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The Miracle Worker: Edward M. Kennedy

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  1. Thank you.

    I cried when I read this because it is so true. We are going to miss Senator Ted Kennedy. He was much like a family member to us all.


  2. How can anyone eulogize this guy ? What about Mary Jo ? does anyone realize he was also seducing Rosemary Keough, who was at that party also ? What a bum !

  3. Hello Tina, thank you for your post. His legacy is very touching.

    Joe, what I think is most important is that we consider that life is full of mistakes and sometimes terrible, regretful mistakes. No one who is human is going to escape mistakes. We all make them; we are all subject to regretting something in our lives.

    Sen. Kennedy deserves to be remembered for all that he did for the needy, the helpless, and the underprivileged. Someone who gave most of their life and time to support the hurting should be eulogized.
    He deserves forgiveness as long as the Ultimate Judge will forgive him too.

  4. Miracle Worker??? What a farce, in fact, I am deeply offended by the title. There was only one true Miracle Worker, and SHEwas NOT a Kennedy.

  5. Then who was SHE? Sara Palin? I do not disagree with your beginning but then you contradict your point, is seems, completely.
    And are we supposed to know who this miracle working lady is? Can’t be Jesus because he was a man, at least I think he was.

  6. Watching George W. Bush at the funeral of Teddy Kennedy on Saturday was, to say the very least, amusing. It’s always great fun to witness the members of the vast right wing conspiracy confronted head-on with the theological flaws that are inherent in their philosophy. Watching that event with my pal, Kevin Swanwick, we both were mesmerized and just slightly overjoyed to be reminded yet again that the basic tenets of Liberalism are in perfect harmony with our Christianity – our Catholicism: feed the hungry, shelter the poor and clothe the naked. Oh, how I wish the camera would have cut to Bush’s face the moment he was confronted with the most famous line (and justly so) from the Gospel according to Matthew:

    “I tell you this: whatever you did to the least of these brothers of mine, you did to me.”

    Jesus of Nazareth

    One can only imagine how uncomfortable that passage from the scriptures must have made him feel. Or how about the Sermon on the Mount?

    “Blessed are the peace makers
    For they shall be called Sons of God.”

    I imagine being confronted with the words of Jesus Christ might make old George just a tad uneasy. The prayers that were offered up by the youngest members of the Kennedy clan, in Teddy’s own words, were the most touching part of the entire day:

    “That human beings be measured not by what they cannot do. That quality health care becomes a fundamental right and not a privilege. That old policies of race and gender die away. That newcomers be accepted, no matter their color or place of birth. That the nation stand united against violence, hate and war. That the work begins anew, and the dream lives on. We pray to the Lord.”

    Lord hear our prayer.

    After the mass had ended, and Kevin and I headed into town to get a cup of coffee, I was almost stunned by the good cheer I felt. Ted Kennedy’s funeral was truly a joyous event. Truth be told, it was damned-near therapeutic! The politics of joy as opposed to the politics of fear. There ain’t nothin’ like it in the world, Baby!

    The stark contrasts between the ideals of the Progressive movement and the right wing’s backwards and greedy ideology were out in public yesterday for all to compare and contrast at Our Lady of Perpetual Comfort Church in Boston. The differences were so obvious, you could not have missed them had you tried.


    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  7. Agreed Tom and well put!

  8. Where do politicians come from? They come from Amercian familes, raised in American communities, go to American Schools and Universities, work in American occupations, and are voted for office by American citizens. This is the best we’ve got, folks. Garbage in, garbage out. So maybe it is not the politicians who suck, but maybe someone else, like, the public. The public sucks, screw hope, there’s a campaign slogan!

    From George Carlin’s Back in Town show on HBO in 1996. Last 4 minutes of it. Priceless, accurate, and painful.

    40+ years in office. Shameful. Massachusetts is a pathetic state, devoid of change, and also devoid of choice. Now they have to go down the seniority list. What a bitch!

  9. The real miracle at work here is how so many people have chosen to forget Ted’s history. If he’d been anything but a Kennedy (or spawn of some other “politician”), he probably would have served prison time in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, the girl’s body would have been exhumed and the world would have known exactly what happened; his other shenanigans would have also wound him up in court or prison and countless others would have taken him to task for things that his name, money and associations buffered him from. But the “people” apparently choose to associate Ted with (the also somewhat flawed) older brother John F., who to a great degree earned the love and respect of the people and unfortunately paid the price for his willingness to do the right thing.

  10. In my book, a saint is not someone who has always been good, and has never sinned. A saint is a man who has sinned and then come to terms with this and made a conscious decision to change. it is the growth, and the progress that matters much more than just being ‘good’ , or rather just ‘not bad’.

    Many people who are good are just not bad. They don’t do anything much good or bad. They don’t really make a difference.

  11. Tom, thank you for pulling out some nice parts of the ceremony. I truly liked the eulogies (and scriptures) given by Ted’s children and by President Obama.

    skillsnotpills, I’m not all too sure I understand what was meant by your post, but I will comment on what I did understand. I wouldn’t place blame on the public for some of Sen. Kennedy’s mistakes (the very mistakes we are all susceptible to and mistakes that are very human). In fact, I believe Massechusets did the right thing in supporting Ted. He accomplished a lot with Patrick Kennedy and others in the Senate.

    Steve W. allow me to address your concerns.
    I must disagree. Of course his family legacy was probably a minute contributing factor to his universal fame. But I must say that Sen. Kennedy had gained a powerful name as a result of his own contributions. You may not want to or can recognize this, but most of the world fortunately does. For the majority of the Kennedy era they have given endlessly to the public and I think Ted Kennedy deserves to be commemorated (and the Kennedy’s respected) for being the very thing God asks us to be, that is, giving to and caring for ALL.

    In conclusion, scripture from the King James Bible states that no one is free of sin (or mistakes): “He that is without sin, casts the first stone” (John 8:6-8). In other words, if you are without sin (or mistakes), start “throwing stones,” if not, don’t. Another is: Hebrews 10:17 “Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.” Sen. Kennedy is more than likely forgiven by the Ultimate Juge. Our opinions matter very little.

    I would encourage you to look up: Luke chapter 7 verse 37-50 (King James Version) which is a prime example of Edward Kennedy.

    I’m sorry to read that some are unable to see what characteristics illustrate a graceful human being.

  12. I meant…Massachusetts. Sorry..it’s late!

  13. I meant with my last comment, that Ted Kennedy faults and sins of the past helped make him great and special, in a positive way. It was not a negative comment.

    I don’t think he worked miracles, but I think he was incredible hardworking and dedicated, and not all rich people are monsters.

    In fact, I find that whole concept rather disturbing, and it’s not the least bit true.

  14. I understood your comment Katrin! I do agree that (for some people) past mistakes develop them for future events. The pain that the Kennedy’s have with-stood, probably had much to do with who they are today.

    I agree, no he didn’t work “miracles” per se, but he did work miracles for those who lacked autonomy and power. To these people, he was a “miracle worker.” :)

  15. Agreed, thanks! Kat

  16. PS: I cannot even imagine the suffering that goes with causing another person to lose his/her life!

  17. the comment speaks for itself. “if selfish, ignorant citizens elect selfish, ignorant leaders, then you get what you ask for”, again by Mr Carlin.

    The United States democratic system was not intended for people to stay in office for 20 or more years, and anyone who argues otherwise has an agenda, believe it or your ignorance shows as well.

    But, as Forest Gump so wisely said, “stupid is as stupid does”. Duh!!!



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