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A Mindful Practice to Fully Feel Your Anger

By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.
Associate Editor

A Mindful Practice to Fully Feel Your AngerEarly in her practice, psychotherapist Andrea Brandt, Ph.D, M.F.T, found that the clients she was seeing were able to talk about their anger. They used popular techniques such as “I” statements. They were able to articulate when they felt angry.

And, yet, their anger wasn’t dissipating. Communicating their anger wasn’t the problem. The problem was their inability to fully feel that anger.

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A Mindful Practice to Fully Feel Your Anger

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  1. Oh I do feel the anger!! I am like a volcano, feeling the rumble/movement from deep inside, sometimes making its way slowly through my body and sometimes just spewing out – but for sure – I do feel it!!!! I do not deny myself the wonderful feeling of anger, even if it leave me totally drained!!

  2. I am not an angry person by my very nature. I was married to a woman whose anger was incrontollable
    at times. As I have tried to remain friends with my ex-wife, she still reverts to angerfest of hurtful words and inexcuseable tosses of verbal scrapnel at me when she erupts like a volcano in anger. She sent me this link. She needs this material far more than I do.

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