Why We All Have Fear of FailureSure, fear of failure affects lots of people. But how about you? Let’s start off by taking a short quiz.

Answer each question below honestly:

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Why We All Have Fear of Failure

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  1. Fear of Failure is not my dragon lying in wait; Fear of Success is. Failure is an old familiar, learned in family relationships and perfected in romantic endeavors.
    My fear of success came after I started “dreaming up ” business endeavors, and finding they were going to be successful. This is not a brag; it’s a hideous situation. I’ve had to work hard to turn these successes into failures, usually by ruining the business relationship and alienating my sponsors. Just to make things feel normal.
    I’d welcome a bookend post on Fear of Success and I wonder how many other guilty moles there are out there besides me.

  2. i complete feel like this was for me.
    For so many years i have had dreams that i let die because i feared to even try in case i used up what i had and i lost everything. But till present day i still struggle with that.
    As soon as i have some money on me, i start shaking with fear of investing it and as soon as i have eaten all of it, i then start regretting and seeing all that i could have done with it.
    For sure i want to break free from this because i feel stuck and frustrated at the same time with my life. i feel like i never get even one thing correct in life. Could this be a fear of failure as said here?

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