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The Ritual Sacrifice of Amanda Knox

What do domestic violence, terrorism, the apparently renewable cold war and the repeat trials of Amanda Knox have in common? In a word, the devolution of humanity.

Knox, if you managed to miss the media storm about her, is the young American exchange student convicted, acquitted, then convicted again of the 2007 brutal murder of her roommate in Italy. She is currently living in her hometown of Seattle while awaiting yet another trial, an appeal to the Italian Supreme Court later this year.

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The Ritual Sacrifice of Amanda Knox

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  1. “the Kercher family showing no interest in who rang the Milan police to release Rudy after being caught committing a burglary,some senior member of Perugia law enforcement a phone call that cost Meredith her life.”
    Can any of you guilters explain why Rudy was not in Jail on the night of Nov. 1? This is important.
    Rudy was released from jail, then they let him leave Italy, then he was caught by German police and then the Italians convicted 2 other people for a crime he committed and was convicted of, and in a few years Rudy will be out on parole.
    Look, if compare Amanda’s story to Mignini’s story we can see that the American’s story is something that could happen in real life while the other story is something which Mignini must have been stoned when he wrote it. For patriotic Americans the question is what can we do to stop Italy from doing this to another American.
    The girl who was murdered was not an Italian , so they may think its no big deal, but surely the way the Italians have helped Rudy is intolerable. We Americans owe it to Italy to find out why they have protected Rudy.
    They may not want to co-operate with the investigation, but we have thousands of our soldiers in Italy, so they will have to co-operate whether they want to or not.

  2. A very well done article. The mountain of evidence that the people who run the hate campaign against Amanda and Raffaele is nothing but fools gold.

    Fact: Amanda never had any bad things to say about Meredith. The testimony is all about Meredith voicing some irritation about Amanda. Normal? Yes. all part of being roommates and learning to live with each other.

    Fact: They went to the Chocolate festival together and to a classical music concert where Amanda met Raffaele. If there was so much animosity there is no way in hell they would have hung out together.

    Ract: Amanda and Raffaele did not know Rudy. Yes, Amanda met Rudy once or twice, casually, like so many people we all meet casually and no friendship developed. She did not even know his name. There are no communications whatsoever between them even though Amanda’s and Raffaele phones were tapped 24/7.

    Fact: No forensic evidence of either Amanda and Raffaele in the murder room, no blood on their clothes or their body. And the room was disorganized and there was a lot of blood. All the DNA recovered belonged to Rudy.

    to be cont.

  3. Fact: Nothing in any testimonies says Amanda hated Meredith.They went to the chocolate festival and a classical music concert together.

    Fact: No evidence of any communication between Rudy and Amanda or Raffaele, even though their phones were tapped 24/7

    Fact: No reliable forensic evidence in the disorganized murder room with tons of blood. Collection and analysis of evidence does not even come close to the accepted standards.

    Fact: Footprints not Amanda’s or Raffaele’s. Already dis proven in the Massei court.

    Fact: No mixed blood, mixed DNA, again because 1. shoddy collection 2. Amanda lived there so her DNA will be there and there was no mixed blood.

    Fact: Rudy’s DNA and fingerprints on Meredith’s purse. None of Amanda or Raffaele’s.

    To be cont.

    • Sollecito’s High Peak DNA on the Bra Clasp is conclusive.

      David Balding one of the world’s foremost experts describes it as ‘very strong.’

      • The bra strap was not collected up in the original sweep for forensics. It was on the floor, where everyone was walking back and forth, it can not be relied upon as conclusive evidence, just as a lot of other evidence was also compromised.

  4. Fact: Rudy acted alone. If she was held down by Raffaele, his DNA would be all over her. The bra clasp was collected 46 days later after it had moved. Contamination can and does occur. That is why there are standards and protocols in place to prevent it. If Contamination does not occur, why would there be any reason to develop protocols. Even Scotland Yard has protocol for evidence collection.

    Fact: The knife is not the murder weapon. It does not match the knife imprint. Even the great Satanic prosecutor did not say the knife was the murder weapon until now, 6 yrs later by crappy Crini.

    Fact: Meredith’s DNA on the knife was found by methods and machines that were not certified. The lab was not certified for the kind of DNA analysis that was done. The groove that the DNA was found could not be found again, even under a high powered microscope and The lab tech, excuse me, Dr. Stefanoni saw it with her naked eye.

    Fact: Ms/Dr./lab tech Stefanoni suppressed information. Yea, she said she deposited it, but where are they? Where are the egrams, where are the records that show her work. If she deposited it in court records, and they were not found, then why can’t she produce them again. I am sure she is proud of her work and wants to prove the knox supporters wrong about her. Very simple solution really. But she will not do it. Because there is sure as hell that it will show contamination or that she manufactured the results.
    More to come.

  5. All the other stuff, footprints and leaping and what ever one of the poster was trying to say, is just pure gibberish.

    Fact: Amanda and Raffaele did not lie or change their stories multiple times. They have maintained their story ever since they realized that their confusion caused by the investigators.

    Fact: Amanda and Raffaele are innocent.

    Fact: Rudy killed Meredith and raped her. He was the lone attacker.

    • There are countless examples of lies/contradictions and inconsistencies told by Knox and Sollecito.
      It does not take much research to read through their court testimonies to work that out. Even their alibis didn’t match up for 4 years until Sollecito finally confirmed Amanda was with him the whole night.
      You are either being deliberately misleading, or not aware of the full facts.

  6. I see the author of this article didn’t dig even a little bit before he wrote his thoughts. Did you see Knox’s Facebook photos at that time? Totally sexualized. Did you explain why she accused the obligatory “black man” of the crime…her boss, who was arrested and lost his business because of it…oh, and she NEVER resinded this accusation. The only reason he was released is that he was given an alibi by a solid member of the community.

    She’s a sociopath Look at the photos taken of her before her first conviction. She has the sociopathic smirk identifier…..especially when she looks at Solicito.

    This author was fooled by the mask of Amanda Knox. Why is it that the general public can identify a sociopath before a “mental health professional” can?

    • Agree. It is clear Amanda is a sociopath. She lies, is glib, smirks. She blamed an innocent man, he could have spent a life time in prison for something he did not do.
      No remorse.
      Worrying that so called ‘experts’ cannot see a raving psychopath when they see one.

  7. Interesting and important perspective not only on this case, but of the detrimental sides of ‘old world’, traditional and fundamentalist cultures. Thank you, Speyer, for this inspired piece.

  8. Very good article, thank you. It occurred to me long ago, after reading the hundreds of accusatory comments, cherry-picked lists of evidence and the proclamations of certain guilt, that who the Knox guilters truly wish to punish and see put behind bars for life is themselves, or at least part of themselves.

    Amanda Knox, c. 2007 comes across a powerful persona: an unapologetic, inhibited young woman. She is attractive, sexual, living life on her terms because she has the courage and will to do so. She is a manifestation of the Madonna-Whore and many people are scared by this power.

    I’m surprised that we have yet to hear someone yell, “Burn her at the stake!”.
    The Kercher family shows much more intelligence and restraint than these people.

    You don’t have to like Amanda Knox, (from what I’ve seen in the media and interviews, I don’t find her very appealing as a person either) but I think this article asks the right question: who is really on trial here?

  9. The idea that there must have been a 3rd person holding Meredith while she was stabbed comes from the imaginations of guilters.
    Meredith was stabbed in the neck in a manner that was similar to what a well trained assasin would do. Using this technique a victim will be incapacitated before a victim can fight back. If Rudy
    did this well the victim would have died quickly.
    Rudy was a semi professional athlete. He did not need help.

  10. There are countless examples of lies/contradictions and inconsistencies told by Knox and Sollecito.
    It does not take much research to read through their court testimonies to work that out. Even their alibis didn’t match up for 4 years until Sollecito finally confirmed Amanda was with him the whole night.
    You are either being deliberately misleading, or not aware of the full facts.

    • sarah, the “changing alibis” resulted from Raffaele’s response to a line of questioning concerning any possibility that Amanda was not with him the entire evening. If asleep, one can not be 100% technically certain what their companion is doing during those hours, and so naturally he is forced to respond in this manner.
      Then, the prosecution goes: a-ha ! He said it’s possible she was not there the entire evening, and it goes from there.

      • Except now we have the CCTV footage that shows a woman that bears a resemblance to Knox when she claimed to be with Sollecito.

  11. The author states there is ‘no concrete forensic evidence’ – This assertion is incorrect.

    Meredith Kercher’s bra clasp (including actual fabric) was cut from the bra itself by the murderer.

    Raffaele Solliceto’s High Peak DNA was found on the clasp. High Peak DNA is different from ordinary DNA we all leave behind when we go into a room.

    High Peak DNA of the type found on the bra clasp could only have got there by direct contact – This is according to David Balding who according to the BBC is one of the foremost experts on analyzing DNA statistically. He says this type of High Peak DNA could not have occurred through contamination.

    He explained that not only was Sollecito’s DNA on the clasp but so was other people’s DNA that includes people who could have touched the clasp before or after Sollecito.

    The defense claimed that because the clasp was only recovered some 6 weeks after the crime scene had been sealed it had been contaminated. In the video showing the clasp being collected we can see two police officer (wearing gloves) passing the clasp back and forth before putting it in a bag – Again the defense said this caused contaminated.

    But Balding explained that almost all evidence in all cases is ‘contaminated’ by other people who may have touched the evidence (say murder weapon) some time before the crime took place. But the DNA profiles (that is people) can be identified separately. And indeed various people’s DNA was detected on the clasp.

    So now contamination can occur after the crime took place if say the police had brought the clasp into a room where Sollecito had been and left DNA behind him. This DNA that is floating about could get on the clasp and show up during the test.

    But not High Peak DNA this could have only got there by direct contact from Solliceto or the Police planting his DNA on it.

    But here is the difficulty for Knox and Solliceto on the DNA evidence.

    The same police scientists that found Sollecito’s DNA on the clasp also found the following:

    Guede’s finger prints and other evidence that identified and convicted him despite Knox framing an innocent man Lumumba.

    They also found no forensic evidence at all belonging to Knox showing that she was ever in Kercher’s room.

    This is not a witch hunt – Those interested in justice must listen to the experts when it comes to evidence of a technical nature.

    We shouldn’t listen to PR companies or journalists who are really working for one of the parties in the case.

  12. Healer, heal thyself. And hint… original sources about public topics you write about. Relying owell paid PR machines for misinformation is AWAY a dereliction of ethical duty, not to mention just plain lazy. You waste my time and that of anyone who stumbled upon this nonsense.

  13. I read both of their books with great interest and feel they are not guilty. Yes, Amanda is a little quirky but an event like this would make anybody nuts. I really hope the US does not let an extradition take place.

  14. The only time I ever saw this case summed up properly was with the Amanda Knox Talking Dolls

  15. I don’t think this article could be better. It’s spot on. Because of Giuliano Mignini, we will never know if Amanda Knox is guilty or innocent.

    After reading just how delusional and corrupt Mignini is in “The Monster of Florence” by Preston & Spezi, I can’t believe the Italian Justice System allows him to participate in anything more than a traffic ticket.

    The man was demoted for abuse of office and the many illegal tactics he used to try and prove his case. Which in the Monster case was 20 different innocent people he prosecuted without a shred of evidence. The case ended up being thrown out and has never been solved.

    One awesome example was when he tried to say that an old Tuscan country doorstop was an ancient pyramid used in Satanic cult practices. Some of his actual testimony and statements in the case were verbatim from Gabriella Carlizzi’s conspiracy website that believes a cult (The Secret Order of the Red Rose) was behind the Monster of Florence killings and more than likely the attacks on 9/11!

    Oh and check out his scientific theory about the suicide of Dr. Francesco Narducci. Priceless!

    But, the lengths he went through to make his point were startling to say the least. It makes me doubt any evidence he or his office brings to the table.

    I know this isn’t about the Monster of Florence, but I can’t help but distrust anything he’s a part of. Read the book and look into this man. You will be amazed at his theories, corruption, and ability to “find” evidence and “produce” witnesses that fit his outlandish theories.

  16. Biased much?

  17. Any psychologist/psychotherapist who knows their stuff knows this girls is guilty, so many give aways. The US gov know this too.

  18. I thought your article was straight to the core of the Knox-Sollecito fiasco. It also served as a great introduction to this comments section. The mountain of misinformation against Knox continues seemingly unabated and unashamed much like the jurisprudence of Italy for intentionally fostering this pile of hatred. I look forward to part 2 where you can for the love of all that is good please figure out how to get these two out of this mess.

  19. This has never been about justice or truth. Those in the media were fed outright lies from day one courtesy of a selfish man looking for redemption. 2 innocents lives completely torn to shreds, Meredith’s family has been lied to and the one man responsible is protected by the Prosecution? A twisted & unnecessary mess.

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