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6 Strategies That Surprisingly Don’t Shrink Stress

By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.
Associate Editor

6 Strategies That Surprisingly Don’t Shrink StressWhen we’re upset or overwhelmed, we may inadvertently turn to activities or habits that can spike our stress, not soothe it.

Below, two experts reveal what doesn’t reduce stress and why — and what really does.

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6 Strategies That Surprisingly Don’t Shrink Stress

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  1. Watching TV can be a necessary distraction.
    I always thought exercise helps. I listen to music or sends things out like this to hopefully help
    others. REAding relazes so many ppl I know.
    Not really sure why these ideas are said to not help. I’ll tell you what has helped very little.
    Therapy. Therapy has been good or OK for 2-8 weeks, then once you tell your therapist your better he/she reminds you of all your stuff, and lttle by little tells you that you are not OK.

    • Lidia Lousa, you don’t seem to understand the purpose of therapy. Typically, there is unresolved stuff in your past that needs to be worked through in order to feel better long-term. This doesn’t change after 2-8 sessions, usually. Medications and learning coping skills is helpful for treating symptoms but it doesn’t resolve the root of your issue and pain. It’ll still be there if you don’t process it. A few months of therapy typically only scrapes the surface for people with a mental illness or trauma histories. People who feel better after 3 months of regular therapy may have an adjustment disorder or temporary conflict but are otherwise mentally stable overall.

      • It sounds like you are actually starting to get into the stuff that needs processing, the roots of your problem. This is when many people stop therapy. Because they don’t want to be faced with the emotional pain… but that pain is short-term compared with how you will feel after you work through your issues. Maybe you’re being reminded that you aren’t okay yet because you aren’t okay yet. If you aren’t honest with yourself, you won’t be open to change and growth.

  2. Problem with these types of articles is that they point out what NOT works; by all means do that, but finish the article with: “but here are some proven-to-be-effective things you can do to reduce your stress”. Much more helpful that way, and much more empowering. But perhaps that is not what you want your readers to be – empowered.

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