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Is Low Self-Esteem Making You Vulnerable to Depression?

Low self-esteem makes us feel bad about ourselves. But did you know that over time it also can cause the development of serious mental conditions such as depression?

Low self-esteem is an important indicator used by clinicians as one possible symptom when they diagnose a depressive disorder. But did the low self-esteem cause the depression or vice versa? Researchers have long wondered about the chicken-and-egg problem of self-esteem and depression. Certainly, if you dislike yourself, you’ll be more likely to be depressed. Conversely, if you’re depressed, you’ll be more likely to feel bad about who you are as a person.

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Is Low Self-Esteem Making You Vulnerable to Depression?

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  1. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Last year I struggled with OCD tendencies that intensified to levels I had never experienced before. Throughout this difficult time, one of the only things I was absolutely sure of was that low self-esteem was a huge factor. I haven’t read much about the correlations of these. I was not only diagnosed with OCD, but depressive disorder as well. I have had a low self-esteem for as long as I can remember.
    Chicken and egg indeed! Thanks for writing about this much overlooked point of view.

  2. I was active in all sorts of events at school, church, my children’s school and their activities. I had many, many friends and my husband and I enjoyed a great social life.
    When depression began to make its presence known in my life, I gradually began to think less and less of myself. Now, I am ashamed of myself. When I remember the person I was before my sudden onset of deep and then chronic depression, I cannot believe that person was me. That would seem to run contrary to your findings here,don’t you think?

  3. I disagree with this article based on personal experience. My situation was similar to youngjude. Depression came first. I’ve also known many people with much lower self esteem than me who were not depressed. If self esteem is the problem then therapy should be able to treat depression on its own but there are many people for whom therapy does not help while medication does help. In some cases it may be that low self esteem leads to depression , but not in all cases as this article would lead you to believe. The author of this article seems to subscribe to the view that it’s the depressed persons fault for not being healthy because they did not have enough self esteem. This view is not helpful in getting others to feel better about themselves. For those reading this who may be depressed, please know that it is not our fault! And although it is difficult to find competent help, it is out there somewhere if you keep looking.



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