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10 Ways to Lower Anxiety and Find Empowerment

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  1. Hi Elvira;
    Thank you for offering others the chance to better comprehend themselves and their anxiety in a realistic, reasonable and succinct way.
    Raising people’s awareness of how their bodies react and respond physiologically and behaviorally can be life changing.

    Dawn Pugh

  2. What a wonderful, comprehensive article!

  3. Also learn how to engage anxiety into the activation of engagement. I don’t know where I would be without anxiety. A world without anxiety isn’t much of a world, for me. I want something I need to accomplish.

  4. Dear Rich,

    That’s an interesting take. Indeed without some stress, the good kind, life would be pretty boring and not as much would get done. Anxiety can so easily become toxic, however, and there are many of us that are more susceptible than others. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Excellent list. I really like the “know the bad news” followed by “the good news.” As regards deep breathing, when my clients come back saying “the breathing’s not working,” I instruct my clients that the full exhales are the most important step. Full inhales followed by full, emptying exhales. Those exhales tend to signal, “all is well” to the brain.

  6. sandyphd,

    I wasn’t aware of the importance of the full exhale. It makes complete sense and I will remember that for myself and my patients. Thank you!

  7. question for whoever is willing to answer. i keep reading in these articles that it helps if you pinpoint whats triggering your anxiety. what if you cant exactly pinpoint whats wrong or why its wrong? What if you know you’re feeling anxious and “panicky” but you have no idea why even after trying to pinpoint it?

    • Andrew I know just what you mean I wake up with it and go to bed with it. I already take 200mg of zoloft and .5 mg of clonazepam. I am so worn out!

  8. Love the article. Very well written. I’m currently living with a 33 year old female with GAD(Her fiance died…not no genetic predisposition). What’s bothering me about it is that she has been on Prozac for this for about 2 years( with no real counseling. She has to take blood pressure pills because between Prozac and prescribed antihistamines her pulse is way up….wasn’t a problem before. I’ve tried bringing up CBT counseling, but she seems bound and determined to just take Prozac the rest of her life. I feel it’s changed her personality quite a bit, though she denies it. Not sure what else I can do to convince her. The help is there…readily available. Maybe this is where the saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.” comes from.

  9. I’m 29 an I suffer of anxiety and sometimes I just can’t control it. I’m feeling like vomiting and I star shaking a lot.And I get it more in the night I don’t know y. Lately I’ve been having it every day just when I’m about to lay down I start feeling bad. Its been like 3night I haven’t slept well. Its 6:24 am and I haven’t slept since yesterday at 8 in the morning. Can someone pliz help me on what I can do to reduce this anxiety. Thank you Daniela

  10. Daniela,I suffer like you always night time because that’s when its quiet and dark. Although it happens to me everyday. Pills are not the answer therapy is.I am still in therapy and about to start something called EMDR. Its trauma that started this with me and its been a few years since it got really bad I panick so much I barely go out. Its a horrible thing to live with.wish you all the best getting help.

  11. Thank you for the great article and going into details when explaining things! Usually when you read articles that list ways which help get rid of anxiety, they don’t really explain anything. So great to read something written by a real professional who knows what she is talking about!



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