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Why People Mock & Hate New Technology Like Google Glass

Google Glass, if you haven’t heard of it or seen it, is a miniature computer that’s integrated with a pair of non-prescription lenses with a small heads-up display attached. It can take pictures and look up things on Google or Facebook. It has both a limited feature-set and battery life, despite being available for 2 years (at $1500).

Google Glass, in its current incarnation, is similar to the first versions of smartphones that came out 5 or 6 years ago. The only difference is that it resides on the side of a person’s head instead of inside their purse or pocket.

So why is this seemingly-inconsequential, limited piece of technology the focus of so much hatred and mocking?

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Why People Mock & Hate New Technology Like Google Glass

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  1. This article claims that Glass has been available for two years. The Google Glass Explorer program started less than one year ago. The author appears to have never tried Google Glass for themselves if they don’t understand the benefits of hands-free interfaces and heads-up displays.

    • I would add, and perhaps it’s a nitpick, but…

      “Wow, that’s a pretty wild theory there Ron. Notwithstanding the fact that technophobia is hardly new, nor can it be traced back only to the Segway. History, in fact, is replete with examples.”

      Ignoring the condescending tone of the piece, the author seems to disregard the fact that Ron clearly never stated that “technophobia” only started with the segway; that was merely when *he* first noticed it.

      Although I would say to Ron that people STILL mock the segway, and it still amuses me to see mall cops on them.

    • Yea it seems like that. Lets not forget that the glasses have nothing to do with replacing the phone but assist it. The Google glasses will be doing something that is named Augmented Reality which is something that will eventually lead in things that you only see in sci-fy movies but their main aim is to make digital information (data, animation) to be available in the real world such as being able to see 3d directions in the real world. Which is incredible. The phone does not even compare to that. Imagine to possibilities. People will not need maps or to look up information since it will be available to them once they look at something the data will be available to them in some form in the real world.
      Anyway i hope you understand.

  2. Google Not Invited to Mardi Gras. Fun video

    • I guess they forgot about smart phones. Look at how many get recorded and uploaded by smart phones without knowing it.

  3. “Wouldn’t it be cool if I didn’t have to reach into my pocket to retrieve my smartphone to do stuff?”

    Could it not be said the same question applies to smart watches? Do you therefore think they will be redundant too. Certainly pebble has been niche so far and galaxy smartwatch fail in its first incarnation.

    • Wouldn’t it be cool if…

      -I didn’t have to go home to check my e-mail
      -I didn’t have to use a payphone to make a call when I’m out
      -I didn’t have to get up and walk four steps to change the TV channel
      -I didn’t have to cross a room to turn on a light
      -I didn’t have to actually put my key in the lock to unlock my car doors

      Etc etc. Using technology to save a few calories; that’s basically all of progress!

  4. This is exactly what hinders progress, people seeing technology as obsolete because they personally cannot fathom that technology MAY be changing to fit the needs of a new generation. I feel sorry for people who cannot keep an open enough mind to try to work with inventions like the segway and google glass, so that we can escape the dark ages and accept the technological blessings to come in the future.

  5. A very scathing review indeed. Good point about technology being a distraction from living a real life.

  6. I propose that the term “Glasshole” change meaning to -A person who lacks the focas to see the real vocal point, and cant help but stare at assholes/ Negative aspects

  7. We have to understand that this new technology will be ubiquitous. People, we can’t fight gravity and it wouldn’t hurt to rationalize the fact that we aren’t that interesting to the vast majority of Glass users. This silly paranoid concept that Glass can capture video surreptitiously makes me laugh. There are countless devices that would do that in a real professional way.

    Glass will have a place in the lives of a lot of folks and I’m sure that it will happen with some controversies along the way.

    The device will allow for a hands-free operation and under certain circumstances, that would be ideal.

  8. everyone wants to live in a simple world with no unnecessary distractions.



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