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5 Ways Highly Sensitive People Can Live In an Insensitive World

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  1. Hi Therese,

    At the risk of being a Typo Queen….
    “The result can be a wonderful feeling of relief and being “ok.” As understanding develops, the person may fine him/herself”

    Perhaps it should be find him/herself. Fining yourself for being sensitive sounds awfully harsh :)

  2. So how would one go about cleansing their energy field?

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  4. Nice article. I have often thought sensitivity to certain aspects of life has been a major reason I’ve had such problems with stress/anxiety and depression.

  5. 1) What books do you suggest?

    2) Are there any organizations/groups with whom I could meet for support?

    4,5) “Sensitives can see or feel energy as if it’s tangible and solid.” … What? I didn’t know ‘sensitive’ meant some New Age psychic thing. Did I stumble onto the wrong blog?

    I was very happy to see this article’s title, but when I found that the body of it was vague and confusing, I was quickly let down.

  6. Rather than labeling oneself “highly sensitive,” I believe it is more beneficial to discover the *rest* of one’s psychological type pattern. Typically those who label themselves “sensitive” in this way have a preference for 1) introversion; 2) feeling; 3) iNtuition — and sometimes as many as all three at once! It is extraordinarily helpful for most people to learn more about C.G. Jung’s model of psychological types so they may “locate” themselves in the bigger picture of normal differences between people. It also helps them comprehend the “tension of opposites” — the need we all have to develop ourselves, and the curious developmental change we all seem to make around midlife, of becoming more introverted and attuned to our inner journey. Learning about these aspects of the Self provide balance, and help ensure one does not feel as isolated and lonely as a “sensitive” kind of person often feels.

  7. The result can be a wonderful feeling of relief and being “ok.”

    This can be so helpful for people, to shed that longheld suspicion that something is “wrong” with them.

  8. Understanding how I’m wired, even if it’s just knowing that there are some situations that I just can’t handle, helps me decide what activities actually are useful in stretching my limits, and which ones are so likely to fail that I do better not to push it.

    There’s a lot of “stay positive” and “get out of your comfort zone” messaging abroad. But, as a previous column pointed out, lying to myself and letting others lie to me for the sake of “being positive” simply does not work.

    What does work, reliably, is being able to tell the difference between admitting reality without excluding positive possibility. It’s the difference between seeing that I’m in a bad space, and seeing that I’m choosing to see a bad space. At those times when I am able to exercise the choice of visions, I’m shocked, sometimes, at how seductive a dark view is. Discerning choice is trickier than it seems, but when it’s available, I’ve found it important to exercise a choice for positive action. Even if that’s limited to getting out of bed, or taking a shower, or something that simple.

  9. Nice ideas, but how do I apply them? For example, HOW do I clear my energy field?

  10. Sensitive people have sharpened senses. Their minds are constantly picking up cues and processing them rapidly. Since there is no way ‘unsharpen’ them, sensitives need to spend more time with themselves, clearing house and sorting things

  11. So how do you protect yourself?

  12. Thanks for all your comments. I’m emailing the author of the five points, Jena Forrest for her input. Best, t

  13. Nice work Theresa and Jenna. Here’s a book on the subject of The Highly Sensative Person http://bit.ly/cAGTl

    I enjoyed it and while I am an extravert by nature the remaining intuitive feeling aspects of the HSP fit me well.

    Mary Jane Hurley Brant, M.S., CGP

  14. Hello,

    Since I was little I have been able to feel other people emotions. For a long time I thought I was bi polar because of how often the feels would change. Then I found out the emotions I was picking up on where not mine. Imagine my surprise. It took some searching, but I located a page that described how to clear your energy:

    1. Take a deep breath in. As you exhale, allow any tension you are feeling to release out of your feet into the ground.
    2. Take another deep breath in. As you breathe out, imagine roots growing out of the bottom of your feet, deep into the center of the earth. It may take several breaths to visualize the roots deep into the center core of the earth. At the center of the earth, there is a glowing, golden yellow substance (think lava). You want the roots to wrap around and penetrate this lava center.
    3. Once your roots are firmly established, take another deep breath in and imagine that glowing yellow energy from the lava pull up through your roots. Visualize that energy coming up through your feet and legs. When it reaches your genital area, imagine a red, glowing energy emanating from this space. Feel this energy expand with every breath.
    4. Once this field has expanded quite a bit, allow the lava energy to move up to your belly, about two inches below your bellybutton, where there will be and orange ball of energy emanating. With each breath, allow the lava energy to assist in expanding this orange field.
    5. Then allow the lava energy to move up to the bottom of the sternum. This is a yellow energy. Allow it to expand.
    6. Continue to breath the lava energy into a green ball of energy at your chest. Allow this energy to expand.
    7. The lava energy then continues up your spine into your throat. At your throat there is a blue energy ball. Breathe the lava energy through the other energy fields into the throat and allow that blue energy field to expand.
    8. Do the same for the space between your eyes. There is a lavender/indigo energy here. Imagine the lavender ball glowing and expanding.
    9. Then the lava energy moves up to a violet ball of energy above your head. Allow this field to expand. Then the lava energy moves up all the way up, to the infinite sky. Above your head, it turns into a silver cord, connecting the top of your head with the heavens.
    10. With your next breath in, pull a white energy downward from the heavens. Allow it to pass, gradually, through all the energy fields you expanded with the lava energy. The energy you pull down should feel cool and cleansing, and should add to the radiance of each energy ball.
    11. Continue to pull the energy down to your feet and into the earth… Through your roots (that you created earlier) into the core of the earth.
    12. Eventually, you are breathing energy from the heavens into the center of the earth. You are a clear conduit of energy between heaven and earth.
    13. Now imagine you are in a bubble, 10 feet in all directions. Choose a color for the bubble that feels good. You can change the color of the bubble each time you do this exercise.
    14. Put a shield around the bubble. You can have it look however you want it to, as long as it feels like a strong, invincible shield.
    15. Now you are to clear the energy from your bubble. State the following (preferably out loud, but mentally is ok if others are around): “All energy that is not my own, return with love and light back to source.” Some people will feel energy pulling off of them. If you close your eyes, you can visualize the energy leaving your bubble and returning to wherever it came from. Then say “All planetary energy, return with love and light back to source.” Again, visualize the energy leaving.
    16. This is also when you may feel the discomfort you were feeling earlier evaporate from your body. If it does not, think of any interaction that may have occurred (particularly ones that didn’t feel so good) that might need specific clearing. Or if anyone is thinking about you strongly, particularly in a negative way. You may want to say things like, “All energy of _________ (insert co-worker’s name here) return with love and light back to source (or back to _________).” “All energy from the freeways return with love and light back to source.” Even if it is people who have strong positive thoughts about us… it’s still their energy and their intentions for us that we could be carrying around. “All energy of my mother’s return with love and light back to source.”
    17. Take a few more breaths in, and imagine any remaining discomfort being released through your roots into the core lava energy of the earth. You should feel more grounded and more mentally clear.

    It does take some time, but since doing it now for about a month or so, it’s been alot of help. Sorry for the long reply, but I hope it helps. Take care everyone.


    • Wow, that was amazing.It was very interesting and I will definitely try that excercise. Thanks : )

  15. I thought “You’re oversensitive” was a 50-year-old diagnosis. Has it come around again? The prescription used to be “Don’t be so sensitive!!!” I’m glad THAT has changed.

  16. Hello Everyone,
    Thank you for everyone’s comments and the assistance of those who provided resources and answers. Stanley, thank you for the energy clearing technique you shared with us. This is very similar to the technique I use both personally and with clients. The best part about it is when you are naming people whose emotions you’d like to release from you (ex: I release all anger projected from my father” or “I release all toxic emotions projected from my boss” you can feel how much of that emotion was in you as it is released.

    Some people you name, you won’t feel much leaving you. While others you name feel like a wave of heaviness has been lifted. This helps you see whose energy is affecting you the most. And it reminds you to have your shield in place around them.

    For the person who is worried about talk of energy, energy is accepted as what we are made of. Our bodies are made of energy that does respond to other energies that are different, faster or slower than ours. Eventually, when we relax into just taking what we want that helps us and throwing the rest out. Remember that a reaction to terms is natural if we are coming from a place of fear. There was a person who used the words new age in a way that felt constricted. Remember it is our worldly identity and upbringing and human experience that makes us hate and fear terms, especially those around religion, spirituality, faith and politics. This is due to a long history of people being harmed in the name of these things so it is understandable.

    Try to keep an open and curious mind and watch your emotions with compassion as you react. If religious or spiritual terms trigger you, you have likely been hurt by them in the past, or you have picked up on the pain of prior generations of pain around the term. All we have on this planet are a limited amount of words while many things cannot be described in words because they are too vast. This is likely why many sensitive people prefer not to chatter, because they are at a loss for words to express the deep pain and immense beauty of life.

    Some of you may want to check out my memoir Help Is On Its Way on Amazon.com because it pains a very real portrait of what it’s like growing up sensitive in an insensitive world.

    Love you all,

  17. p.s. I write a monthy newsletter for sensitive people who want to feel empowered in all aspects of their lives. To sign up, click on my name in blue above. The signup is at the top right hand corner of the web page.


  18. Oh my gosh! I’ve tired of closing my eyes,and being able to see deep into the earth!
    I kept wondering? There must be other people in the world who can see like I can. I’ve ruled out crazy, but as the page above says, people won’t believe you. So I googled “people who can see deep into the earth with their eyes closed”. Amazing,or not, there are websites talking about this. In the shows called “Cities of the Underworld” they call them ghost tunnels. People report seeing ghost like images. I understand this would be our aura’s. While reading this page I said out loud to myself “boy talk about a profile of Evee,that’s me, the page describes me to a “T” I mean, the way I feel about the world. The article is labeling me a SENSITIVE, whatever! I’m just glad to read about other people who posess this gift/curse. I call it a curse, because if you do not understand what is going on it can really pre-occupy my brain with trying to figure out what is going on.
    WOW, thanks for the insight on this page. I’ll be researching more on your sight. Thanks for being on the web with this info.
    I’m including my email in case someone who relates to what I’m describing can contact me. I will not respond to anyone who is not serious about the subject.
    [email protected]
    Sincerely, Evee

    Sincerey, Evee

  19. The above article I am talking about came up when I googled: People who can see deep into the earth.
    A Utube video came up with a man teaching people how to see through a blindfold. It’s called the Bronnikov method. http://www.bronnikovmethod.com.
    Children are doing it.
    Again, the above profile fits me to a “T”. There’s alot more on the subject on that google page.



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