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Movie Review: Frankie & Alice

It’s been 57 years since The Three Faces of Eve premiered in move theaters. One of the first cinematic portrayals of serious mental illness, the movie starred Joanne Woodward. She would end up winning the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance portraying three different personalities in one individual in the film.

Enter Halle Berry and her performance in Frankie and Alice. Although first released to very limited audience in 2010, it garnered Berry a Golden Globe nomination in 2011 for her lead role in the film. In it, she portrays Frankie, a go-go dancer in the 1970s who experiences blackouts she can’t explain.

Finally released more generally this past week, it’s an interesting and engaging addition to the film category of movies portraying multiple personalities.

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Movie Review: Frankie & Alice

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  1. Hi!
    Indeed incredible,very nicely said.

  2. The movie left me wondering what happened to the baby? Did I miss something? Is there a book?

    • I agree why wouldn’t they tell what happened to the baby!! Did the mom kill her or give her away like wtf this made me not like the movie

  3. It’s to bad that the most important aspects of mental illness is hidden from the public. I So hated Seeing Frankie being restraint with a straight jacket and drug. Then the top Doc. Surping his authority and setting her back in the streets.

    What happens to women in the world and the shame thats put with it.

    I’m an older student entering the Human Service field, this could be a helpful film.

    Her Mom’s story is not answered. As well the mom said since she was a child she had things she couldn’t remember. So she was already dealing with tragedy on top of another tragedy.

  4. I have recently learned abut EMDR nd it seemed he was using it to treat all of her PTSD issues. Also was the ight used for hypnosis or part of an EMDR protocol ? Thanks

  5. I am glad that Frankie or Alice slapped the mess out of Frankie’s mother.

    Frankie’s mother took the baby from Frankie after Frankie gave birth and probably killed, tossed, or gave the baby up for adoption.

    For Frankie’s mother to do that, she deserved to suffer the consequences. Frankie was the way she was mainly because of her prejudiced mother.

  6. I thought Halle Berry’s performance was exceptional. I do believe her mom killed the baby which would explain the resentment and constant need to please her mom present day. I loved the role of her doctor, but despised the head psychiatrist as people like that exist more than we’d like to think;thinking someone is faking their illness and putting them back on the street. Kudos to Halle on a great performance. I was engaged to the very end.



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