The Type C Personality: Are You Susceptible to Illness?Are you more susceptible to illness than other people? Do you have difficulty establishing proper boundaries in relationships, and communicating your needs?

You could be a Type C personality, which makes you …

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The Type C Personality: Are You Susceptible to Illness?

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  1. is this science or pseudoscience???
    i guess its too good to be true. its seems like old fahsioned fortune telling

  2. Well, Therese, if you really want to prove this thing, I will sell you my case for $1000 because that is how much I resemble this picture of the perfect ‘C’.

    Not that I really have any autoimmune diseases, except for, well, type 1 Diabetes and my thyroid died after the birth of my first son. (also autoimmune)

    I then had this strange autoimmune problem where my teeth started making holes on the inside but without decay. (It’s normal to have this happen once, but not four times)

    Then, lets see, my right femur started dying, and there is this thing called ‘Dupuytren’s contracture’, trigger finger, and then there is IBC (inflammatory bc), and high BP, and kidneys, and very high cholesterol, and then I caught this weird thing from a blood transfusion but was never told what it was. And then there is the psychological ‘bus’, and lymph node problems, and shingles three times…forgot some.

    But otherwise I am perfectly healthy! Kat

    • So I know that these posts are a few years old, but what kind of lymph node problems do you have? I also have type 1 diabetes and I have a swollen lymph node under my jaw. Doctor said it was from a cold but that’s been weeks ago. Just curious as to what it could be?

  3. Sheesh Katrin from your posts you seem like the unluckiest person in the world! One foot in front of the other! Stay Well!


  4. Carrie, thanks for your comment, but I have really good things in my life too, just not medically, I suppose. But it’s not all been horrible! (smile) Katrin

  5. How does this researcher know that in actuality the converse isn’t true? What if someone predisposed to a haywire immune system is then also predisposed to have this personality type? If you are frequently sick, you will quickly learn that being nice (even when you don’t feel like being nice) to people will make them more likely to help you when you are sick. If this starts in early childhood, the personality change necessary for survival through these illnesses can become permanent.

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