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What’s Your Personality Like?

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  1. thought this personality test was great! Very specific and just the right length. Unlike many other “free online tests,” I am closing the window feeling informed and ready to see what else psychcentral has for me to look at. :)

  2. Think this is a very interesting set of questions but the program wouldn’t let me get past 90%. What happened?

  3. Yes, there’s a glitch in the test. wouldn’t go past 90%

  4. mine wouldn’t go past 90% either…

  5. important part of improving one’s life, searching for happiness, and even helping us with mental health issues or our relationships in life is self-discovery. The more you know about yourself — your preferences, your way of thinking, your way of looking at the world — the more you can actually go ahead and make changes in your life. If you’re a big question mark to yourself, it’s lot more difficult to start to improve those areas of your life that you’d like to improve upon.

    For years now, Psych Central and other websites have offered online personality quizzes and tests that help give you some insight into your personality. And while these work well for what they can say about you, they don’t always give you as much information as you might like. They also don’t always present the information in a manner that makes it immediately clear what your strengths and weaknesses are, or what are really the most important aspects of your personality. After all, it’s fine to say you’re “introverted.” But while some introverts define their life by this characteristic, others lead a more balanced life where introversion is just a small component of their personality.

    So today I’m pleased to introduce Personality Patterns, an application we’re bringing to you in conjunction with our partners over at Signal Patterns. Signal Patterns is a company that develops psychology-based web applications that help individuals improve their lives, with a great team of individuals that includes over 20 PhDs. That’s a lot of brain power!

    Personality Patterns allows you to discover the top 10 traits out of 45 different personality traits that describe what you’re all about. But instead of just telling you about these traits, the test shows you these traits in an interactive, colorful graph that is far more informative than a boring narrative. It takes about 10 minutes to take.

  6. So nice test, jaja and really describes much of the way I’m. I like this kind of tests because sometimes, even if we know how we are, we need someone or something (in this case the test) to remember us that parts of our personality that we are not completely aware of. I’ll share my result: You are Introspective, Organized, and Original. THANKS!!! NOTE: I have to re-open my webBrowser several times to finish the test (I’m using Opera WebBrowser).

  7. I feel tricked by this survey! I answered all the questions and only got a message at the end that the email I provided already existed and a link was provided but the link goes to a site that has nothing to do with the survey!

  8. Thank you for your feedback. We had some issues with the system mistakenly telling people that their email was already in the system. We have fixed this issue and have updated the survey. Please let us know if you run into any more problems. Knowing which browser you were on when you encountered the issue is always helpful.

    Please email us your feedback at [email protected]

    Thanks again.

  9. very good!!! described me very well :)



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