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The Courage That Comes with Anxiety

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”
~ Ambrose Redmoon

Courage is not usually a word anxiety sufferers would list as one of their most outstanding attributes. Yet it should be.

For even the best of lives are thorn-ridden with frustration, disappointment, and loss. Add the extremely difficult challenge of trudging through outer problems while contending with the inner turmoil of anxiety, and it’s apparent that fortitude, determination — and yes, courage — are some of the strengths that anxious people may not even realize they posses.

Yet people with anxiety probably carry these strengths in higher reserves than those without anxiety.

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The Courage That Comes with Anxiety

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  1. When setting out to reach my main goal in life, I had to face my anxieties head-on, almost daily. At the end of each day I would heave a sigh of relief and feel that I had accomplished much more than the practicalities of the day. Over time my anxiety lost its impact on me; I am aware of it but the fear that came with it has left me. I have reached my goal to qualify as a psychotherapist and found that many feel inhibited or trapped by their anxiety; it appears that their critical superego and repressed emotions prevent them from moving forward and cause the anxiety in the first instance.

  2. Most people who know me amd have said how they admire my ability to take on the challenges I take on have no idea the the battle I face with anxiety related to just about everything I do. It took years for me to end the struggle of trying to rid myself of the anxiety I live with. Now it is just something humming in the background.

  3. I really want to thank you for writing this article. I am one of those constant sufferers since I was a child. ( I am 50 now). I found this to be so empowering. Yes, I have heard of this years ago….but forgot all about it. You are so right…we would never call our own selves courageous. It is the very last feeling I would ever think I could have. But ya know what? You are exactly right. Each and every day I walk out my door–it is the act of mustering up COURAGE that gets me out. I never allowed myself to focus on this side of anxiety. All I do is pound myself with such negative thoughts about it all.
    You have given me a breathe of fresh air and I will try and remember this from here on in. My goodness, if I were to think of the amount of times my anxiety was raging within and the amount of times I managed to do what I had to do-well let’s just say I must be a superhero!!!!… would be so easy to tell somebody else these words, but to allow my own self to feel this is something else. There IS a good side of anxiety–and that would be COURAGE that you so wonderfully reminded me about. Thank you so much.

  4. Anxiety can definitely wear away at a person,but having the ability or “Courage” to push on is necessary if you want to deal with this. The ability to go out in the world in spite of felling weak or not strong enough just proves that you are not as week as you thought. I extremely admire anyone with the courage to do so.



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