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Cutting Down on Chronic Lateness for Adults with ADHD

People with ADHD have a distorted sense of time. Sometimes, the passage of time is excruciatingly slow. “Waiting in line feels like hours,” said Roxanne Fouché, an ADHD coach and consultant.

Other times, time flies. What feels like 15 minutes of engaging in a fun activity is really 45 minutes, she said.

According to professor and ADHD researcher Russell Barkley, Ph.D, many people with ADHD are “time blind.” They forget the purpose of their task and feel uninspired to finish it.

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Cutting Down on Chronic Lateness for Adults with ADHD

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  1. Hi Margarita,

    This is an excellent article. I have successfully made many of these adjustments in my life. It has helped tremendously. This article has inspired me to post one change per day that I have SUCCESSFULLY incorporated into my life for each tip that you list. Thanks again for this well organized article.

  2. Kind of basic advice, but helpful. What would be really helpful is a way to turn off the pop-up feature on the psychcentral site luring me to other stories before I’ve finished the one I’m on.

  3. I must have ADHD. Half of these suggestions I have done. It has helped alot. Thanks!

  4. I’m always very late or very early. There’s no middle ground for me. Even when I’m early I get impatient about wating but when I’m late I get stressed out.
    If it’s a very important deadline, then I’ll wait until the last minute and stay up all night trying to complete it but even when I try to start early I can’t seem to get all my ideas organized. When it’s crunch time, I go into hyperfocus mode and get it done. My wife gets so upset with me sometimes but I think she’s gotten used to it. Occasionally, I take meds depending on the situation.

  5. this is such bs. My husband is severely affected by ADHD, but he’s early for everything. It’s called common courtesy.



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