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Why People Should Reconsider Having Sex

Why people have sex doesn’t seem like a mystery, but a study at the University of Texas asked that very question. We might assume that “it feels good” or “I wanted to show my love” or “I wanted to get pregnant” were among the top contenders of maybe five or so reasons, but we would be way off the mark.

The study found that people answered that question with over 200 distinct reasons. Interestingly, “revenge”; “fear”; “loneliness”; “possession”; “control”; “I didn’t know how to say no”; “I was obligated”; or “I wanted to make up from a fight” were also among the answers.

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Why People Should Reconsider Having Sex

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  1. All sex is a choice.

    • By one of the two people, but not necessarily by both. And if is not a choice entered into by both, it is rape. A five year old (boy or girl) cannot make that choice. A drugged person cannot make that choice. An emotionally unstable person cannot make that choice. You need to re-think your proclamations a bit more.

  2. There’s most probably another reason that the study surely didn’t consider and I would call for: Biology. Hormones, feromones, at some level so called instinct, may push someone into having sex when there are no other implications, for or against. We psychologists tend to willingly forget that there’s a biological level to our being. Not excluding that our intentions and desires will, at some point, take over and direct our acts.

  3. This is a very interesting article.

  4. Why are all the reasons listed so negative? What about just the sheer desire to lose oneself in the passion of the merging divine feminine and divine masculine?

    • because her point is specifically about when people should reconsider having sex if these are any of the reasons for doing it. kinda clear just from the title, even if you didn’t bother to read the article.

  5. before I saw this article, I was actually thinking about something similar. why we allow the feeling of wanting to have sex take dominance over most of the other feelings or urges. the feeling of sex is, I think, the most overwhelming and in a good way. so that is why we don’t feel any ‘guilt’ for wanting to have sex, because it makes us feel good.

  6. I almost took this article seriously… Because it’s published on a web page with the word “Psych” on it…

    If you’ve taken ANY kind of psych classes beyond introductory, then, all of these reasons should be no surprise to you. Oh snap! People have sex for reasons beyond making babies? Keep studying. Don’t become a therapist.

    • I thought was thought provoking. It makes me wonder when we use sex in these ways, does it have a numbing effect? Does it reduce our ability to use it in a loving, giving way? From a psychological standpoint, I found the negativity of the previous response interesting. Why the need to tear down?

  7. These reasons sound weired. i think most of the people have normal regular sex for enjoyment and they feel like having after regular interval.

  8. I wonder how that translates to same-sex partners. Has anyone done a study into same-sex partners feelings towards sex? It would be interesting for comparison.



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