstrates.

  2. First comment very sensible.

    I have lived in the Czech Republic and taught young adults, legal specialists, businessmen and scientists here for more than 20 years. Whatever the answers in some blog-based survey or other, be warned that Czechs, especially the males, lie as they breathe, about anything and everything. The trick is to get to the end of the day without getting caught, when the lie becomes truth, written in stone. The key to Czech psychology is to remember that no Czech is ever wrong about anything and will go to the most extraordinary lengths to defend this position, up to and including perjury. To be seen to make a mistake is psycho-death to a Czech and most of school social life is spent learning gambits and techniques for ‘mistake avoidance’. Of course, actaully finding out the facts does not feature in any of the strategies.

    The point about anti-Judaism is good. Nearly all Czechs claim to be atheists, although previous ‘Christian’ beliefs linger on in their speech, constantly and tediously littered with blasphemous references to Jesus and Mary, the crucifix and ‘Mr God’. The Czechs happily (and actively) collaborated in the murder of around quarter of a million Jews between 1939 and 1945 (virtualy none remain here, already under pressure from burgeoning neo-Nazism). The Czechs ethnically cleansed the country of Germans by dispossessing some THREE MILLION people and killing, looting and raping on a scale more appropriate to the Red Army. The Czechs also staffed at least one Roma (Gypsy) extermination camp (Lety, now a pig farm with a grudging memorial) and organised death marches for people of Roma extraction. They manufactured arms for Hitler, developed his military technology, and failed to put up any resistance except the London-moitivated assassination of Reichsprotektor Heydrich, done as a sop to the Russians as much as anything else and resulting in horrific reprisals.

    The country is now as ethnically ‘clean’ as possible, although a gene survey might reveal interesting details of how ‘pure’ the blood is after German and Russian occupation for decades and the enthusiasm with which Czech women collaborate with whoever is in power. With no Germans to organise the place and no Jewish brains, the Church and morality in disrepute and post-communist survivalism the order of the day, it is a racist, corrupt, confused, surly, dishonest and dangerous corner of Europe, entirely unsuited to use in any psychological survey that might be extrapolated to pertain to normal people.



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