Connecting Through Eye ContactOur eyes are one of life’s most amazing mysteries. Through our eyes, we let the world in. We see the beauty of what is — along with what’s not so beautiful.

Through our eyes we search for each other, we see each other, we connect — or have the potential to connect — with our fellow humans. We convey that we’re here, we’re interested, and we value the person we’re with in this precious moment.

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Connecting Through Eye Contact

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  1. The article did not mention a new study which discovered that eye contact may make people more resistant to persuasion.

  2. Interesting article on the effects of eye contact when someone is trying to persuade you. Thanks for sharing it.

    My article addresses eye contact in a different situation, such as having a pleasant conversation or for friends or partners who simply want to connect more. It makes sense to me how it could be uncomfortable when someone is trying to make eye contact to persuade you into their viewpoint. It might be experienced as aggressive. It can be more comfortable to break eye contact in order to sense inside about how you feel or what you think about something.

  3. All of this nonsense about eye-looking is tiresome. Looking into people’s eyes is awkward and uncomfortable. It has nothing to do with character, sincerity, or whether or not someone is telling the truth or lying. It’s just overbearing, intrusive, and meaningless. If you judge me negatively because I didn’t look into your eyes, you are a fool.

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