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The Ritual Sacrifice of Amanda Knox

What do domestic violence, terrorism, the apparently renewable cold war and the repeat trials of Amanda Knox have in common? In a word, the devolution of humanity.

Knox, if you managed to miss the media storm about her, is the young American exchange student convicted, acquitted, then convicted again of the 2007 brutal murder of her roommate in Italy. She is currently living in her hometown of Seattle while awaiting yet another trial, an appeal to the Italian Supreme Court later this year.

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The Ritual Sacrifice of Amanda Knox

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  1. I’m sorry Cedric but it is plainly obvious to me that you have little knowledge of the actual evidence in this case. As you tell it I would start campaigning for Knox’s total exoneration, on all fronts, but unfortunately the facts of this case do not bear this out. I would suggest you begin your re-education with the double DNA knife. Meredith Kercher’s DNA on the blade, and Amanda Knox’s on the handle. As a psychologist i suggest you watch some of Knox’s recent interviews. The non-verbal cues may be of interest to you.

    • You’re misinformed, Bobby, there was no DNA from Meredith Kercher on that knife. Instead fact, further tests proved it did not match the murder weapon at all.

      • Wrong. The DNA on the blade was a 100% match to Meredith. Contamination was not proven by the defense in any of the trials. The new DNA sample that was recently tested did not contain Meredith’s DNA, but it was positive for Knox.
        In summary, there are two DNA samples of Knox on the handle and one DNA sample of Meredith’s on the handle.
        Anyone who disputes this fact is referring to the Hellmann appeal which was annulled because the reasoning and findings of the case were determined by the Supreme Court to be superficial and illogical.

    • @bobby..No, bobby, you are the one who needs to do your homework. You obviously know nothing about this case. The DNA on the knife (which isn’t the murder weapon in the first place) belongs to Amanda. The only other substance found on the knife indicated the knife was used to cut bread. Meredith’s DNA was not found anywhere on the knife. The “non-verbal” cues you speak of come fro your personal imagination.

      You need to look at the case considerably more objectively and in considerable more depth. There is no way that 3 people can very brutally and bloodily murder a 4th person and only the forensic material of 1 of those people be found all over the murder scene and in and on the victim….and please…don’t talk to me about “cleanup”…DNA is invisible. You cannot separate one person’s DNA from another’s. It is scientifically impossible.

      RUdy Guede murdered Meredith…period. The really tragic facts here are (1) to involve Amanda and Raffaelel in this crime does no justice to Meredith and she would be appalled, and (2) Guede’s sentence was cut in half and he is due out of prison on work release this month having served only ~7 years after having committed a particularly horrific murder. he will be back on the streets to potentially murder someone else’s lovely daughter!!!

      • Joan, there are 3 samples of DNA on the knife which have been tested. There are two samples of Knox’s DNA on the handle, and Meredith’s on the blade as a 100% match.

      • The court has ruled that given the lack of defensive wounds on Meredith, and the type of sustained attack she was subjected to there were multiple attackers. The injuries she sustained are clearly explained in the court documents.
        DNA is not as easy to transfer as people may think.
        There is not doubt that Sollecito’s DNA at 15 loci is fully represented, and contamination at this level could not be proven. Bear in mind that 10 loci is enough to secure a conviction in the UK.
        It is quite possible that Knox and Sollecito inflicted the knife wounds, whilst Guede sexually assaulted.

      • Nobody is saying you can separate DNA during a clean-up apart from Knox’s PR company. They are notorious for putting myths into the public domain and then creating false arguments in a bid to detract attention from real evidence. This is what propagandists do. It is quite common for cunning criminals, and especially murderers, not to leave forensic evidence. That’s why they usually wear rubber gloves etc. Educate yourself.

      • Even if Amanda Knox had worn gloves she would have left DNA behind in the murder room if she had been there. DNA isn’t just found in blood. It is also found in hair follicles, skin cells, and saliva. The fact that there is no evidence of any kind that she was ever in the room where the murder occurred proves that she is innocent.

    • The belief that Meredith’s DNA was on the knife was completely discredited during the second trial by experts appointed by the court, and that led to Amanda’s and Raffaele’s acquittal. Furthermore, there was no trace of blood, and instead they found traces of rye bread on the knife, confirming that it had not been cleaned. If it had not been cleaned, then one would have expected to find blood on it if it had been the murder weapon.

      Anybody who still claims that the knife proves guilt is either trying to mislead others or is running two trials behind and has some catching up to do.

      You may want to go to the site www://injusticeinperugia to get information from several experts on this and other points; and since you are at it, please ask yourself why Amanda is getting massive support from the American scientists who have looked into it, one of them being the Executive Director of the Idaho Innocence Project.

      • My recommendation would be to simply read the translations of the court documents to formulate an objective opinion.
        These translations can also be found at:

      • The court appointed experts, Conti and Vecchiotti, although they reveal their bias in attempting to avoid directly answering the question, eventually admit that the DNA profile recovered from the knife is a match to Meredith Kercher.

        They have since come under heavy criticism, for incorrectly suggesting a third DNA sample could not be tested. This was proven to be false. This third sample belonged to Amanda Knox.

        Professor Gill, also confirmed the DNA sample was Merediths.

    • Indeed. Good point bobby. A great link I saw posted the other day was from an expert who has analysed her most recent interview. Google: eyesforlies, and visit her blog.

      • This last comment is totally wrong. A person’s behavior after a crime can be misleading since different people react in different ways. And the same person can react differently depending on the his/her mood or situation at the time of the event.

        The valid indicator of guilt or innocence is the evidence. And the evidence from the locked Meredith Kercher bedroom were the murder occurred demonstrates a vast amount of evidence Rudy Guede was there and committed the crime (DNA, foot prints, etc.) and no evidence that Ms. Knox or Mr. Sollecito were present at the scene. Amanda and Raffaele are innocent.

      • I read that blog post and I found it extremely weak. The author starts out by criticizing how Amanda first offers up her opinion of the judge. How dare she!
        But did the author listen to the first question Amanda was asked;
        “Why do you think this judge goes further that any other”?

        I think Renee needs to go back to deception school ….

    • The facts of this case shows that the Italian courts are corrupt. Thanks.

    • I’m sorry bobby but all of the so called “evidence” you are reciting here has been disputed. The knife has already been shown to be of little evidentiary value, yet inexplicably it is still touted as the murder weapon. Something is wrong with a system that props up bad players at the expense of innocents. It a very sad testament to humanity when we can find justification for the pursuit of innocents in the face of its cruelty.

      • The Hellmann appeal was annulled. The DNA analysis presented by the independent experts was ruled by the Supreme Court to be superficial and illogical.

      • What about the bra clasp?

      • John,

        You mean the bra hook, don’t you? Referring to it as the “clasp” gives the impression that it had DNA on a greater portion of the bra, when in fact it was a infinitesimal amount found on the small metal hook. It implies contamination that such a small amount was zeroed in on by the forensic scientist. And Stefanoni should have realized this as well.

        But here we are today trying to clean up the complete cluster* that these people made of this case.

    • Keep up with the case. New forensic testing on the knife in late 2013 showed that there is no trace of Meredith Kercher’s DNA on the knife, validating the defense’s assertion that proper protocols were not followed during the original testing.

      • The DNA that was tested in the recent Florence appeal was a new sample on the handle. Meredith’s DNA on the blade was established in the first trial.

      • “no more dna evidence in 2013” is more like it. The sample was so small they used it all up…and so now they can officially say there is “no” dna belonging to M on the blade…too bad…cause on top of all of the circumstantial evidence – that was the smoking gun.

    • No, it is you Bobby who are not informed about the case. No valid physical evidence points to Ms. Knox or Mr. Sollecito being at the crime. The alleged DNA of Meredith Kercher has been demonstrated to numerous forensic experts to be due to contamination and very faulty DNA testing by prosecution technician Patrizia Stefanoni. As for your subjective analysis of facial expressions and tics on interviews, it merely demonstrates your profound ignorance of criminal forensics.

      • The defense have not been able to prove any of the DNA present was caused by contamination.

      • Unfortunately, Bobbi does not seem to understand DNA matching and testing. The original sample (very small), when tested, was found not to be blood. With what remained, Stefanoni attempted to use a process involving a low copy number DNA profiling. Under that process, the remaining DNA is amplified. (Stefanoni’s lab is not certified for this process). Because the sample was too small, (according to the court’s experts reviewing the process in the second trial, Stefanoni overroad the parameters of the computer and created a result. No check or balance could be done because there was no sample left. Under such circumstances, SCIENTIFICALLY, the results should have been disregarded. Other problems, such as the knife didn’t fit the wounds or the print, don’t matter. On remand, the appellate court found no Kercher DNA on the only untested spot. The point of the article is that everyone projects their own expectations and insecurities onto Knox. Friends of the victim cannot believe she died in such a meaningless fashion. It had to be something more. Friends of Knox will not admit that she is quirky and was immature at the time. However, science is science.

    • Both the second and third trial’s findings showed Merideth’s DNA was not on the knife. Amanda’s was. This proves she shared space with Sollecito at his apartment. It also is evidence of her innocence in the crime.

    • You are mistaken about everything, Bobby. Read more!

  2. Compelling multifaceted reading of the case.

  3. This article is a joke. Thee is so much evidence that both Knox and Sollecito are guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher (REMEMBER HER) Knox is not a victim. This article is slime since it endeavors to protect a cold blooded drug addicted murderer.

    • Hits a nerve because you perceive he’s talking about you.

    • “A cold blooded drug-addicted murderer” Reeeally? From this sham azzed–RIDICULOUS case—its a wonder there is ANY justice in ANY courts!

      REMEMBER “RUDY” the ONE WHO MURDERED Meredith? How in the H*LL these Italian Judges/Prosecutors and any one else made this a case about a STRANGE Threesome is BEYOND me and ANYONE with a Brain…this has got to be one of the most bizarre twists of INJUSTICE Most of us have EVER seen…

      Amanda Knox has become the VICTIM in all of this CRAP… the REAL GUILTY one even gets a reduced sentence to place blame elsewhere! HAHA… OMG! The mockery of this court knows no end…

      Sorry folks–but this case was screwed up from the get-go and JUSTICE demands Amanda and her ex-boyfriend be LEFT ALONE already!!! And no I do not know either of these two–but just the so-called “evidence”.

      Truly the most RIDICULOUS screwed-up case in history! As serious as the case is–it is funny in the outrageous sense that these “prosecutors” could screw up so bad and the courts STILL want MORE INNOCENT BLOOD. OUTRAGEOUS!

      Why of course they were having a WEIRD THREESOME that resulted in the death of one of the participants!(Judges conclusion) WOW…JUST WOW!

      These Judges and prosecutors must truly be sickos to twist a case that damn bad to make it “fit”. Really WOW!

      Lets take an INNOCENT young American Girl who WORKED THREE JOBS and was an honor student and MAKE HER SOME TWISTED AZZ MURDERER IN A Bizarre THREESOME! C’mon!

      Don’t EVER go to this place folks–you might sneeze wrong and be convicted as a Serial Killer! Complete insanity. And Meridith’s family should want real Justice–and the REAL murderer (Rudy) locked up—not make deals with him to keep naming names to get a reduced sentence…this whole case is pathetic!

      • Thank you … Amanda’s PR person for opening my eyes…lol jk

      • jk…..would you like me to supply you with the real “PR machine” evidence that is the guilter crusade?

        Why, just the other day harry was hard at work tweeting the link to sky news of the video that was not Knox. He tweeted it to probably 50 different media outlets. This isn’t the first time that harry and friends have worked the PR angle.

        Your attempts to minimize our voices by implying that we are part of some “PR” propaganda machine is transparently thin. My voice is not paid for, is yours?

    • @clockworkorange. You are mistaken there is NO real evidence against Ms Knox in this case. Thanks.

    • There is more evidence that you are the person this article is describing. A self righteous witch hunter trying desperately to feel good about yourself by persecuting others.

    • Basically, your comments proved the point of the article. People on both sides of the issue become irate when their vision of what happened is challenged, because that then challenges their view of the world. Knox is a She-Devil–or Knox is an Angel. Frankly, Americans should not be so confident that it would not happen in the US. See

      We see what we want to see. That is why the science is so very important. Theories must be tested and the results must be able to be repeated.

  4. I’m curious Cedric, is your opinion based from reading the translations of the court documents?

  5. Great article!!! I think you absolutely captured the spirit and the hidden reasoning of the lynch mob.

    One small correction though. Rudy Guede never confessed to the murder. He admitted being there. But said he was not involved. First he said the murder took place by someone that Meredith let in while he was on the toilet. Then he has modified his story somewhat. But Rudy has never confessed to this crime. (He certainly is the one who committed the crime though)

    • Agreed whole-heartedly the MURDERER–RUDY—couldn’t even keep his sorry butt story straight–and the EVIDENCE pointed to HIM and HIM AlONE….but of course these sorry prosecutors and Judges involved in this case INSIST it had to be a THREE-SOME gone bad because the MURDERER said so–

      And hey! while their at it—lets give the MURDERER (RUDY) a REDUCED SENTENCE TOO!! HAHA… this COURT knows NO END to its CROOKED SHAMS.. horrible… the family of Meridith NEEDS TO PUT A STOP TO THE INSANITY so perhaps Meridith’s memory will finally be able to be rested.. THIS is NOT the way to handle what looks like vengeance–keep taking as many people out as possible—and letting the REAL MURDERER (RUDY) lie and lie and hey, give him a pat on the back and REDUCED SENTENCE Too cuz he was able to LIE some more and place blame elsewhere…

      When it is SO OBVIOUS to EVERYONE but Meredith’s family and this AWFUL COURT that this monster (RUDY) killed Meredith and yet they GIVE HIM A REDUCED SENTENCE–A ‘DEAL’ to place blame on innocent people—in essence, allowing him to KILL other Innocents and take away their lives too! COMPLETELY INSANE…and if its this bad—heck, anyone can be put away for a TWISTED THREESOME MURDER! Watch out people…sorry but this is SO horrible for Amanda and her ex-boyfriend….

  6. Cedric

    You have now entered the dark waters of troll-land where no amount of knowledge will spare you from their superior knowledge of the millions of words of so called evidence that amounts to little more than a small pile of fluff and static. I am still waiting for someone to discuss the likely possibility that Rudy Guede has and displays a Fugue state disorder.

  7. Interesting article. I am also a creative writer and, like so many other people, have felt an emotional connection to this case. The “evil” woman as witch and social outcast was something that interested me in the media representations of Amanda Knox. The “foxy Knoxy” character who haunts the newsprint and media wires was an inspiration for the lead character in my novel, ‘After the Murder’. However, I feel the real tragedy in this case is not Amanda Knox’s treatment by the media; it is the loss of Meredith Kercher’s life. Read my blog post on this subject for more info:

  8. How fabulous of these guilters to prove your point by immediately weighing in with their crazy false claims and irrational hatred. I can’t agree with you more that this case is fascinating. Not because there is any question over what happened; there isn’t. All of the evidence clearly exonerates Amanda and Rafaelle, and a clear minded reading of the evidence quickly becomes boring because it is so clear. What is fascinating is the people like the previous commenters here who hate Amanda and consider her guilty despite the overwhelming facts that they are wrong. What would compel somebody to hate and slander somebody they don’t know for reasons that make no sense? Fascinating.

    • It’s also possible that there are darker, deeper waters
      to this whole thing.

      I’ve seen comments made(unverified) that many of the
      tabloid media in Italy and Britain who most vilify Ms
      Knox and Mr Sollecito are very very left-leaning, and
      are simply using this case(independent or not of the
      Italian prosecutors and their skulduggery) to try to
      take a chunk out of the hide of Mr Imperialistic Uncle
      Sam, or even perhaps promote a partial falling out,
      politically, between Britain and the USA.
      Perhaps -more- than simple revenge for the Abu Omar
      and Cavalese incidents.

      Only too obviously, there are also factions/nations/
      groups around the world who would very much like to see
      the band broken up – NATO demoted in importance,
      the normally fairly good relations between the USA
      and Britain fractured, and perhaps less so to damage
      the relationship that the US has with the EU.

      China, North Korea, Russia, Syria, and every tin-pot
      dictator on the planet would love to see this. Even
      by simply helping their economies assume dominance
      (China/Russia) due to not having to compete with
      the currently -mostly- consolidated/cooperative
      western economies.

      Every little notch they can take out of the hide of the
      US or its western allies can help them. We already know
      that China has a huge counterintelligence group working
      on hacking into US Corporations to steal IP. Why not
      a disinformation group as well? Diminishing our ability
      to economically compete via multiple points of attack.

      Diminish our economic power, and you affect our ability to
      afford an effective military force. Just like the Soviet
      Union falling apart because they’d spent what family jewels
      they had on maintaining a comparable military force.

      I don’t consider it entirely paranoid to at least keep in
      the back of ones mind the -possibility- that there are deeper
      issues, even for something that may appear on the face of
      it(like the Kercher case) to be unrelated, but could be
      just one part of a number of coordinated events that
      together end up being an effective can-opener.

      Or … it could just be a bunch of fun-loving idiots who
      just happen to accidentally coordinate a pattern of
      attack against K & S across hundreds of media websites,
      as well as from their own websites that maintain an
      fairy high level of anonymity.


      • Addendum:

        Note, if you will, that one of the common threads from
        most of the “guilter” attacks on Knox and Sollecito is
        the jingoism(false or real).


        1) We’re protesting this injustice because we only care
        about Knox, but not Sollecito. We only care about other

        2) We won’t extradite Knox because we have no respect for
        Italian law, because we have no respect for International
        law, because we are arrogant Yanks that think we can do
        anything we want, because we have too many guns, because
        we are intrisically militaristic, and our powerful
        military lets us do anything we want to, etc., etc.,

        3) We are just stupid Yanks who haven’t followed the
        case, so our opinions are invalid.

        There are others, but my point is just a tack-on to my
        previous one – the jingoistic comments may not just be
        an actual expression of opinion, or even as a slap in
        the face to their opponents on the comment boards.

        Most of the guilters have been outed as being perhaps
        from GB, or mostly Italy. No proof, but just guesses
        made to odd language use, stilted phraseology, etc.

        I’ve seen comments from “supposed” Americans for whom
        English was obviously not their primary language, and
        see them make what would be the Ugly American comment –
        essentially “you stupid Brits/Italians will have to come and get Knox, and we’ll be waiting for you”.

        Or supposedly British commenters in the Daily Mail or
        Telegraph who obviously do not have English as their
        primary language(IE, are they -really- British?), making
        the above-mentioned “stupid ignorant Yanks” comment.

        As a single event, insignificant, but when repeated
        across multiple events(the Kercher Murder, Snowden/NSA,
        etc), it could potentially be a form of sustained,
        low-level attack from -whoever-, trying to
        stimulate a mob reaction that is not politically
        conducive to our own mutual best interests.

        It’s all very, very curious and interesting.

      • “… many of the
        tabloid media in Italy and Britain who most vilify Ms
        Knox and Mr Sollecito are very very left-leaning” This is not true in the UK. Most of the tabloid newspapers here are right-leaning, especially the middle-market Daily Mail (the so-called “red-tops”, i.e. Sun and Mirror, vary; the Sun is right-wing, the Mirror more left-leaning). Meanwhile the Guardian, the UK’s main left-leaning quality newspaper, tends to be pro-Knox/Sollecito in its coverage of the case.

      • @cgcenet Duly noted. Thanks.
        I think the terms “left” and “right” are known to not
        have quite the same meaning when used on different sides
        of “the pond”. I’ll have to be more careful next time
        when I’m listening to somebody else’s paranoid
        rantings, trying to tease out what little information
        there might be within before adding them to my own paranoid
        rants. Is that like trying to find the square root of a
        negative number?

  9. Knox is every bit as guilty as the British McCanns. She will eventually walk because her country has aircraft carriers.

    • You’ve just very succinctly proved Glucose’s point.

  10. Cedric, a great article with just a few small exceptions and/or areas of disagreement. Amanda showed deep emotion over the death of her roommate, i.e. she and Raffaele were outside the house for ~4 hrs. During most of that time Amanda was crying and extremely emotional. However, the only pics the media chose to show were those of ~3-4 minutes during which Raffaele kiised her to comfort her. This is typical of the media coverage of this case…particularly by the Italian, British and American tabloid hacks.

    I disagree that Amanda’s behavior was anything more than that of a naive young woman in a very traumatic situation, nor do I feel that she would make anything other than an excellent roommate. I firmly believe she is someone who tries very hard to keep her emotions in check while she’s screaming inside. She was much loved and had/has manyan army of friends and supporters who find her brave, charming, warm, compassionate, intelligent and in all ways an exceptionally nice young woman.

    Meanwhile, I notice above that the guilters are out in force on this website, as they are everywhere spreading their poison and their lies. As both you and Ms Burleigh note, this is the current day Inquisition and these guilters are 21st century witch hunters…and the fact that we are witnessing this kind of behavior is almost as frightening as the murder itself.

    Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito had nothing whatsoever to do with the heinous sexual assault and murder of Meredith Kercher. Rudy Guede murdered Meredith all by himself. He didn’t need any help. Guede’s forensic material was found all over Meredith’s tiny bedroom and in and on her body. No forensic material belonging to either Amanda or Raffaele was found in the room. There is no physical evidence, no circumstantial evidence and no motive connecting either Amanda or Raffale to this crime.

    Thanks, Cedric, for speaking out so eloquently for the truth.

  11. This ruling and the entire handling of the case for that matter has so many violations that the stage is set for the ECHR to blow this out of the water. Its an embarrassment to Justice everywhere. We thought Massei was absurd but this takes the cake. There is nothing concrete about this motivation. In fact they’ve made things up! There was no Raffaele DNA on the knife but there is now? I could go on and on but this is a complete farce.

  12. In 2 out of 3 trials, Knox was found guilty of murder. She currently stands as a convicted murderer. I have read the courts translations, and pretty much everything else on the case, and I believe without a doubt that she was there and an active participant. Had she been tried in the US, she would already be in jail and perhaps on death row- aside from the physical evidence, there was more circumstantial evidence in this case against Knox than there was again Lacy Peterson’s murderer. I”m not a “hater”, but I do wish Knox would stop trying to sway public opinion….I don’t think there is as much support for her as she would like us to think. I believe the people writing most of these articles are a small group and possibly a paid group?

    • Max

      I respect your opinion but I disagree and I am not paid and Amanda and Raff’s supporters are many and not paid. All I can say is no one would want to stand trail as an innocent person in Italy given the restraints on the defense and it’s abilities to provide a vigorous defense with access to all information. You will also note that the original conviction was not based on evidence but is actually based on the power position given Rudy Guede through the fast track trial process and the ability of said Rudy Guede to establish presidence and yet not be available for future questioning. To this day it is Rudy Guede who is determining this narrative and not evidence.

    • I personally have no faith in either of those convictions. The jurors were biased and they were significantly infected by a extremely slanderous press. Additionally, in America, this case would never have gone to trial. The DNA testing would never have been admitted as it was in those trials, Guede would have been forced to testify to get his deal, subjecting him to cross examination, and Amanda’s confession would never have been heard by any jury since it was forced from her without a lawyer’s presence.

  13. Interesting article, but unfortunately well beyond the grasp of the average human. Many people can not even understand the fundamental concept of different perspectives. For them, it is what do I think?; what do I feel?; what did I see? The thought that others may have seen or done or think things differently (for an infinite number of reasons) is simply beyond their comprehension.

    Regardless, I’m glad you wrote it. I think it is just part of the overall picture, but an important one.

    To Acbytesla: I believe you are wrong about Guede’s admissions. I believe he has admitted to more than just being there (to others and even to authorities). If I’m wrong my apologies in advance.

  14. There’s definitely a lynch-mob atmosphere to the whole thing, especially to those who are obsessed with the case and with hating Knox.

    However, as the other posters have noted, there’s a staggering amount of evidence – both physical and forensic. The Hellman judgment was perplexing and has been completely rebutted and ridiculed.

    I think the level of interest in this case has partly to do with Knox’s outrageous behaviour in court, her offness, and her inability provide a plausible explanation about what happened that night and what was going through her head in the days that followed.

    • I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. There is zero forensic evidence that Amanda Knox was in that room. None. No footprint, fingerprint, blood, DNA, nothing. That’s because she wasn’t there.

      Same with Raffaele Sollecito, with the single exception of a bra clasp that the police left in the unsecured room for more than six weeks. That clasp cannot be evidence against him because no one can say what happened to it during those six weeks — the only thing we know for sure is that it somehow got moved across the room and under a rug. In the USA it would not be admitted into court because there was no chain of custody to show that what was on it when it was found must have been put there during the murder.

      They’re both innocent as baseball, and should never have been suspected, much less arrested, much less imprisoned.

      • Such a knowledge of the law…. Ever heard of a circumstantial case? Try asking Scott Peterson, then start campaigning for his release.

      • The bra clasp evidence is conclusive – According to David Balding an internationally renowned expert the only way Sollecito’s high peak DNA could have got on the clasp was he came into direct contact or the police put it there.

        Contamination was not a factor – I’ve explained his reasoning elsewhere on this page. Now you can choose to believe an independent expert or just go along with what you would like to believe.

  15. Public Relations versus FACTS. It’s utterly amazing to see time and time again that it isn’t about guilt or innocence and it certainly isn’t about the cold hard FACTS of the case which point directly, in this case, to Amanda Knox being involved in this viscous murder. It’s about having an excellent, albeit morally bankrupt, public relations firm that turns night into day, black into white, and cold blooded psychopaths into poor innocent victims. Shame on you!

    • You say: “cold hard FACTS of the case which point directly, in this case, to Amanda Knox being involved in this viscous murder.”

      Wrong. Those hard facts points to Rudy Guede an no one else. Thanks.

  16. OH PLEASE, yet another PR piece full of LIES AND MISINFORMATION about the case. There is a ton of forensic evidence linking amanda knox to the murder. That is why she has been convicted, twice.
    The lies in this article are too much- I’m not even going to go over every false statement except to say to whoever is reading this- do some research and find the truth about this case. It’s not here.

    • The truth about this case is simple. Rudy Guede broke into the house than raped and killed MS Kercher.

      MS Knox and MR Sollecito have nothing to do with this horrendous crime. Thanks.

    • Really, a ton of DNA evidence? Go ahead and list it. Amanda was living with Meredith so it’s not surprising her DNA would be found in the apartment. The only DNA evidence linking Amanda to the murder was found on a knife found in her boy friends apartment but there is no way to say that was the knife used to murder Meredith. This evidence was subsequently thrown out due contamination. The DNA evidence against Guede is much more compelling. His DNA was found INSIDE Meredith. His sentence was also cut in half for implicating Amanda and her boy friend. Do you honestly believe he would tell the truth and take the 30 year sentence? The Italian juistice system is a joke. This is the system that wanted to send geoscientists to prison for failing to correctly predict an earthquake. As for the prosecutor in this case; he is a nutbar who has been convicted of corruption. Amanda’s crime; she is an American female who was sexually active in a foreign country. I don’t think anyone should be sent to prison for that!

    • If by “a ton” you mean “zero,” you’re on solid ground.

      No forensic evidence exists, because it can’t. They weren’t there.

  17. This article is very reasoned, and the nasty comments, come so quickly, pretty much provide evidence for Cedric’s view of the case. I am bi-linqual and speak both English and italian at a tertiary level high enough to quality me as a translator for both. I have read the court documents in Italian, and where available, in English. For all the ‘commentators’ going on about the knife, the fact is that there has never been any DNA on that knife belonging to Meredith Kercher. Even the last judge, who has re-convicted Raffaele and Amanda consents to this fact. Of course, the actual facts of this case are never going to convince the mob, who will deny the fact that a group of truly independent DNA experts concluded that there was no DNA that could convict Amanda or Raffaele. There’s always going to be tiny amounts of SECONDARY DNA transferred in minute amounts from one person to another – hence the existence of more than two other completely unknown male DNA profiles being found on the bra clasp. For those who want to lynch Amanda Knox, reason, logic and facts do not matter. The saddest thing is the way that the Amanda Knox haters and doubters insult the memory of Meredith Kercher. Instead of using her death as a reminder that we need to do something about the chronic level of violence committed by men against women and children, these people would prefer to use Meredith Kercher as a way to justify their own hatred and lynch-mob mentality. There are very few cases of women who commit violent crime at all, and when they do do, they are either suffering post-natal psychosis, or are involved in a crime of passion against a current or past lover. The statistics of violent crime by one woman against another are virtually non-existent, but people would rather USE Meredith Kercher for a gross fantasy that involves the lives of two other young people, who, in order to have been involved in such a murder, would have to come from depraved home lives with a kind of twisted morality that would have mean previous recorded crime. It is impossible for two kids such as Amanda and Raffale were at that time, to have committed this crime.

  18. Psychology is a notoriously inexact, mistrusted subject, and this horrific piece of writing shows why. Not only does it get established facts about a well documented criminal court process completely wrong, but it offers emotional garbage in place of rational argument. Rudy Guede is younger than Sollecito, and the same age as Knox. He had no criminal record before being implicated in this savage murder, and continues to deny involvement in Meredith Kercher’s death. The writer of this article should consider joining the rightly convicted criminal Amanda Knox on her never-ending ‘creative writing’ course – he’d fit in very well.

    • Rudy Guede had been caught red-handed in the act of burglary before the murder. Yet the police released him. Had they done their job correctly, Kercher would still be alive, which could explain why they want to minimize his role and bring others into the picture.

    • Sorry, but the most recent judge referred to Rudy Guede as a “professional burglar.” He most definitely had a criminal record. He killed Meredith. He left behind 5 separate bits of his DNA in her room. He left his footprints in her blood on her floor. He left his handprint in her blood on her wall.

      Knox and Sollecito weren’t there, which is why there is no forensic evidence against them.

      • Wrong. Guede did not have a criminal record. In fact it is Amanda who has a citation from throwing rocks at passing cars at her house party in Seattle. This obviously came in useful during the staged-burglary in Filomena’s room where Knox deposited her DNA in Meredith’s blood.
        Guede, Knox and Sollecito all left evidence of guilt in the cottage that night.

      • “which is why there is no forenzic evidence against them” THAT YOU OR THEY WILL ADMIT TO…would make that statement correct. Guede admitted to his mistakes and didn’t contest the evidence – AK did…but that is the only difference between them.

  19. Insightful article. Amanda may be less ‘quirky’ than you think. After she and Raffaele were arrested the prosecution immediately started a character assassination process and the media were happy to oblige. It is true that she tried to remain composed in public but there are also reports of her sobbing at the loss of her friend. These were spun as signs of guilt.

    Beware the sufferers of confirmation bias. They will be all over this comment section repeating disproved lies about ‘mixed blood’ and the knife from Raffaele’s apartment that the prosecution pretends was the murder weapon. The DNA contamination in this case is worthy of a book in its own right. Look out for UK DNA pioneer Professor Peter Gill. He has interesting comments on this.

  20. I cannot for the life of me understand what anybody finds strange in Amanda Knox’s behaviour after the murder of her friend,the real strange behaviour in this case belongs to the the Kerchers family and the authorities,not testing a semen stain in a sex murder,the Kercher family showing no interest in who rang the Milan police to release Rudy after being caught committing a burglary,some senior member of Perugia law enforcement a phone call that cost Meredith her life.A convicted abuser of power Mignini allowed to prosecute the case,The police let away with lying about having taped Amanda and Raffaele’s interrogations,the state forensic scientist Stefanoni lying under oath and hiding exculpatory DNA evidence,and from the beginning trying to protect the murderer Rudy Guede and pin the crime on two innocent bystanders Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito

  21. Mr Speyer should note that: Rudy Guede has not ‘confessed’ to murder; there is ample forensic evidence linking all 3 defendants with murder; there is no evidence of ‘false confession’ beyond a convicted criminal repeatedly changing her story; Guede did not plea bargain; Nine Burleigh does not speak Italian; Giuliano Mignini no longer has anything to do with this case and is by no means ‘obsessed with satanic rituals’ (etc); there is no ‘internet lynch mob’ – decent people just want justice for Meredith Kercher. Mr Speyer is entitled to his imaginative opinions, but he should respect the facts.

  22. I’ve also been wondering what motivates the haters of Amanda and Raffaele. The hate campaign has been well-organized and active since 2008. Supporters of Knox have attempted to document and debunk most of the pro-guilt lies here: I can understand why people can fight for a complete stranger’s innocence, but not the other way round.

    As a mental health professional, I’m sure you know better, but as a layman, I would suggest that Amanda’s perceived coldness stemmed from a profound innocence. Not merely innocence of a crime but, rather, a not-yet-challenged belief that “God’s in his heaven, // All’s right with the world.” As a somewhat sheltered child myself, I think it takes longer for sheltered and naturally optimistic (“bubbly”) young people to realize how perverted other people’s motives can be.

    It actually not true that Amanda did not cry over her murdered flatmate. At least two witnesses saw her crying after the murder. Regardless of that,  the very approach, inferring guilt from a supposed lack of tear, is ridiculous. It’s like the 1860 Road House murder case. I blogged about it a year ago:

  23. Excellent piece Cedric. And, as one could have predicted, the winged monkeys of the witch hunt are out in force. But know this if you know nothing else: the “abundant evidence” these monkeys refer to is nonexistent. In reality every single piece of prosecution evidence has been throughly debunked–multiple times.

    But sensible people know this.

    Many of us who support Amanda have now met her. I can assure you that in person there is nothing odd about her. She is a small, very bright young woman from a middle class family and she has suffered horribly and needlessly.

    The people who continue to attack Amanda have something gravely wrong with them. I will leave it to psychologists like you to explain their repellent behavior.

  24. what a big joke. How come you aint mentioning the bar man she falsely accused of the crime and the many lies she made? Biased. Can she take a lie detector test voluntarily?

    • Amanda did not tell any lies. Experienced and honest investigators will tell you that you should expect inconsistencies in a story. It is normal.

      And the circumstances of her interrogation don’t pass a basic smell test. Amanda did not willing accuse the barman. She was pressured into confirming a police hunch and she retracted it as soon as she could.

  25. As the author has learned, write an article backed up with solid information and perspective and the vermin come out of the trash heaps of angry, hatefiled social media vigilante websites.

    All of the posters spewing negative responses can be traced back repeatedly to an orchestrated lynch mob attack. They roll around gleefully in the muck of their hate and vile thoughts.

    All because they cannot be held accountable for their actions and hateful words. None of them have the courgage to stand up and be known for their words. But then most hatefilled angry people are cowards that hide behind masks.

    • @GreatBen – don’t be so hateful. Show some faith in humanity, and don’t be a cynical liar like the convicted criminal Amanda Knox.

  26. Cedric, you have certainly attracted the lynch mob to your article.

  27. Did the guy who wrote this article read the court documents? Is he not aware of the evidence against Amanda Knox or just trying to distract casual readers with stories of “satanic rituals”? What do you make of the contradictions in Amanda’s book and interviews? You seem to me as someone who desperately wants to jump on the Knox bandwagon to get some career attention. Quite frankly such people hurt her more than they help her.

    Readers aren’t dumb to believe that Italian courts simply convicted Amanda of murder because she was kissing her boyfriend after her roommate’s body was discovered. Why don’t you discuss all the evidence against her including the knife found in her boyfriend’s apartment with the victim Meredith Kercher’s DNA on the blade and Amanda’s on the handle.

    You should also advise her to pay the slander charges against her. Or did you not know she falsely accused an innocent black man, her boss of killing her roommate? Oh wait, I can hear your excuse for that too.. the Italians made her do it.

    • Maybe he doesn’t mention the knife found in Sollecito’s cooking knives collection because it didn’t have anything to do with the crime?

      Read the court documents. They clearly say that there was no trace of Meredith Kercher on that knife. None.

  28. Knox is guilty of sin. The evidence against here is overwhelming and comprises far more than evidence that has convicted murderers in the United States. This is an example of a PR campaign waged by the Knox family and other misguided types, based on some absurd notions that b/c Knox is “young” (which she isn’t anymore) and she is female that she couldn’t have done this. But she did. The ineffectual diatribe against the Italian justice system and Italy in general, is yet another example of American arrogance, which often manifests in xenophobia. Knox did this. The DNA evidence is compelling against her, despite her hired guns that attempt to discredit it. Her attempt to frame another person further evidences her guilt. Innocent people don’t do these things. The list goes on and on of why she is guilty.

    • There’s no DNA evidence against either Knox or Sollecito. None.

    • Could not have put this better (and didn’t). What troubles me is the ethnocentrism (and racism) of Knox supporters. Legal systems vary from country to country, each having certain endemic problems. Anyone heard of Damien Echols and the West Memphis Three, who spent nearly 20 wasted years in prison only freed taking a technical guilty plea, although innocence has been established… On a finding of innocence, Amanda’s crowd would be lauding the Italian judiciary. Not working to plan, their courts are run by the mafia, they ignore and grossly distort the most relevant points, etc. We have the death penalty yet they are the barbarians. I am particularly fond of the crowd that decries the DNA evidence which is not the strongest part of the case. Plenty of American killers are in prison due to solely circumstantial cases, and Knox supporters fail to decry these convictions. There are now thousands of pages of evidence seriously mitigating against Knox which is why she was convicted twice.

      • You can tell the lynch mob is getting desperate, they are playing the race card.

    • I think you meant ‘guilty as sin’ but it’s an interesting metaphor.

  29. PART 1 OF 3:

    On the day after her murder, Meredith Kercher’s blood was found in many places in her bedroom and on a bare right-foot print on the bathroom floor mat. But no footprints were found in the 10-foot-plus stretch between those two bloody locations – all hard-surface floors in the bedroom, hallway and bathroom. In addition, after she died, Meredith’s bra had been cut off, and her body had been moved and repositioned – to make it appear she’d been raped, the police speculated. Finally, her body had been covered with a comforter. No one knew why, though various theories were offered.

    This is undisputed. Although the prosecution’s “staged rape” theory was speculation, the defense, far from challenging it, took it a step further, arguing that Meredith indeed had been raped and then killed by Rudy Guede, acting alone. Guede’s DNA was found in several places in Meredith’s bedroom, including inside her body. Amanda and Raffaele could not have been there, the defense insisted, since none of their DNA was found in Meredith’s bedroom (other than Raffaele’s DNA found on Meredith’s bra clasp – more on that below).

    Granted, Meredith’s bedroom was right next to the bathroom. But it would have required at least a 10-foot leap, with a 90-degree turn near the end, to reach the bloody bath mat from the bloody areas of Meredith’s bedroom without touching down somewhere in between. And whoever made that 10-foot leap-and-turn obviously didn’t mind leaving a bloody footprint on the bath mat when he landed. It doesn’t matter here whose bloody footprint was on the bath mat. The blood in both Meredith’s bedroom and on the bath mat indisputably was Meredith’s. That’s all that matters here. What accounted for the blood-free 10-foot gap?

    A 10-foot leap-and-turn? Or perhaps the person had a blood-free left foot, on which he hopped to the bathroom so his bloody right foot wouldn’t leave any footprint along the way. When he got there, despite his careful effort to avoid leaving a bloody footprint, he stepped on the bath mat with his bloody right foot. One can imagine other possibilities, but only one stands out as plausible: More bloody footprints were made on the hard-surface floors between the two bloody
    locations, but those footprints were cleaned up.

    In other words, there was no 10-foot leap-and-turn, no
    blood-free-left-foot hopper who inexplicably changed his mind upon arrival and left a bloody right footprint. Originally there was blood in Meredith’s bedroom, a bloody footprint on the bath-mat, and bloody footprints on the hard-surface floors in between. Those bloody footprints were cleaned up. The bloody stain on the bath-mat was more stubborn and could
    only be diluted (just as Raffaele later described it).

    Whoever cleaned up the bloody footprints may also have moved and covered Meredith’s body – or at least knows who did. The question is obvious: Who did these things, and why would that person take such a risk?

    If you came home to find a bloody murder had been committed there, would you say: “I don’t think I’ll call the police just yet. First I’ll clean up this bloody mess, reposition the victim’s body and make some other changes so it appears she was raped, and then cover her up. Sure, the police may find out about the murder from someone else, in which case they might show up and be suspicious because I’m destroying and altering evidence of a murder that I’ll claim to know nothing about. But that’s a risk I’m willing to take. I just can’t stand to leave such a mess, or to leave a dead body lying in that particular position – uncovered, no less.”

    Utterly implausible? I think so. Yet it’s all but certain
    that such a clean-up and body-repositioning occurred. So, again, the questions are: Who did these things, and why would that person take such a risk?

    Then there’s the “burglary” in Filomena’s bedroom. Both courts that convicted Amanda concluded she had staged it, and Rudy Guede was not even charged. Amanda nevertheless insisted a burglary actually happened and that Guede was the burglar. That is how Guede had gotten into the house, Amanda claimed, though sometimes she speculated instead that Meredith had invited him in (an alternate explanation that naturally makes one wonder who the “burglar” was).

    In any event, the “burglar” was not convincing. He allegedly threw a 10-pound rock through a window 13 feet above the ground (which Meredith apparently didn’t hear), scaled a 13-foot wall in plain view from the street, climbed through the broken window without disturbing any of the broken glass spread across the windowsill, threw clothes out of Filomena’s closet onto her bed but then decided not to take anything
    (including jewelry, a digital camera, and a laptop in plain sight), went to Meredith’s room and raped and killed her, and then ran out the front door, tracking Meredith’s blood along the way. Broken window glass was found on top of items thrown onto Filomena’s bed – on top – suggesting her window had been broken after her room was ransacked, not before. The “burglar” left no DNA, fingerprint, footprint, mud, grass stain, or any other trace in Filomena’s bedroom, on the windowsill, on the outside wall, or on the ground below. No one’s DNA was found in Filomena’s bedroom – not even Filomena’s – except for Amanda’s DNA, mixed with Meredith’s blood.

    Once again: Who carried out this real or staged burglary, and why?

    END OF PART 1 OF 3

    PART 2 OF 3:

    There is evidence of a great deal more than just a clean-up and body-repositioning. Just a few examples:

    1. Despite the clean-up, Amanda’s DNA, mixed with Meredith’s blood, was found in five different spots in three different locations (bathroom, hallway, Filomena’s bedroom). Some was visible to the [email protected] eye; some was revealed by Luminol.

    2. Raffaele’s DNA was found on Meredith’s bra clasp. Although this is undisputed, defense lawyers blamed it on “contamination” (the bra clasp had lain on the floor of Meredith’s sealed-off bedroom until six weeks after the murder). But even if the evidence-collectors had sneezed on the bra clasp, and 47 different men had touched it that night, and it had been trampled by 1,000 wild horses and chewed by 98 rabid dogs in the six weeks before it was collected, no amount of contamination could have caused Raffaele’s DNA to materialize on Meredith’s bra clasp. Most Knox supporters nevertheless rely on this “contamination” argument to insist that no DNA of Amanda or Raffaele was found in Meredith’s bedroom.

    3. The prosecution also argued (and the courts that convicted Amanda and Raffaele agreed) that the bloody bath-mat footprint was “consistent” with Raffaele’s footprint (though it may not have been his), and could not have been Guede’s or Amanda’s. The defense disagreed: it was Guede’s, they said. It seems that Guede’s right shoe (but not his left shoe) had come off during his scuffle with Meredith. Guede postponed his escape to wash off his right foot, which was covered with blood even though it managed to leave no footprint until Guede reached the bath mat.

    For one reason or another, Guede chose not to wash off his bloody left shoe, which seems to have had a mind of its own. It left no shoeprints in the bathroom while Guede was washing his right foot, choosing instead to leave an unbroken string of bloody shoeprints in a direct line from Meredith’s bedroom to the front door. Guede’s bloody left shoe did pause once, however – just after leaving Meredith’s room, so that Guede could lock Meredith’s door from the outside. He must have done this by reaching behind his back with Meredith’s stolen room key, since Guede’s bloody shoeprints all point toward the front door, indicating he never turned around to face Meredith’s door after he’d left her room. The prosecution argued, more plausibly, that it wasn’t Guede who locked Meredith’s door – after all, he was careless enough to leave the front door wide open. Instead, Amanda or Raffaele had locked Meredith’s door after the murder, enabling them later to explain why they hadn’t discovered Meredith’s body sooner.

    4. Amanda’s fingerprint-free bedside lamp was found on the floor at the foot of Meredith’s bed. Knox supporters say Meredith must have borrowed it without asking (Amanda said that Meredith had never asked to borrow it). Skeptics suggest the lamp was brought in to help illuminate spots to be cleaned, and was inadvertently left there when the clean-up was finished. All we know for sure is that Meredith’s room ended up with extra lighting that November evening, while Amanda’s bedroom was left with no light at all (Amanda’s room had no ceiling light – only her bedside lamp).

    5. Amanda’s “morning after” story raises eyebrows. She testified that she came home that morning (November 2) to find her front door wide open and blood in the bathroom that hadn’t been there before. She called out to her roommates, but no one answered. She thereupon closed the front door but knowingly left it unlocked, and took a shower. When she finished, she realized she’d left her towel in her bedroom. She used the bath mat – on which she’d just noticed a bloody footprint – to “hop,” dripping wet and naked, back to her room to get her towel. Rather than dry off in her room, she “hopped” back to the bathroom, still wet and [email protected], on the same blood-stained bath mat, and dried off there. After returning to her bedroom, now dry but still naked, Amanda dressed, and then blow-dried her hair in the other bathroom. There she noticed an unflushed toilet (which she left unflushed) containing what turned out to be Rudy Guede’s f3ces. Though Amanda said all of this puzzled and worried her, she didn’t notice that Meredith’s door was locked, and she walked right past Filomena’s bedroom – at least four times – without looking in and discovering the “burglary.” Filomena’s door was closed, Amanda said, and she didn’t try to open it. Yet Raffaele said that when he and Amanda returned to the cottage about an hour and a half later, after breakfast, Filomena’s door was “wide open” when they walked in, and he immediately noticed the “burglary.” Neither Raffaele nor Amanda claimed to have wondered who had opened Filomena’s door in the meantime.

    Even worse, recently Amanda made yet another change to her story:

    Court testimony – June 12 2009
    Amanda: “I used the mat to kind of hop over to my room and into my room, I took my towel, and I used the mat to get back to the bathroom.”

    Amanda Knox Blog:

    Amanda says:
    FEBRUARY 28, 2014 AT 15:15
    2) “I took a shower and used the bathmat to shuffle a bit into the hall, only to abandon that procedure part-way through because it wasn’t accomplishing much.”

    END OF PART 2 OF 3

    PART 3 OF 3:

    6. Amanda’s other stories were no less suspicious. The day after the murder, she told the police she’d spent the entire evening and night at Raffaele’s apartment and had no idea who had killed Meredith. A few days later (under severe pressure, she insists), she told the police she’d been home after all, had invited Patrick Lumumba in, and that Lumumba had killed Meredith. The next day, in an entirely voluntary statement she wrote with no one else present, Amanda said she was pretty sure she’d been at Raffaele’s after all but nonetheless stood by her recollection that Lumumba had killed Meredith. A few days later, Amanda still remembered having been at Raffaele’s apartment, but now she was certain that Lumumba had nothing to do with the murder. (How Amanda could know anything about Lumumba’s guilt or innocence was unclear, of course, once she’d returned to her claim that she’d been at Raffaele’s apartment the whole time.) Unfortunately for
    Lumumba, Amanda only told her mother this. Both Amanda and her mother neglected to mention it to the authorities, even though Amanda said they knew there was no evidence against Lumumba except Amanda’s accusation. Lumumba languished in jail for over two weeks until he came up with an airtight alibi. After Lumumba was released, Amanda said she felt terrible that the police had wrongly arrested him.


    The clean-up and body-move were proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and the judges and juries that convicted Amanda also determined that she had staged the “burglary.” Though it’s possible Amanda was not the person who did those things (and also possible she was not the person who locked Meredith’s door after the murderer left Meredith’s room), inferences reasonably drawn from the clean-up and cover-up evidence, together with the ample evidence summarized above (and other physical evidence and testimony not mentioned here), solidly support the murder conviction. The burden shifted to Amanda long ago to answer the tough questions posed in this imaginary monologue:

    Amanda, it’s clear that someone cleaned up after Meredith was murdered. Someone also cut off her bra and repositioned her body – to make it appear, we think, that she’d been raped. We think that person also staged a burglary so it would appear the murderer hadn’t been let in by someone who lived there. Even if a burglary actually happened, as you insist, who in his right mind would risk drawing suspicion on himself by cleaning up after the murder, or by moving and covering Meredith’s body? And if he did bother to clean up, why would he ignore his own bloody footprints? Why would he pause to lock Meredith’s door with a key, and yet leave the front door wide open? It’s difficult to believe you weren’t involved in the clean-up and body-moving, or why you might have done those things for an innocent reason. The killer would have no reason to have done them. Obviously Meredith didn’t. No one suggests your two out-of-town roommates came back and did all this, or that a stranger wandered in off the street and did it. Who does that leave?

    You, with or without Raffaele’s help. We found your DNA, mixed with Meredith’s DNA, in five different places around the cottage – including even Filomena’s bedroom, where you insist a burglary occurred. We didn’t even find Filomena’s own DNA in her bedroom, much less any trace of a burglar or anyone else – just your DNA, mixed with Meredith’s. You’ve also told several different stories about where you were that night. Sometimes you were home, sometimes you weren’t; sometimes you’re not sure. Sometimes you invited Patrick Lumumba into your cottage and he killed Meredith, sometimes you didn’t and Patrick had nothing to do with the murder; sometimes you’re not sure. Sometimes you insist Guede broke Filomena’s window and climbed in; sometimes you say Meredith must have let him in; sometimes you’re not sure. And so on. Maybe you had nothing to do with this gruesome murder, Amanda, but, frankly, we doubt seriously that you’ve told us all you know about what happened that night. Maybe it’s time you did. Better late than never.

    END OF PART 3 OF 3

    • Your comment is a copy and paste from Eric at CNN. More of the same nonsense, MS Knox was railroaded. Thanks.

      • She won’t be railroaded for long. Upon extradition, Knox will flown back to Italy, presumably after being searched for knives.

    • I have read this pile of nonsense before, on the CNN comments section. It is all just misinformation and conjecture. None of it overcomes the fact that there is no evidence of any kind that Amanda Knox was ever in the room where the murder occurred.

    • Excellent summary which deals with the actual facts of the case. There is overwhelming evidence against Knox & Sollecito, both DNA and circumstantial.

    • You have posted this three times on three different sites using three different names!
      Are you: Antonio Curatola, Joe Zoo, or Tokyoguyjean?
      what is your aggenda, Truth, Fiction, or Gulter?

    • This is a disgusting cut and paste rant from someone who posts variously as Harry Rag, The Machine, Eric, and, as here, Curatola. It is said that this person is a member of the victim’s family and so over come with bitterness and hate that he cannot see the world clearly.

      Know this if you know nothing else. What he has written here is full of damnable, provable lies. And he insults the concept of justice and the victim’s memory every time he does this.

  30. There are, literally, hundreds of evidence points against Knox and Sollecito. And many of those were created by the lovebirds themselves as they contradicted statements, pathetically lied, and, basically, convicted themselves both on the night Meredith died and subsequently thereafter.

    (1) AK admitted to being at the crime scene, and then denied it later.

    (2) AK falsely accused someone of murder who was completely innocent (her boss, Patrick Lumumba).

    (3) Both AK and RS turned off their cellphones during the relative period of time in which the crime occurred. Phone records show that for both AK and RS, this behavior was highly unusual.

    (4) There WAS DNA from RS found under the bra strap and on the knife.

    (5) There was a pool of blood with a bare footprint in Ms. Kercher’s room that did matched the footprint of AK when taken in prison. In addition, bloody footprints for AK and RS were found outside of Ms. Kercher’s door – though curiously not in it. A bloody footprint matching the foot of RS was found on the bathmat.

    (6) A small portion of Ms. Knox’ blood and Ms. Kercher’s blood was found to have been co-mingled in five cases, and even the defense was forced to agree with this finding of the prosecution. Knox’s DNA was in visible dilute blood traces in the bathroom and elsewhere in footprints revealed with Luminol. Two Luminol traces were discovered in the room where the burglary was staged; one of these is a mixed trace. These are referred to as L1 and L2. Both traces are presumed to be blood and both contained the victim’s DNA. There is no plausible explanation for this evidence that does not involve Knox being at least involved in the clean up after the murder.

    (7) The contrasting lack of fingerprints in Ms. Kercher’s room, when compared with other evidence in the apartment, suggests the room was wiped down. Both of them had spent substantial time there the morning Ms. Kercher’s body was found by police, but there was a suspicious lack of fingerprints in the house where they had spent several hours.

    (8) The alleged”break-in” was staged; in each of the trials, the defense could provide no solid evidence to the contrary. Staged break-in’s are typically conducted by individuals who know the victim

    (9) The forensics made it clear that Rudy Guede could not have acted alone and had at least 2 other people holding Ms. Kercher’s arms out the way. She was stabbed and bruised over 50 times, less than 3 defensive wounds. normally half of the wounds or more in any knife attack are defensive as the victim is trying to block the knife or pull away or move around. Victims do not allow a perpetrator to stab them 20 times without raising their hands unless they are being restrained. In addition, the 3 defensive wounds are consistent with an individual who’s hand slipped away from someone who was suppose to be holding it.

    (10) AK claimed to have been beaten by police, when there is no evidence this ever occurred.

    (11) AK was seen near the murder scene when the alibi she provided stated she was across town in a different part of Perugia.

    (12) The police collected two bottles of bleach from RF’s house that according to the maid should not have been there.

    (13) Rudy Guede testified in court that both AK and RS were also involved. While it may be partly true that he was testifying in order to receive favorable treatment at the hands of the court, it’s equally likely to be standard operational procedure to cut a deal with one witness in exchange for testimony against other culprits.

    (14) The alibi claims of RS and AK – two people supposedly together during the same time frame – did not match.

    (15) AK skipped the vigil held for Ms. Kercher prior to the arrest of AK. As someone considered a friend and roommate of Ms. Kercher, this appears highly suspicious.

    (16) AK knew details of the crime that only a perpetrator could have known prior to the information being made public. For example, she knew that Ms. Kercher was killed in a closet, then moved to the center of the room. She also knew that she was killed with a knife and that her throat was cut.

    (17) Ms. Kercher’s DNA was found on the knife of RS at his house. RS claimed that Ms. Kercher had come to their house for dinner and had accidentally pricked her with a knife. However, this was a fabrication: Ms. Kercher had never been to his house, and RS had never actually cooked her dinner.

    (18) Just prior to the discovery of Ms. Kercher’s body in her room, her door was determined to be locked, which was highly unusual (she kept her door unlocked). AK tried to dissuade the police from entering her room.

    • 1) True; but false confessions are common, Knox rapidly retracted, and demonstrably got many facts wrong demonstrating she was not present.
      2)True; but false accusations of others are part of false confessions.
      Neither 1 nor 2 are evidence of guilt.
      3) This may be true (though Knox’s phone may just have lost signal). But this is evidence against guilt, as by leaving phones on but at home they could have provided an alibi.
      4) Untrue no DNA of Sollecito was found on the knife. DNA of Sollecito mixed with DNA of other unknown males was found on the hook of the bra strap. This was left lying around for 6 weeks, mishandled, and stored improperly so it could not be retested. Prof. Gill a world expert on forensic DNA thinks this is likely contamination due to mishandling when collected.
      5) Untrue no identifiable foot prints of Knox were found anywhere, in blood or otherwise. There is an unidentifiable footprint on the bathmat, there is not sufficient detail to identify whether it is Guede or Sollecito or someone unknown.
      6) Untrue there are no samples of mixed blood. The ill-defined Luminol positive marks were discovered when the crime scene was revisited 6 weeks later. The samples were negative when tested for blood with TMB. Luminol can respond to many substances. Most of the Luminol positive smudges were negative for DNA. Traces of Meredith’s DNA or blood may have been spread by the police after the initial crime scene investigation, they have been documented as moving around the apartment without changing overshoes. There was no evidence of cleaning. No smeared blood, no contaminated cleaning implements.
      7) Untrue as the police fingerprint expert said, the simply did not bother documenting the presence of the fingerprints of the residents inlaces where they were of no significance. (Also note no fingerprints of other flatmates reported.
      8) Untrue The dispersal pattern of the glass in the room and impact mark of the stone on the internal shutter and lack of glass outside the building were all characteristic of the stone being thrown from the outside, a stone thrown from the inside as staging would have a different glass dispersal and result in glass and possibly the stone ending up outside. If Knox or Sollecito were involved in staging glass fragments would be expected to have lodged in their shoes and clothes.
      9) Untrue The forensic examination was clear that there was no way to determine if one or more people were involved.
      10) True Such an allegation should have been formally investigated. The lack of investigation explains lack of evidence.
      11) True But this witness if correct places Knox and Sollecito elsewhere at the time of the murder so provides an alibi.
      12) untrue. and so what
      13) Untrue Guede did not testify in court at Knox’s trial.
      14) untrue
      15) True but she was asked to be available by the police for questioning. The other flatmates did not attend.
      16) Untrue most details Knox initially reported were incorrect.
      17) Whilst not wanting to get into technical discussion on the DNA testing, the presence of Knox’s DNA on a knife she admits to using for cutting bread is no evidence of her using it to kill anyone. It is impossible for her DNA sample to be related to the murder even if this knife was used in the murder as any cleaning would remove traces of user as well as victim, no trace of blood was found on the knife and blood is more resistant to cleaning than DNA.
      18) Untrue. Sollecito says this was a translation error by him, the words locked and closed being similar in Italian, as the policeman spoke no English and Sollecito whose English was poor was translating to and from Knox whose Italian was poor.

  31. The question is how do parents teach their honest, intelligent, young adults to trust the advice of their parents over the advice of corrupt, dishonest, authority figures. The article hit the nail on the head.

  32. Well said! As a psychologist who was living near Perugia during the whole time of first trial…the whole story was cultural hysteria from the beginning. A naive American student played right into the devil paranoia that is still very real in medieval Italy. The police/prosecutor have a history of over reaction. We know of other cases during the same time. Innocent people being crushed by state over reaction! Time to set Amanda free…We were there, close to the whole story. She has nothing to do with the murder!!!!!

    • There is no way you are a psychologist living in Italy. Show us a link to even an ‘internet published article’ which you wrote on the subject from a psychological perspective. It would be impossible that you have not written one. I am guessing that prior to this case, you thought Perugia was a Polish sausage.

  33. You should be sued for printing such lies about this terrible case. I suggest you must have cheated your exams to be a qualified psychologist. AK murdered Meredith because she was stinking jealous of her superior looks, intelligence, personalty and popularity. She deserves to spend her miserable life in prison. She displays all the symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. She’s a liar and a murderer. No matter how many people like you are paid by her PR campaigners to write false articles, ignoring the damning evidence, nothing will change that fact. You should be ashamed of yourself – absolutely ashamed. Meredith was stabbed over forty times. Think of that the next time you try to defend Knox and I suggest you read the Italian reports of the evidence before spouting off and making a fool of yourself. What’s your next article going to be? “The ritual sacrifice of Charles Manson” I suppose.

    • Give Charlie a break. At least he doesn’t go on CNN proclaiming total innocence.

  34. All you need to know about this case is that there is no evidence of any kind that Amanda Knox was ever in the room where the murder occurred.
    Rudy Guede’s DNA, footprints, fingerprints, hair follicles, etc. were all over the room (even inside the victim). How could Ms. Knox have participated in a hand-to-hand struggle to the death with a knife in a little room without leaving any trace behind? It just isn’t possible.
    This case is all based on sloppy police work and conjecture.

  35. Regarding the internet “lynch mob”, someone who is new to the case needs to be informed that there is an organized propaganda campaign designed to smear the reputation of Amanda Knox by assassinating her character, and exaggerating or outright fabricating evidence against her and spreading these lies far and wide across the internet. This is why there is so much misinformation present on the internet. One of their tactics is to point out the “PR firm” hired by Amanda Knox’s family, when the only purpose of the PR firm was to handle the overwhelming number of media inquiries. The “lynch mob” uses this to deflect from the truth — that there is actually an anti-Amanda propaganda campaign that has its roots in false information leaked to the media by the prosecution, and is propagated by various internet hate sites (who further exaggerate the evidence) and someone with connections and influence in the (British?) media. The psychology of these individuals is indeed very fascinating.

    Some of the commenters on this article belong to this lynch mob. For example, the individuals mentioning the “double DNA knife”. What they fail to mention about the “double DNA knife” is that every expert (many of them world-renowned) in forensic science that is not involved with the prosecution has flatly stated the evidence is completely unreliable (due to the way the evidence was collected, processed, and analyzed) and thus nonexistent. For example, there was NO BLOOD found on the double DNA knife. The reason the lynch mob never mentions this fact? That’s right, it’s because they are part of the propaganda campaign — they withhold all the relevant information needed to come to an unbiased conclusion. This is because when you provide people with all of the facts, it becomes clear Amanda and Raffaele are innocent, and there was no pagan sex ritual murder. Rudy acted alone.

    • HA dream on. She’s done there are no more appeals. believe what you want but one way or the other her stinking goose is cooked.

    • Are you serious? “smear the reputation” of Knox? A convicted murderer? A heartless soul who falsely accused her boss of murder and left him to rot in jail for 2 whole weeks. What reputation are you really talking about here? And while you think about that, your post is filled with lies. The knife in Sollecito’s apartment had Meredith Kercher’s DNA on the blade. You know there is no way you can defend Knox without resorting to lies and distortions of the facts. It is simply impossible, because she is clearly guilty!

      • CaseFiles,
        Yes, “smear the reputation” of Knox. As the article points out, this was (and still is) a witch hunt. She was wrongfully convicted.

        Furthermore, you clearly have an extremely superficial understanding of the evidence and what actually went on. She did not falsely accuse her boss. She was coerced by the police using abusive tactics into signing a statement that he was “there”. She retracted that statement almost immediately. Read up on interrogation techniques and false confessions (this wasn’t even a confession, really). Once you have a basic understanding of how this happens, it becomes crystal clear that Amanda never really confessed.

        More proof that you have an extremely superficial understanding of the evidence: you bring up the “double DNA knife” again without even addressing my point of the lack of blood on the knife, and the fact that every expert not involved with the prosecution has said it is unreliable and worthless due to how it was collected and analyzed. The reason you ignored that point is because you are part of the psychotic propaganda campaign whose sole purpose is this “ritual sacrifice” of Amanda Knox that the article above is about. It’s really demented, actually. Can’t you find a new hobby?

  36. Didn’t take long for the guilter trolls to spam this comment page. The constant reference to Knox’s so called “PR campaign” is exactly the sort of self projection this article is alluding. You criticize Amanda Knox and her parents for mounting a defense against the charges she is accused, and yet you cannot see that the only reason she needs to be defended in public is due to the collective actions of people like you, individuals and media firms bent on destroying her with their own version of who she is.

  37. I would also like to chime in that clearly the author has not looked at the evidence. But here, more in your line of work, tell me what’s wrong with this situation: Amanda Knox says that she and Raffaele were deeply concerned upon “discovering” the ransacked house coupled with the fact that Meredith’s door was locked. In media interviews (look ’em up!), Amanda states that they were so distraught that they even tried to peer in Meredith’s window and break the door down. So upon the (1st set of) police arriving, one would assume that the first thing out of her and Raff’s mouths would be, “OMG, Meredith’s door is locked! We have tried to get it open but can’t. Can you help us?!”. Did they do that? No!! In fact, when the police asked about the locked door, Amanda said it wasn’t a big deal that the door was locked since Meredith does that often/periodically. Filomena and the other roommates disagree that this was not typical of Meredith and of course it was cause for concern. Summary: Amanda has said many times that she was concerned about the locked door but when police arrived she did not act at all concerned. Analyze that behaviour and let me know what you come up with.

    • You have a very strong point, and if you add that to the numerous lies by Amanda I don’t see how anyone could defend her. I think her email to her Seattle friends had many clues to the murder. The claims she made in that email were far from reality and you have to wonder why the need to lie? Nothing makes sense in her defense, there’s no way an innocent person would react the way she did. Innocent people just don’t lie, and they sure don’t falsely accuse completely innocent people of murder. The circumstantial evidence alone is huge even if you don’t look at the forensic evidence linking her to the cottage that horrible night. I can’t imagine how anyone who followed the case independently without bias could possibly discard the incriminating evidence against Knox.

      • Exactly. And innocent people don’t have any problems with alibi’s either. Sollecito has had more than three. By his third alibi he claimed Amanda wasn’t with him between the hours of 9pm and 1am. So what does Amanda do at this point? She accuses an innocent man of the murder, AND places herself at the scene of the crime.
        Sollecito stuck with his claim they weren’t together all night for FOUR years, and it was only towards the end of the Hellmann appeal when he went back to his original claim they were together the whole night. I repeat, innocent people DON’T have changing and contradictory alibi’s.

  38. It is tragically amusing to see how the “colpevisti” are oblivious to the fact that every comment they post here only strengthens the argument that Mr. Speyer has made.

    • Well said!

      • Sure, well said. I am going to by an Italian dictionary myself.

  39. and this is what happens when you let just anybody post
    random, semi-anonymized comments on an article.

    It encourages a) exactly the same kind of people you’re
    talking about, as well as b) those who perhaps embrace
    their dark side a bit too much – those who will stop at
    nothing to knowingly harm and/or slander others,
    either through willful ignorance, or simply because
    they truly delight in harming others.

    Most of these devious deviants would not be ranting quite
    this much if their anonymity was taken away from them.

    Most of them only indulge their darker side while they
    can get away with it, fear/cowardice being another aspect
    of the animalistic dark side that they so love to express.

  40. This was a sound, simply written article for lay people on the psyscology of scapegoating. Any readers not understanding it are of the type that continue to believe the lies on sites on the internet vilyfying two innocent people. To Sarah Hughes, Rudy did not confess to murder, but to being there and having sexual contact with Meredith. He DID plea batgin for a lesser sentence. There is absolutely NO forensic evidence tying the two to the room where the murder happened. There IS tons of evidence that Amanda’s confession was coerced. Migini WAS obsessed with sex fueled satanic rituals and if you do not know that there is an internet obsession, lynch mob witch hunt on these two innocent folks you are delusional. There HAS been justice for Meredith, the one and only murderer is in prison although it is wrong that he is getting out. You need to read ALLl of the facts and evidence in this case and stop telling lies

    • yay-Lauren. I have bought all the books and read all the details. Not guilty– hope they can move on soon. anyone who believes otherwise is just silly, looking for monsters who are not there–

  41. It is worth comparing the evidence against Guede and that against Knox, Guede admits to being present when Meredith was murdered (though he claims another did it), Knox has an alibi for when Guede says the murder happened. Guede’s bloody hand print identified him as having been present. Multiple bloody shoe prints compatible with Guede but not Sollecito or Knox are present. Guede’s DNA is present on the clothes, the purse and within the vagina of Meredith. He fled to Germany after the event, and when arrested by German police they noted injuries on his hand typical of someone involved in a knife crime. He disposed of the clothes he wore that night. No trace of Knox was found in Meredith’s room. No trace of Meredith was found on Knox’s clothes. It is true that traces of Knox’s DNA were found elsewhere in the flat, but that would be normal in a place you lived. The only link is the fact that Knox’s DNA was found on a knife handle, from a knife that was removed from Sollecito’s flat. A knife that she admits using, so the presence of her DNA on the knife has no evidential value. There is no physical evidence linking Knox with the murder of Meredith. There is no evidence of any kind of relationship between Guede and Knox. There is ample evidence of Guede’s guilt.

    • Meredith’s DNA was also on the knife. Mixed blood belonging to Amanda and Meredith’s were found on the faucet in the bathroom. FRESH MIXED BLOOD. In her email Amanda’s own words they kept a very clean bathroom. Maybe Meredith bled, maybe I bled. But leaves the house without cleaning the blood? She never noticed the blood on the sink faucet or she would have cleaned that up also. I can only imagine the light shining on the faucet could have caused her to miss that spot. EXTRADITE HER NOW!!!!

      • Rosa, this is a psychology site and I do not wish to discuss the details of why the statement that Meredith’s DNA was on the knife is scientifically untrue. If you want to understand the truth I suggest going to JREF Knox forum; this is a site dealing with pseudoscience and the experts there will be happy to discuss. My point was different, if this was the murder weapon, it was so thoroughly cleaned that the Knox DNA on the handle could not have been deposited at the time of the crime, but must have been deposited after cleaning, therefore no conclusions can be drawn from the presence of Knox’s DNA. There was NO mixed blood. It is not possible to time deposition of DNA. There was a drop of Knox blood in her bathroom. There was no time stamp on this.Having a drop of your blood in your own bathroom is normal.

        As for the clean bathroom, I thought that arguments about Knox not doing the cleaning was now supposed to be the cause of the murder by the prosecution? Knox is short sighted (she wears glasses), so if she takes these off to wash she may miss small spots. People are surprisingly unobservant, and memory is very malleable.

        Legally until conviction signed off by the Italian supreme court Knox remains innocent, therefore Italy has not yet requested extradition.

  42. Meredith has told us what happened to her. Guede’s DNA was everywhere. Clearly this isn’t about her. It isn’t about justice for her. Its about covering up a massive amount of mistakes that Italy refuses to take accountability for. This is a smack in the face to Meredith, her family, Amanda, Raffaele & their families not to mention justice in general. Wake up, Italy. You’ll have a cold-blooded murderer walking the streets again. That should be terrifying to everyone.

  43. There is a fundamental point to be made. It is not evidence that is befuddling this case – it is Rudy Guede’s fast track trail and what was agreed upon during that process and how he is guaranteed a pass without questioning by the defence and how that affects everything that came after and how it is still the centre point of the narrative. This is the fundament flaw in the whole process. The power of and influence given to Rudy Guede.

  44. I believe this case has gone the way of Caylee Anthony and Nichole Simpson. Meredith Kercher will never have justice served in her name, all because of botched investigation, corrupted authorities, and

    I believe Amanda Knox is guilty. I don’t believe she weilded the knife or perhaps was not even present during the murder. I believe she knew it was happening, probably took part in planning it, and is a very good little actress for the camera. I also believe her ex-boyfriend was involved. And yes, at least one person involved is in prison now, but sadly will serveh is shortened sentance and go free.

    I believe the corruption and stupidity of the authorities ruined any chance any of us have of knowing the absolute truth. I don’t believe Amanda is the scapegoat of evil, but I don’t believe she’s sweet or innocent as she claims. I think she’s a girl who thought she could get out of anything, but suddenly reality came knocking on her door. Too bad reality is sometimes in the company of people who function on a different level culturally.

    I hate to say it but people with no prior criminal history are capable of murdering their friends and relatives. It happens all the time. College girls who were perfect students in high school get into drugs and dangerous games all the time. Some of them even end up dead.

  45. I’ve followed this trial carefully. Clearly you have not because there’s a lot of evidence that Knox killed the English woman.

    Also, I’ve read all of Jung’s books, some several times. He would not be fooled by Knox, who is a malignant narcissist and murderer.

  46. READ AMANDA KNOX’S EMAIL HOME. She tells you she was there. “knocked on the neighbor’s door to see if they had heard anything the night before” So she knows that Meredith was murdered the night before. “we are good friends and speak quite often” so the boys downstairs must have forgotten to tell her they were not home and going on a week long vacation. “the police broke down the neighbors door to ask me if anything was out of the ordinary. The boys rooms were totally clean, which made sense since they had cleaned the house before going on vacation” so, now she tells you she knew they were not home, why tell your friends i knocked on the neighbor’s door to see if they had heard anything the night before???? EXTRADITE HER NOW!!!!!!!!!

    • What I also find extremely revealing about the email, is whilst she endlessly writes about the ‘events’ surrounding what happened, at no point does she mention:

      1. Anything at all about the loss of Meredith, or her feelings relating to it.

      2. Given that a horrendous and vicious murder occurred in her cottage, she expresses no concern about a murderer on the loose – no concern for her safety, or that it could have been her, and how awful it is that her ‘friend’ has been murdered.

      In fact she ends the email stating she just wants to get back to her study.

  47. This dipstick author doesn’t read the news. Knox’s alibi just got busted.What did F.Scott Fitzgerald say? Write because you have something to say, not because you have to say something. Stick to e-psychology or whatever nonsense occupies your uninformed time. Leave murder trials to factuality. There are thousands of pages of compelling evidence against Knox. Oh, I forgot, European legal systems are underdeveloped,especially in Italy where they are controlled by the mob (source reddit). The predicate of article such as this requires an extensive knowledge of the case. Then speculate on
    psychology and character.

    • ELROPO, great detective work! So, Amanda is walking (no running) away from the cottage at(~20:53) if in fact it was Amanda on the video? Meredith parts her way from the Britsh friend at (20:55) on her way home to the cottage. This would mean that they just missed each other, huh? Ask yourself one question, why did the procecution not use your (new/old) video back in 2007-2009 when it was initially discovered? wink,wink!

  48. To the person who stated as fact that Rudy had no criminal record. Well, he has just lost his appeal against conviction for possession of the goods (laptop etc) that he stole in Milan shortly before Meridith’s murder. Isn’t it strange how people who have followed this case in great detail have only just become aware of this conviction. Something else the Perugian mafia have sort to keep out of the public eye!

  49. This novel reads like a Harlequin romance /mystery. Very much influenced by author Nina Burleigh.

  50. Cedric, perhaps you can write another article looking at the Kercher family, specifically why this British middle-class family refuse to believe that Rudy Guede acted alone, and that Amanda Knox was the instigator of Meredith’s death? Are they, the Kerchers, psychos? Did they long ago decide Knox was a “witch” and that her “quirky” behaviour amounted to guilt? What parent would not be happy to know their daughter’s killer was locked up in jail? What family would not want to put this case behind them, if they felt justice had been done for their daughter? The Kercher family know more about this case, including all the DNA evidence, than anyone. Why would this family come to the shocking conclusion that another young woman was responsible for this brutal crime? Do you think they might be pursuing Knox out of some sort of vendetta – all of them, over seven years and several trials: sister,brother, mother and father? If the evidence suggests Amanda Knox is innocent, as her supporters insist, and Meredith’s murderer is in jail, why won’t this family accept that?

    • There are many possibilities:

      1) They have been put through the financial wringer by
      the Italian Justice system, just like the Knox
      family. They may be desperate to regain some of
      those losses via civil action against Knox and the
      Sollecito family(who -do- have money, unlike the
      Knoxes). If they even partially believe that Knox
      is guilty, something that their lawyers have been
      parroting to them, then it may not be entirely immoral
      of them to continue as they have done.

      2) They might not be entirely moral. They may have an
      intense dislike for the US, or Americans in general,
      either for political or other, less rational reasons.
      John Sr is known to have written articles for the
      Daily Mail(one of the trashier of the trash tabloids
      in England) before and after the murder of his
      daughter. You know the fruit by the tree it comes
      from(or do I have that reversed?)

      3) They might be extremely immoral. They may know that
      Knox and Sollecito are entirely innocent, but want to
      squeeze as much money as possible out of them, simply
      because the Italian Injustice system is going to help
      them do it.

      4) They may be victims themselves. The Italians may
      be holding legal debts(or other threats) over the
      heads of the Kerchers, forcing them to participate
      in the witch hunt more or less against their will.
      Failure to cooperate will result in those threats
      being made good.

      There are probably 50 other reasons to enumerate if I
      actually felt like sitting here for another few hours.

      It might be a combination of two or more of these.

      • None of the nonsense above, The DNA of the victim on the knife is accepted evidence as is the abundant amount on the twisted bra clasp

        The footprints which tested positive for Luminol are also evidence they were there . A secondary test for blood TMB gave a negative result for blood but TMB tests negative half the time. The foot prints matching the defendants foot size were directly outside her door.
        Amanda Knox was also in the room with the fake break in after the murder. A very telling mixed sample of the victim’s blood and her DNA was deposited at the same time in a small spot. No DNA was found from Guede or the girl who’s bedroom it was. There is no reasonable explanation for a random small mixed sample in that room.

      • Glucose your comment towards the grieving family is so offensive and wrong . This kind of backlash against the family in support of Amanda Knox has exposed a very ugly side to some supporters . I wonder what the author thinks about that, and why if it is moderated it is allowed.

      • In Elizabeths second message(which I was strangely
        unable to reply to directly), you see the flip
        side of the coin.

        Whereas those driving the hunt for witches have
        demonized Amanda Knox, using her as a symbol of all
        that is dark in our natures, and any defense of her is
        considered blasphemy(as would be any defense of the
        dark side of our natures), those same individuals treat
        the Kercher family as the Holy Family. The symbol of
        all that is good in our nature.

        Never to be examined, or god forbid criticized, as
        they are the presumed example of all that is good
        and just and right with society, and any example of
        wrongdoing on their part must be concealed or shouted
        down. Their misery is the misery of the world, so
        they must be protected and pitied, at the expense of
        anything else(including justice).

        This shows the strange, irrational duality in the
        behavior of those all-out participants in the witch hunt.

        Other people are nothing but black & white symbols to
        them, to be used and discarded(or killed) on a whim
        as mere expressions of ones own internal state.

    • The Kercher family has not behaved well. Nothing required them to rubber-stamp the prosecution case before they even heard the defense. There are only two reasons that you come a civil party: money and revenge. That is why many Italians of my acquaintance do not approve of their behavior.

      Further, the older John Kercher is a well connected freelancer. John Kercher, Jr. works at the BBC. The two have been remarkably successful in using their contacts behind the scenes.

      • You know nothing of the Kercher’s stop defending Knox et al..theyre guilty. An american by any chance???

  51. “the Kercher family showing no interest in who rang the Milan police to release Rudy after being caught committing a burglary,some senior member of Perugia law enforcement a phone call that cost Meredith her life.”
    Can any of you guilters explain why Rudy was not in Jail on the night of Nov. 1? This is important.
    Rudy was released from jail, then they let him leave Italy, then he was caught by German police and then the Italians convicted 2 other people for a crime he committed and was convicted of, and in a few years Rudy will be out on parole.
    Look, if compare Amanda’s story to Mignini’s story we can see that the American’s story is something that could happen in real life while the other story is something which Mignini must have been stoned when he wrote it. For patriotic Americans the question is what can we do to stop Italy from doing this to another American.
    The girl who was murdered was not an Italian , so they may think its no big deal, but surely the way the Italians have helped Rudy is intolerable. We Americans owe it to Italy to find out why they have protected Rudy.
    They may not want to co-operate with the investigation, but we have thousands of our soldiers in Italy, so they will have to co-operate whether they want to or not.

  52. A very well done article. The mountain of evidence that the people who run the hate campaign against Amanda and Raffaele is nothing but fools gold.

    Fact: Amanda never had any bad things to say about Meredith. The testimony is all about Meredith voicing some irritation about Amanda. Normal? Yes. all part of being roommates and learning to live with each other.

    Fact: They went to the Chocolate festival together and to a classical music concert where Amanda met Raffaele. If there was so much animosity there is no way in hell they would have hung out together.

    Ract: Amanda and Raffaele did not know Rudy. Yes, Amanda met Rudy once or twice, casually, like so many people we all meet casually and no friendship developed. She did not even know his name. There are no communications whatsoever between them even though Amanda’s and Raffaele phones were tapped 24/7.

    Fact: No forensic evidence of either Amanda and Raffaele in the murder room, no blood on their clothes or their body. And the room was disorganized and there was a lot of blood. All the DNA recovered belonged to Rudy.

    to be cont.

  53. Fact: Nothing in any testimonies says Amanda hated Meredith.They went to the chocolate festival and a classical music concert together.

    Fact: No evidence of any communication between Rudy and Amanda or Raffaele, even though their phones were tapped 24/7

    Fact: No reliable forensic evidence in the disorganized murder room with tons of blood. Collection and analysis of evidence does not even come close to the accepted standards.

    Fact: Footprints not Amanda’s or Raffaele’s. Already dis proven in the Massei court.

    Fact: No mixed blood, mixed DNA, again because 1. shoddy collection 2. Amanda lived there so her DNA will be there and there was no mixed blood.

    Fact: Rudy’s DNA and fingerprints on Meredith’s purse. None of Amanda or Raffaele’s.

    To be cont.

    • Sollecito’s High Peak DNA on the Bra Clasp is conclusive.

      David Balding one of the world’s foremost experts describes it as ‘very strong.’

      • The bra strap was not collected up in the original sweep for forensics. It was on the floor, where everyone was walking back and forth, it can not be relied upon as conclusive evidence, just as a lot of other evidence was also compromised.

  54. Fact: Rudy acted alone. If she was held down by Raffaele, his DNA would be all over her. The bra clasp was collected 46 days later after it had moved. Contamination can and does occur. That is why there are standards and protocols in place to prevent it. If Contamination does not occur, why would there be any reason to develop protocols. Even Scotland Yard has protocol for evidence collection.

    Fact: The knife is not the murder weapon. It does not match the knife imprint. Even the great Satanic prosecutor did not say the knife was the murder weapon until now, 6 yrs later by crappy Crini.

    Fact: Meredith’s DNA on the knife was found by methods and machines that were not certified. The lab was not certified for the kind of DNA analysis that was done. The groove that the DNA was found could not be found again, even under a high powered microscope and The lab tech, excuse me, Dr. Stefanoni saw it with her naked eye.

    Fact: Ms/Dr./lab tech Stefanoni suppressed information. Yea, she said she deposited it, but where are they? Where are the egrams, where are the records that show her work. If she deposited it in court records, and they were not found, then why can’t she produce them again. I am sure she is proud of her work and wants to prove the knox supporters wrong about her. Very simple solution really. But she will not do it. Because there is sure as hell that it will show contamination or that she manufactured the results.
    More to come.

  55. All the other stuff, footprints and leaping and what ever one of the poster was trying to say, is just pure gibberish.

    Fact: Amanda and Raffaele did not lie or change their stories multiple times. They have maintained their story ever since they realized that their confusion caused by the investigators.

    Fact: Amanda and Raffaele are innocent.

    Fact: Rudy killed Meredith and raped her. He was the lone attacker.

    • There are countless examples of lies/contradictions and inconsistencies told by Knox and Sollecito.
      It does not take much research to read through their court testimonies to work that out. Even their alibis didn’t match up for 4 years until Sollecito finally confirmed Amanda was with him the whole night.
      You are either being deliberately misleading, or not aware of the full facts.

  56. I see the author of this article didn’t dig even a little bit before he wrote his thoughts. Did you see Knox’s Facebook photos at that time? Totally sexualized. Did you explain why she accused the obligatory “black man” of the crime…her boss, who was arrested and lost his business because of it…oh, and she NEVER resinded this accusation. The only reason he was released is that he was given an alibi by a solid member of the community.

    She’s a sociopath Look at the photos taken of her before her first conviction. She has the sociopathic smirk identifier…..especially when she looks at Solicito.

    This author was fooled by the mask of Amanda Knox. Why is it that the general public can identify a sociopath before a “mental health professional” can?

    • Agree. It is clear Amanda is a sociopath. She lies, is glib, smirks. She blamed an innocent man, he could have spent a life time in prison for something he did not do.
      No remorse.
      Worrying that so called ‘experts’ cannot see a raving psychopath when they see one.

  57. Interesting and important perspective not only on this case, but of the detrimental sides of ‘old world’, traditional and fundamentalist cultures. Thank you, Speyer, for this inspired piece.

  58. Very good article, thank you. It occurred to me long ago, after reading the hundreds of accusatory comments, cherry-picked lists of evidence and the proclamations of certain guilt, that who the Knox guilters truly wish to punish and see put behind bars for life is themselves, or at least part of themselves.

    Amanda Knox, c. 2007 comes across a powerful persona: an unapologetic, inhibited young woman. She is attractive, sexual, living life on her terms because she has the courage and will to do so. She is a manifestation of the Madonna-Whore and many people are scared by this power.

    I’m surprised that we have yet to hear someone yell, “Burn her at the stake!”.
    The Kercher family shows much more intelligence and restraint than these people.

    You don’t have to like Amanda Knox, (from what I’ve seen in the media and interviews, I don’t find her very appealing as a person either) but I think this article asks the right question: who is really on trial here?

  59. The idea that there must have been a 3rd person holding Meredith while she was stabbed comes from the imaginations of guilters.
    Meredith was stabbed in the neck in a manner that was similar to what a well trained assasin would do. Using this technique a victim will be incapacitated before a victim can fight back. If Rudy
    did this well the victim would have died quickly.
    Rudy was a semi professional athlete. He did not need help.

  60. There are countless examples of lies/contradictions and inconsistencies told by Knox and Sollecito.
    It does not take much research to read through their court testimonies to work that out. Even their alibis didn’t match up for 4 years until Sollecito finally confirmed Amanda was with him the whole night.
    You are either being deliberately misleading, or not aware of the full facts.

    • sarah, the “changing alibis” resulted from Raffaele’s response to a line of questioning concerning any possibility that Amanda was not with him the entire evening. If asleep, one can not be 100% technically certain what their companion is doing during those hours, and so naturally he is forced to respond in this manner.
      Then, the prosecution goes: a-ha ! He said it’s possible she was not there the entire evening, and it goes from there.

      • Except now we have the CCTV footage that shows a woman that bears a resemblance to Knox when she claimed to be with Sollecito.

  61. The author states there is ‘no concrete forensic evidence’ – This assertion is incorrect.

    Meredith Kercher’s bra clasp (including actual fabric) was cut from the bra itself by the murderer.

    Raffaele Solliceto’s High Peak DNA was found on the clasp. High Peak DNA is different from ordinary DNA we all leave behind when we go into a room.

    High Peak DNA of the type found on the bra clasp could only have got there by direct contact – This is according to David Balding who according to the BBC is one of the foremost experts on analyzing DNA statistically. He says this type of High Peak DNA could not have occurred through contamination.

    He explained that not only was Sollecito’s DNA on the clasp but so was other people’s DNA that includes people who could have touched the clasp before or after Sollecito.

    The defense claimed that because the clasp was only recovered some 6 weeks after the crime scene had been sealed it had been contaminated. In the video showing the clasp being collected we can see two police officer (wearing gloves) passing the clasp back and forth before putting it in a bag – Again the defense said this caused contaminated.

    But Balding explained that almost all evidence in all cases is ‘contaminated’ by other people who may have touched the evidence (say murder weapon) some time before the crime took place. But the DNA profiles (that is people) can be identified separately. And indeed various people’s DNA was detected on the clasp.

    So now contamination can occur after the crime took place if say the police had brought the clasp into a room where Sollecito had been and left DNA behind him. This DNA that is floating about could get on the clasp and show up during the test.

    But not High Peak DNA this could have only got there by direct contact from Solliceto or the Police planting his DNA on it.

    But here is the difficulty for Knox and Solliceto on the DNA evidence.

    The same police scientists that found Sollecito’s DNA on the clasp also found the following:

    Guede’s finger prints and other evidence that identified and convicted him despite Knox framing an innocent man Lumumba.

    They also found no forensic evidence at all belonging to Knox showing that she was ever in Kercher’s room.

    This is not a witch hunt – Those interested in justice must listen to the experts when it comes to evidence of a technical nature.

    We shouldn’t listen to PR companies or journalists who are really working for one of the parties in the case.

  62. Healer, heal thyself. And hint… original sources about public topics you write about. Relying owell paid PR machines for misinformation is AWAY a dereliction of ethical duty, not to mention just plain lazy. You waste my time and that of anyone who stumbled upon this nonsense.

  63. I read both of their books with great interest and feel they are not guilty. Yes, Amanda is a little quirky but an event like this would make anybody nuts. I really hope the US does not let an extradition take place.

  64. The only time I ever saw this case summed up properly was with the Amanda Knox Talking Dolls

  65. I don’t think this article could be better. It’s spot on. Because of Giuliano Mignini, we will never know if Amanda Knox is guilty or innocent.

    After reading just how delusional and corrupt Mignini is in “The Monster of Florence” by Preston & Spezi, I can’t believe the Italian Justice System allows him to participate in anything more than a traffic ticket.

    The man was demoted for abuse of office and the many illegal tactics he used to try and prove his case. Which in the Monster case was 20 different innocent people he prosecuted without a shred of evidence. The case ended up being thrown out and has never been solved.

    One awesome example was when he tried to say that an old Tuscan country doorstop was an ancient pyramid used in Satanic cult practices. Some of his actual testimony and statements in the case were verbatim from Gabriella Carlizzi’s conspiracy website that believes a cult (The Secret Order of the Red Rose) was behind the Monster of Florence killings and more than likely the attacks on 9/11!

    Oh and check out his scientific theory about the suicide of Dr. Francesco Narducci. Priceless!

    But, the lengths he went through to make his point were startling to say the least. It makes me doubt any evidence he or his office brings to the table.

    I know this isn’t about the Monster of Florence, but I can’t help but distrust anything he’s a part of. Read the book and look into this man. You will be amazed at his theories, corruption, and ability to “find” evidence and “produce” witnesses that fit his outlandish theories.

  66. Biased much?

  67. Any psychologist/psychotherapist who knows their stuff knows this girls is guilty, so many give aways. The US gov know this too.

  68. I thought your article was straight to the core of the Knox-Sollecito fiasco. It also served as a great introduction to this comments section. The mountain of misinformation against Knox continues seemingly unabated and unashamed much like the jurisprudence of Italy for intentionally fostering this pile of hatred. I look forward to part 2 where you can for the love of all that is good please figure out how to get these two out of this mess.

  69. This has never been about justice or truth. Those in the media were fed outright lies from day one courtesy of a selfish man looking for redemption. 2 innocents lives completely torn to shreds, Meredith’s family has been lied to and the one man responsible is protected by the Prosecution? A twisted & unnecessary mess.



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