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Latuda: A New Treatment Option for Bipolar Depression

The depressive episodes that accompany bipolar disorder have often perplexed both people who have bipolar disorder and the professionals who want to help treat them. People with ordinary clinical depression — at one time called unipolar depression — often have a few treatment options to choose from, usually starting with psychotherapy or antidepressants.

But using antidepressants in the treatment of depression of someone who has bipolar disorder can have unexpected — and unwanted — effects. Studies of antidepressant use in bipolar disorder have been decidedly mixed.

So it’s always welcome news when a new medication — or a new use for an existing medication — has been approved. Such is the case with Latuda (lurasidone).

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Latuda: A New Treatment Option for Bipolar Depression

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  1. Like mist seriously people, especially on disability or unable to work, will have $600-1000 a month for drugs. The US Healthcare costs and greed are why I’ll be six feet under

    • being on disability and dealing with insurance that decide what meds I should take or pay for myself I feel your pain. All seems so unfair for those that deal with mental illness. I have a profound disgust for pharmaceutical companies too.

  2. I love it ! it has helped my deep deep depression, my brain works again. I can smile!!!

    • I’m national skeptical and I have to ask thisskeptical. how, would you rate this with other atypical antipsychotics Like seroquel risperdol, and also drugs like lamictal. I’m one of those hard cases and my pre existing prejudice towards any anti psychotic doesn’t help. I’m losing my rabbit ass mind,fyi 27 year old male diagnosed at 18. depakote litlithiu oxy-c and carb Croydon neurontib., lamictal….I’m sorry but g*ddamn I would take advice from anyone at this point

      • I just started Latuda and have been on many psych meds, of all the different classes. It has only been a couple days but it seems to help the depression side of my mood issues, it is helping quiet down my psychosis, and I take it in the morning and it doesn’t have the sleepy/groggy side effect like most atypicals (seroquel, zyprexa, risperdal.) I am also on Lamicatal and one of those “hard cases.”

      • I am in the same boat. im freaking sick of it all. Been on this Latuda and i hate it. Even though i read like 200 reviews that all seemed fairly good about this medicine, it is not working for me. I have uncontrollable anger and aggitation beyond my control. im sick of being switched from drugs to drugs and always having adverse stupid side effects. im almost willing to quit trying. the doctors in this area dont seem to care and usually wait til i research a medicine and bring it to their attention before trying me on something new. Shit, i didnt go to medical school. i cant treat myself. i myself am desperate for help!

      • let me preface this with saying that “i’m not a doctor”…then let me say, though, that i have had an unwavering depression since I was 16 (and I’m 37) and worse panic disorder…and know what it is like to a) deal with all of this and b) take med after med…which i will no longer go that route; and I have a degree in biology and worked in a lab for a long time and read a ton on this stuff.

        i just read last week about ketogenic diets for bipolar — it may be worth a shot instead of the med route right now. that would be my suggestion…try something outside of the (pharmaceutical) box. ketogenic diets (basically low carb and high fat and protein) are used to help epileptics but there are some studies that have been done with bipolar and it has been positive. (and as someone who worked in research for years….i’m skeptical about most studies i read…but this one seems less biased than drug-based ones.)

        i would say…give it a try (and i’m a vegan and don’t remotely eat this way…so i am not promoting some diet that i swear by or something!! just hoping some other route might help bc i’ve been through that whole medicine route and i’m okay with a medicine that works and has been around for awhile…but multiple ones for mental health…not for me).

      • There is a physiological reason for most of these real and made-up diseases, which allopathic doctors don’t bother to look for – thyroid problems; hypoglycemia; heavy metal toxicity; allergies and sensitivities to all the man-made chemicals in everything we eat, drink, breathe, wear, live around and in, and smear on our skin; elevated histamines; nutritional deficiencies; and on and on. Lithium orotate, as opposed to prescription lithiums, is safe and can work wonders. You can buy it at the health food store for under ten bucks.

      • I have been diagnosed as bipolar, severe depression. Serequel did not help or any of the other anti drpressants. Ia started taking latuda and immediately started feeling better. I was very paraoid before i started taking it and thought i was losing my mind.. I am taking 100 mg og zoloft and 60 mg of Latuda good luck

      • I did well initially; took a dose increase and I had every side effect listed and the. Found out they could be permanent!
        I am like you have tried everything in the book; thought ok prayed I found something finally that worked!
        I had facial masking, tongue sticking out if my mouth muscle rigidity! Looked like I was 90 and had a stroke!
        This was not my answer for depression!
        Sadly I am back to square one!

      • I will be 40 in August. I have bern on evetything and its always like I am taking nothing. No relief from ANY meds. Been going through this since I was 17. I just hope this will be the one that works and I finally get relief. My bi polar comes in hate, anger and rage. I would give anything to just be happy….

      • am taking topomax, effexor,lamictal,seroquel,vitamimD. Don’t like the seroquel, gives me headaches and sets off all sorts of movements.
        Doc screwed up refill for lamictal last week and I went a few days without ( 300mg daily) now hes making me start like I’ve never had it.25 a day. mind you I just came out of a brutal sucicidal episode. go figure!
        I keep seeing the ad for Latuda so want to see if I can give it a try, So I guess I’ll read a few more comments here.

      • My name is Brad, I’m 48 and have been living with a bipolar diagnosis for 14 years and probably had it several years before the diagnosis. I would honestly be homeless had I not been able to finish 20 years in the military and collect a retirement check as well as VA benefits. It’s a tough road. I’ve tried suicide twice. I am glad I failed but at the time it seemedike the only way out. Lamotrigine works well for me most of the time. I stay away from ssri’s because I don’t tolerate them well. I count myself lucky because of my access to resources. I can’t say that at the moment I’m any better off than I was 14 years ago but I try to take things on one day at a time. Support groups have helped me more than anything else besides my lamotrigine. It’s nice to be around people who understand you. People who feel your pain. For whatever reason life dealt us this hand and we have to play it. Hang in there, build a support network. Search your community for resources that you can benefit from. I am in school that is being paid for by a vocational rehabilitation program. I want to advocate for us so I am completing my masters degree in clinical social work. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do something. Stay strong and embrace the moments in life where our mental health is not choking the life out of us. Understand that you have a disability and cut yourself some slack if you can’t do things as well as you could before your mental illness kicked down your door. Shit I wish I could tell you it gets better because it does, it’s a matter of when and for how long. Good luck man stay strong. Peace.

      • I struggled with bipolar for over a decade, yes TEN years, before finding a medication that worked. I went thru dozens of changes of dosage, adding another med, taking one away, lower dose, higher dose… The feeling I got after years of therapy and a med that worked was BY FAR WORTH IT!!! More than anything as mental health patients we have to accept responsibility for our illnesses and realize that no matter how frustrating we can not give up. I am waiting right now to see my Dr and I am going to ask about this med even though I am currently well regulated. I’m not doing this because I’m being negative or because I want to quit my meds, which is common, but because its good to have a plan and be informed. For anyone reading this I want you to know that after over 18 years of bipolar I am doing better now than I ever have in my life and I hope that you keep on keeping on, we can survive with bipolar!

      • Please don’t lose hope- I know that feeling and it’s the worst. I’m on my second week of Latuda for my treatment-resistant depression, and although it is probably too soon to tell, I’m feeling good. Responding well with few to none in the side effects dept.. I’m on 20mg and I need to take it in the mornings b/c evenings cause insomnia. Latuda acts on serotonin and dopamine, the latter being what most depressed people are lacking in spades. I hope this helps!

    • Hi Donna, I was just wondering how long you’ve been on this medication? My doctor just prescribed it and am a little wary due to the cost but then again if it really does help with my deep bi polar depression…
      I would love that. Thanks

    • Thanks “Hopeful” I read your Conversation on the new “Latuda” drug. I have been on “Cymbalta” for many years now, I really do like it, but I think after a while we need to make a change just to see if this new medication can work better for us. I’m going to talk to my doctor next time I see him.

      Everybody hang in there, I’m always for something that might work better for me, cause I still get all the Bi-Polar actions, but under most of the changes before it comes…..Diane

    • Same here Donna. After years (I’m 54)and years of being put on a litany of antidepressants and mood stabalizers, all of which just knocked me down, I gave up on meds. Went through a year of waking up at 2 am in complete despair and everything that comes with it. Suicide was a very real option because I just couldn’t go through it anymore. So, I made an appt at my local Veterans Hospital to give it one last shot. My meds doctor wanted to put me on another run of the mill stabilizer and I was not hopeful. Then she walked out and returned with the director of the mental health facility who told me there was a new medication that specifically targets people with bipolar with depressive features called Latuda. I was like ‘ya whatever, ok’. 3 days after taking Latuda with paxil and trazodone for sleep I was changed. The glass has been turned right side up again and I feel ‘normal’. Wow what a difference! This is the one…..finally!! Loving life for the first time in 30 years.

      • Thank you for sharing RedBeard. I was looking for someone in my age range taking latuda. (I am 53) I have been on zoloft for years and paired it with abilify for awhile which did help but lost efficacy after awhile. My doctor decided to try combining latuda with zoloft instead. I have a dx of chronic depression, not bipolar. I started it today. I hope it works as well as it has for you.

    • Hello,Donna has you noticed any weight gain, and long have you taken

      • I was advised there would be no weight gain, I take at night and it makes me so tired, but my doctor added 1mg Xanax at bedtime as well. on 20mg, and a nurse. I cannot say I noticed a difference yet but I do have the nausea everyday, and hunger at night.

    • I just started last week. Your post gives me hope! I’m really happy it’s working for you.

  3. I have been diagnosed with BiPolar type II for over 10 years. I am currently under care of a doctor and am taking 1500mg of Depakote XR at nite as a Mood stablilizer and 60mg of Cymbulta XR in the AM to fight Bipolar Depression. I have two questions:

    1.) Compare & Contrast Latuna to Cymbulta (what I could expect if I switched, I am still suffering depressive effects).

    2.) The other alternative, which my Doctor & chose was to take an ADD medicine, Adderall (20mg). I started taking a week ago and my depression has lessened significantly. How does Latuna interact with Adderall? and a person who had high Brown Scales in testing but not quite ADHD.

  4. I have 20 years of tx under my belt but still the control of my bi-polar depression remains a demon in my life. I usually am eager to try anything new. I have found the new generation meds come with a lot of side effects. I always get internal restlessness that drives me insane. Clonidine a blood pressure med alleviates this. So you may ask your doc about it if you have side effects- works for me. Sounds like this new one also has the same side effects. Not for me Guess ECT will have to be my only help

    • Hold off on the ECT…like so many here, I’ve been on every med and liked none. I had ECT 15 years ago, and regret it; the memory loss, etc., and it took me a long time to get my mental sharpness back (years). My doctor wants me on latuda, a low dose, because I have a history – 2 suicide attempts (shouldn’t have lived through either one, but am very glad I did), but that was over 7 years ago, and they were more because of substance abuse than bipolar. My life is very different, now, and I find as I get older, I feel better when I am off all meds completely. The last one I am weaning off (w/my doc’s help) is 2 1/2 mg ativan a day. I don’t need it, but it’s very hard to stop taking it because of withdrawal effects. I feel confident that the changes I’ve been able to make (with a great therapist’s help) to make my diet much healthier, I listen to self-hypnosis cds (I’m not a good meditator) my therapist has made, plus some sessions with her I will actually ask for hypnotherapy, and its a gentle mind shift that just keeps building on itself, so it’s subtle, yet extremely effective, for me, anyway. I also have a regular morning exercise routine…I’ve been a runner for over 30 years, and it keeps my stress level down. I guess I’m just trying to encourage everyone to be pro-active with their bipolar, rather than let these doctors and big pharma experiment on us….I feel like it’s the old “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” with meds. I know nothing about bipolar is easy, I had the deep depressions and mania as anger and rage, too. It does get better as you get older. I wish I had taken the “less meds” advice when I was younger, and had spent less time self-medicating with substance abuse; maybe some of you “kids” whose stories and frustrations I’m reading can find some hope with my suggestions.
      I’m 53, have 2 great “twenty-somethings” kids, and a supportive husband. 27 yeaars now. Yes, I’m lucky, too, but I had a lot of dark, dark, years where I didn’t feel that way at all.
      Just try to find something positive to hold onto – bipolar sucks, but DON’T let it suck the life out of you!!!

      • Yes, Rhondaaa! You are so accurate with such great wise advice as I’ve experienced a very similar history. Turning 36 next week & Latuda has “given me my normal back” after many anti depressants and mood stabilizers did nothing. I have cut down on other meds 70% and squally feel better…..unfortunately I had my very first, unexpected Gran Mal Seizure last month with all tests/scans clear (I.e. Docs are clueless what caused it) and after hearing its a possible side effect of Latuda, My fingers are crossed its not so I can maintain thinking clear and getting my life back! Your post really encouraged me and blessed me….thank you!!!!!

  5. So far diagnosis is psychosis nos with paranoia. Took latuda for a couple of months. Made me very clear headed except that I was having extreme panic about how messed up my life is. Had to quit because of restlessness and akisthia. Am diabetic and blood work elevated. Blood pressure is higher too which is new.

  6. I think this is a great thing! even though it has some side effects that patients need to be weary of, what medication doesn’t.

  7. Hello, I’ve been suicidal the past 15 months, getting out of bed at 1pm and going to my local coffee shop to read on my android kindle app.

    I was put on latuda starting with 20mg and then 40mg, Hmmm, the above article suggests only 20mg. Anyway, it’s been great. Suicidal thoughts are for the most part gone. I think I’ll talk to my doctor about going back down to 20 or 30mg because I am a bit wired by it.

  8. I am considering latuda. Currently I am taking Depakote and abilify now. I also take wellbutrin and buspar. I know this is so new that even my doctor is leaving the decision to try this up to me. I appreciate your comments and will keep seeking info from real people who have experienced taking this.

  9. I was diagnosed with bipolar depression 5 years ago, after years of being treated for depression. I also have ADHD. I take adderall dr, Vyvanse, intuniv(which I forget often), propranolol- when needed, clonidine, verapamil, klonipin & Lamictal. I have to watch my blood pressure due to a cerebral hemorrhage I had 12 years ago, they found a cavernous hemangioma- a tangle of arteries & veins – dangerous if it bursts. Anyway my doctor put me on lathes & I’m nervous about taking it – ironic because I’m on so many meds. They help but am still not motivated to do much & have a serious problem with organization – can’t seem to finish anything – difficult to deal with at work & home – my house is a wreck. Any thoughts on adding latuda to the amount of drugs I already take- ai really do need to improve depression, OCD thoughts – would appreciate any advise

    • To all on this forum. We don’t realize this but all
      of our psyche problems have a spiritual solution.
      No pills, no side effects, no churches, no cost.
      Was bipolar, depressed and suicidal. Took no drugs
      because the added side effects seem worse than
      dealing with the disease. Dealt with my moral problems with the Creator and He healed me of all
      my illnesses. Give it a try, what do you have to lose. Just you, God, Jesus and the Bible. Totally healed! NO bipolar, NO depression, NO suicidal thoughts, NO phony, hypocrite churches to attend, NO drugs, NO Cost and NO more lies.

      • Please don’t advocate that people replace a med regimen (no matter how broken it may be) with stories. We’re already untangling the stories doctors sell us, no need to add to it.

      • So glad that has worked for you , iam a committed atheist I will stick with the pills all the best

  10. About to start Latuda on top of multiple other meds for depression, ADD, mood stabilizers. $1000 for a 30 day supply *after* the company’s “assistance” program. Sure hope it’s worth it.

  11. I’m bipolar and ADD with anxiety. Take Xanax, Wellbutrin, Prozac, Vyvanse, along with pain and muscle meds.
    I’m finishing my 2nd week on Latuda 60mg. Also, I stopped Vyvanse 4 days ago as an experiment. I didn’t feel any difference from Latuda, but I am feeling groggy since stoping the Vyvance. I’m going back to Vyvanse and will continue Latuda, since reports show the good feelings don’t start for 3-4 weeks.
    Note on Vyvanse: it makes you not sleepy during the day, and definitely makes you focused, but be cautioned…you must choose where you want your focus to be. I can spend ALL day on the Internet, iPad, etc. and the house is still uncleaned.

    • Man, some of yous are real lucky. I’ve been dealing with this nightmare for my whole adult life. I’m in my thirties but feel like I’m gonna die any day. The best meds I have gotten are Wellbutrin and klonopin. Everything else either makes me a peice of furniture or just makes me fat. People say fat and happy are better than……. NO! Not true. Does anyone know about weight gain with this Latuna? I gotta say, some of you don’t know how good you have it getting amphetamines and benzos and whatever else that is worth swallowing to keep you functioning. My doctors believe in good old ex exercise and, well, “get out of my face till next month psycho” strategies. Anyone gettin me on here. Prob not.

      • Feidlimid – I’m with you on the weight thing. I REFUSED to take any meds that had weight gain as a side effect but got so deaprate after my last mania started I went on depakote. I helped my mania but I gained weight so I started freaking out over that instead.

        I was just switched to this Latuda. I do not believe it will be better for me but i have to try.

        Lamitcal & klonopin were the most helpful for me. no weight gain! just caused memory/focus problems after 3 years :(

        after this new expensive drug fails me I’m going to ask to go back on Lamictal. I’d rather be stupid and stable than fat & crazy or dead.

      • ” Does anyone know about weight gain with this Latuna?”

        It raises blood sugar just like the other AAPs. I’m betting yes, absolutely.
        Someone here mentioned ketogenic diet working well for them — have you tried that? Non-medication options are almost always worth trying! And as ketogenic diet is very low-carb, weight gain should not be an issue. Even if it is high fat. Fat doesn’t necessarily make you gain weight — make sure you get plenty of choline (found in meats, fish, egg yolks) because it’s vital for metabolising fat. Stay away from vegetable oils — go with olive oil, coconut oil, animal fats. Fish will help you get omega 3 fats, as will fats from *pastured* animals, walnuts, etc. (Nuts are a good source of fats, protein, and important minerals like zinc.) Good luck!

      • I have had no weight gain with Latuda and I believe it is considered weight neutral. Weight gain is a concern for me as well. I have been taking it for 6months, 40mg.

      • Hi, I’m 33 years old and I was diagnosed as bipolar when I was 24. I’ve taken so many different drugs to try to figure out the best combo to treat the disorder. After so many trials I can say Latuda is working out for me. It is no miracle drug but I am a more positive person and less depressed. I was taking 20mg, then 40 mg but am now going up to 80mg of Latuda once a day in evening with food. I am also taking 300mg of Wellbutrin XL once a day in the morning. I feel better on these two meds, at least I can function better. I haven’t gained any weight on Latuda after 5 months of treatment or any other symptoms so far. Anyway, just wanted to give you my opinion on this new drug. So far I’ve been having a good experience with it but of course I still need therapy and other meds help. I hope you find what works for you. Good luck!

      • my grandson has been suffering with this for at least 10 yrs hes o Seroquel viseril lithium and lamictal,,he is so depressed all the time and talks about suicide ,going crazy and afraid to get out of his house,he has been on every other med they have for bipolar,dissorder and depression,,nothing seems to help him . isn’t there something out there tht will wrk for this,,,and the excersise they talk about doesn’t help all he sees is a disgusting person with no way out except to die,,wish he cld find someone a dr, that really cares,,,any ideas thx,,,worried grand ma

      • Feidlimid, believe me, I GET IT. I was misunderstood, misdiagnosed and suicidal for too many years. A very serious suicide attempt didn’t even help. I have never been on any of the “good drugs” either, as much as I’d Love to just take an amphetamine when I can’t get my ass up off the couch but I know that isn’t the solution. I relate completely to your sense of exasperation and wish I could help more than just saying cliches and bullshit. The truth is that bipolar is different for everyone and meds have different effects on us; what worked for so many people did not work for me. When I finally found some normalcy and SOME constancy and consistency it was amazing. Your frustration is not only understood but warranted and I want you to know that there are a lot of people out there that care! Keep trying my friend, if I hadn’t I would have never known the joy of life I now have, please don’t give up!

  12. Another note on Latuda…I’m on the high dose 60mg because I have a high tolerance for meds. Also, I have learned to take the Latuda with supper or I do feel nauseated. If I start to feel a twinge of sickness, I add peanuts or snack/desert.

    • I’ve been taking latuda for about a week and a half.the first week I was on 20mg,this week I went to 40mg and it makes me feel dizzy all the time.ive been taking Dramamine with it to really hoping after time it will go away.can you give me some advice.i don’t want to stop it cuz,I’ve been on the med roller coaster and I’m tired of it and I think this one is actually working.but,like I said I’m having other unwanted side effects.

  13. I wonder why at 60$ a pill, something like latuda is such a costly anti psychotic. But then again all that money will be taken back after the lawsuits ensued by the lawyers of the patients who suffer from complications .

  14. I think this great for patient with bipolar only problem side effect weight gain and manic episodes,but if it out side effects worth it.

  15. This article reads like an advertisement. Atypical antipsychotics have serious sometimes life threatening side effects. I have had a lot more luck with medications that are at least ten years old and well understood. I am also leary of any drug originaly developed for a different use. The pattern laws make it tremendously profitable when drugs marketed for more than one use. I don’t want state of the art meds, I want tried and true. I would suggest trying all the old types of antidepressants first

  16. This article reads like an advertisement. Atypical antipsychotics have serious sometimes life threatening side effects. I have had a lot more luck with medications that are at least ten years old and well understood. I am also leary of any drug originaly developed for a different use. The pattann laws make it tremendously profitable when drugs are marketed for more than one use. I don’t want state of the art meds, I want tried and true. I would suggest trying all the old types of antidepressants first

    • I agree with you Paul. The older meds can be less costly as well. They are tested and I feel more safe than with these new items. There is no cure, just treatment.

      I will try risk/new things, but reading the side effects on here tells me to stick with Wellbatrin and Lamactial, Cybalta and Lithium…the older the better!! I HATE meds and HATE bipolar, but happy there is a treatment.

  17. I have been on Latuda for over a year. It was prescribed as an atypical anti-psychotic after a severe delusional episode. It works very well with few side effects, except maybe tiredness. I didn’t realize that it was also being marketed as an antidepressant, however I do feel happy. I also take Effexor and have Bipolar 1.

  18. I’m bipolar II and have never found relief on AP, but I just started on lamictal and latuda a week and a half ago. I’m tolerating it very well, it has decreased the anxiety component in my illness. Unfortunately the depression has a ways to go but it takes weeks to get up to a therapeutic dose of the lamictal. I’m still on the wait and see as far as the outcome but for me this is one of the best tolerated combos I’ve ever been on and after 30 yrs of various psych meds this is great news.
    Getting the right diagnosis has helped greatly too, I’ll never touch AD again, they caused mania and confusion over whether I was MDD or BP I.

  19. Glad to see folks posting on this new med. My daughter was put on it and within 2 weeks she seemed like she was slipping back into extreme depression, agitation, restless, sleep disruption, tearful, fearful… I asked to to recheck the symptoms on the meds and these were listed as possible – so we ended up taking her off. Just please be careful with these new drugs and monitor closely for symptoms, we heard of another gal who’s now having seizures. Glad some are getting relief.

  20. how long does it take before you start to feel better I hate my pitiful life

    • Hi Karen. Please don’t give up the hope of feeling better and more like yourself. It’s still there. It just might take a little experimenting with combos of drugs to get the right ones for you. I used to take Prosac for PMS symptoms, then Zoloft for depression, which made me feel really weird after about 3 years. I quit Zoloft when pupils looked dilated and I felt crazy. Then my Doc assessed me as a bipolar 11, but kind of on the border.. I was taking Lamictal & 1 xanax as needed for anxiety which made me feel good, but it also made my hair fall out (like bald spots) & made me have memory holes. I am curious about Latuda. I will ask my Doc about it.

      If there was a better

    • Hi Karen, Latuda is working very well for me and no side effects except some fatigue. Believe me I feel the same way as you do….I hate my pitiful life but Latuda has given me hope that possibly life is not so bad. At least I am having a lot more good days instead of bad. Stay strong.

    • it took a couple of weeks before I started to feel better with the Latuda.

  21. Does the anti-histamine effect wear off?…it’s killing me, no motivation…it definitely works controlling the mania though

  22. I got put on it yesterday and within a few hours felt anxious and agitated. I didn’t take it today and feel depressed and tearful. I couldn’t even go to work. I’m still on effexor. I think this doctor decided on my first visit I’m bipolar and not depressed and won’t change her mind.

  23. My 12 yr old daughter was put on Latuda 3 weeks ago. The doctor has increased it from 20mg to 80mg at night & 20 mg in the morning. They stopped the 20mg in the morning and put her on Strattera in the mornings. She has been suspended from school for her behavior and she is so mean & nasty with everyone. I do not believe the Latuda is helping her one bit. She has been in the twice within the last 3 weeks & I’m ready to put her back in. She has not problem getting in your face & arguing with you about nothing. She thinks everyone hates her. It is very hard to bring her back down when she is in one of these rants. She is bi polar II. I don’t feel this medicine is suitable for my daughter but trying to get the doctor to listen is a different story. The only good thing about this medicine is that it has killed her appetite & she is losing weight now. The other stuff she has been on ballooned her to 185 lbs she is down to 173 now and still losing. she is 5’4. She has become a easy target at school for other kids to pick on too since she has changed. I just want my daughter back not this monster she has become.

    • I understand your hurt, fear and frustration. My oldest daughter went thru the mood disorder,and recently graduated from college (in 3 yrs, with honors). She then got hired into a customer service job – amazing! My youngest is now going thru depressioin and rebellion, but I DONT TAKE it personal. Look for rainbow on the other side of the storm, and then point it out to your daughter.

      God Bless, hand in there.

    • I would find a new doctor immediately. She is way too young to be taking such a strong cocktail of meds. She needs a safe de-tox off of all those psych meds, and I believe you’ll get your daughter back!

  24. Hi ive had anxiety, depression, bi polar, and depersonalization problems since I was 17. Im now 32 and been on everything u can think of. Last year I had an episode that changed me and ive been on 3 different medicines since then with only a little relief and a total amount of 60 pounds gained, its very aggrevaiting and frustrating. I just recently found out im pregnant so the only choice I have now for meds is latuda and paxil. Im terrified but hopefull it will work. I start it tonight fingers crossed I dont go back to last summer.

  25. I was just put on latuda today. After reading all the side effects I’m debating on starting it tonight or just keep on living the life of sadness and uncontrollable mood swings. I’m 52 years old and have had mental issues for as long as I can remember. It kills me to be sick in the head!!!!!!!!!! I want to be normal. I want to be loved!!!!!!!
    I’m so scared to put this pill in my mouth!!!!!!!
    Oh my God why was I born like this?

    • To Sad Nana, I am 50 yrs old and I too have mental health issues. It really is awful but don’t give up hope. You are not alone. For some inexplicable reason we suffer with this and it really sux!!! Life is so unfair. Again, keep hope ALWAYS. Hope is key. I am taking Latuda and I think it’s great. I have major depressive diorder, recurrent, along with ADD and anxiety but Latuda along with my lexapro is working VERY well for me. I have NO side effects. Like you, I was afraid to take it, but I am happy I did. If you experience side effects, call your doctor right awawy. Remember to take it with food. I have had no weight gain…I have heard it’s weight neutral. No weird muscle twitches, headaches, upset stomach or anything. I do have some fatigue with it, so i take it after dinner and then I sleep ok and am less tired at work. It’s worth a try. It could make a big difference for you. It has for me! I just hope it keeps working as well as it does now….I have been taking it for about6 months. Take care.

    • I feel like that at times but with the right meds it will pass. I’m Leah 54 was diagnosed bi-polar at 30 but have been bi-polar all my life. I am high functioning have worked since I was 15 and moved out on my own when I was 18! A real survivor!(vagabond) (musician) (jobs of all kinds) That’s why it was so hard to find it!Couple of attempts on the life! Hospitalization twice! I’ve been to hell and back been thru good docs, crap docs, & have a kinda new doc at this point basically know as much or more as they do. I started on Latuda a week ago my side effects are ringing in my ears, dizziness, peeing all the time, & nausea. (totally off symptoms) doc says don’t worry! Well I’ll be the judge of how long I stay on it. I’m on full disability now but worked up until 52 & volunteer to keep my sanity. I still go to work even with the weird symptoms (cashier)The meds I’m on are lamical, topimax, wellbutrin, xanax, and seroquel.We all seem to be on a lot of the similar meds.So on that point I feel a positive with meds like I’m not on the wrong side of the drug plan. As far as you people saying get off all the meds and take natural stuff! YOU ARE PLAYING WITH PEOPLE’S LIVES! I actually tried that and it was a BIG mistake. If you truly are bi-polar or have any mental disorder you need your meds even if your doc isn’t the best. The docs really try our patience because we always have to be the rats going thru the swings, the side effects the side effects of the meds we can or cannot take while all the while they are saying it will be ok. IT’S NOT OK! I just wish docs wouldn’t say it that’s all! They can’t begin to know each one of what we have had to endure before during and current of this terrible disorder! It’s wrecked my life of having love, or children so believe me I know what it can do to your life. I only have a mom for a support system and at times it is becoming an iffy situation because she is tired of it & I completely get why! This curse to me is just as bad as cancer. It doesn’t kill you physically in you body parts but it messes with your life mentally which I think is worse. So I am glad to find this to at least be able to type this out. Nobody really gets it but you people that I don’t even know. I relate to most of the stories except the don’t take the meds ones. I’ll hang in there another week with this but if I still feel this weird I’m dropping out. You guys do what you need to but my motto is 2 1/2 weeks & then I will have to stop at that point for my safety. Try to put yourself out into the world. Don’t stay at home by yourself a lot!I don’t have a car so I have to get real creative. Working as a part-time cashier(volunteer) got me off my but helped my dead social life. Try it you might be surprised.

  26. I have read every review and all the research I can on this medication due to the fact that my best friend just commited suicide after being on this medication for 6 weeks. Patients need to be their own advocate when it comes to medication. They know their bodies and know if the medication is helping, a doctor should listen to the patient and accept just because the medication is new, it is not a miracle drug and one drug does not fit all. Please report and demand a different medication regimine when you know it’s not working, don’t let them triple your dose for this medication without the research documentation that supports their decision.

    • In reguards to being your own advocate this is the A-1 most important thing you can do for yourself!
      One time I heard a patient referred to as a walking PDR.
      Doctors drug boook. Whenever any of my meds are changed I read up on them and then hit a place like this to see what others think about them.
      One of the things that I make clear to doctors is that they are not the only ones writing out scripts and to make sure theirs didn’t conflict with ones I already have. Pill time hope I can find you again

  27. I took Latuda for a month, it made my depression worse!

  28. Since all this info about Latuda is on site (which means it is a commercial site), I wonder what the doctor is getting paid by the Latuda maker. Latuda is more expensive both in Weight and Volume than pure gold. 30 day supply costs $720. One tiny little tablet costs $24. I would think that it will take almost 100 Latuda tablets to make an Olympic Gold Medal side. Shame on the Doc!

    • the other day I noticed that are finally offering help paying during their ads.

      they are hitting my partD insurance $1,600 for 60 pills!That means the government gets screwed.

      I know this is an old site but just checking peoples dosages and reactions. I have taken 40mg a day 3 months and felt good then fell right off a cliff.
      Now back to Doctor.

      • I just started, 30 day supply cost 848.00, Tricare covered all but 44.00, thank goodness. Tried to get the coupon online to pay 25.00 a month I don’t qualify. Go figure.

  29. Way TOO expensive. Other Rx may work as well.

  30. Latuda has been a life-saver for me. I use it in conjunction with Lamictal and Trileptal. Up to this point I had been on most of the traditional meds (lithium, seraquel, effexor, etc.). Within a couple weeks of starting Latuda, I got my life back again. Granted, I take 120mg/day, but it has brought me stability that I hadn’t imagined existed. I know this med won’t be for everyone, but I recommend at least talking to your med managers about it.

  31. yes, these compounds are expensive but to a person with these symptoms the cost is offset by productivity, a better sense of self and to society, a more valuable contributor.

  32. I was termed “treatment resistant” ( then I learned that so are about 48% of people taking pharmaceuticals). I now use a small amount of medical cannabis for immediate relief of severe depression and a tremendous amount of help through a book called “bipolar advantage”. I spent years dismissing medical cannabis – I thought it was a way for potheads to get high. Then, while I was slicing one of the pharmaceuticals ( I’ve taken almost all of them) with a razor blade to get. It tiny enough for me not to have the hellacious withdraw symptoms that I had had before, a friend suggested that I at least speak to one of the more intellectual cannabis doctors. I have been med free for two years and have experienced highs and lows that used to earn me an inpatient visit. It is a lot of self- reflective work (bipolar advantage stuff) but I am no longer afraid and more importantly, I get to live a full rich life – not a flat, bland life in remission. These drugs claim success if they extend remission by one day – one day is not worth the side effects for me.

    • This is something I’m also thinking of trying – have heard from others that they can sleep like a baby, no side effects. I agree… no more big pharma experiments on me. Drug-free is the best way, not easy, do the head work, at least your brain is clear! Thanks for the helpful post!

    • Hi NOBIGPHARMA I like what you have to say in your post. I have bi-polar and OCD we think bi-polar but who knows.. I live in ny and the Pot laws are not good..where do u live’? Love to chat…Buffalo, ny

  33. I have bipolar 2 with phycotic episodes and anxiety disorder paranoid schizophrenia depression I am on 5mg diazepan and 200 lamotrigine and saphris my moods are over the place and my anger is bad and so is my anxiety and hearing voices and paranoya I feel like a prisoner in my body my phyciatrist took me off saphris and put me on latuda hopefully it helps so I dont feel like a prisoner in my body oh I also have multiple personality disorder

  34. As most of us I’ve been on everything there is. I was on 90 mg lithium and 300mg lamictal. Lithium made me so sick and nauseaus so we went off that keeping lamictal and started 20mg Latuda. I’ve been diagnosed bp-1, general and social anxiety, ptsd, and BPD, & insomnia. Before I was diagnosed bipolar docs always assumed depression and those meds made anxiety 10x worse. I was nervous to try latuda being that it’s a bipolar depression med. First night was fine I feel asleep within 45 minutes. But felt strange for about 4 hours the next morning, klonopin didn’t help. I took my 5th dose 20mg last night and have been awake now for over 8 hours. The physical anxiety feeling is not going away. Resting heart rate is 97bpm that’s after 3 mg of klonopin over 6 hours. Today I started having self harm and suicidal thought which I haven’t had in years. So I warn you if antidepressants make you feel worse and increase your anxiety as a bipolar patient, think twice before starting this medication. I’d rather feel sick and nauseas from lithium than the way this latuda makes me want to crawl out of my skin. Best of luck to all of you and may we all find a medication or combo that allows us to feel comfortable and not Bay shyt crazeee. Peace to all.

  35. Was just going to take my first Latuda,and I will not put this thing in my mouth! I have been on everything ever made with a chemical,and justt got off Effexor,and depakote,both of which made me more depressed.when I read these side affects,again,I wonder how anyone can take them without being scared to death.Forty years ago,I has first ect treatments,then again another 4 or 5 rounds of ect over the last 25 years. They too,quite working,so I’ve decided tonight that I am going to try to take just my Xanax to sleep at night,and try freeing myself of these harmful poison chemicals that seem to make me worse.At present,the things going on in my life are really what is depressing me,and no pill can change my life’s cercumstances,so I’m going to fly solo and see how I do! Hoping for good outcome!

  36. been on latuda 40 mg for 2 weeks. 20 mg before that. been off work w severe depression for six weeks and I’m going back next week. I feel…not better but not suicidal anymore. I’m bipolar 2,panic disorder, chronic migraines. I take 200 lamictal,300 wellbutrin,.5 xanax, 150 topamax. latuda makes my muscles sore. makes me overheated. I am a runner and went from 8 min miles to 11 to 13 min miles. this is terrible for me. I’ve also gained 7 lbs in a month with no change in diet. so the weight gain depresses me.but at least I can go back to work. I’m on leave without pay. 36 years old borrowing money from my parents to live. I feel so ashamed.

  37. I just started Latuda. I take Seroquel 400mg a day, klonopin 4mg a day. I am Bipolar with anxiety attacks. If Latuda 80mgs, works for me how do pay for such a new drug. I don’t know how people for such an expensive drug if it works.

  38. I am a 61 year old grandmother who has anxiety- ridden major depressive disorder and ADD. I was originally diagnosed as bipolar. In 1986 I was put on Amoxapine, (Asendin) and after 5 months, I developed Akathisia, a form of Tardive Dyskinesia. It is a total living hell!! And no one can understand how horrible it is without having it.

    I was in total hell and wanted to kill myself for 2 years. I came close one day. I was a human guinea pig and was put on Halidol, Cogentin, Melaril, Xanax, Norimpramine, Pamelor, Busbar, Riddelin, Prozac, Ludiomil, Valium, and others, (one I can’t remember that was a combo of antipychotic and antidepressant). I refused to take Lithium because of people I knew that were turned into zombies, one commited suicide.

    I signed myself into a pychiatric ward and it made me worse. I had 4 small children to take care of and no one knew how to help me. The community psychiatrist didn’t even realize I had Akathisia! Doctors need to stop giving these vulnerable people drugs with antipsychotic properties or combos!

    After 2 years, I got a new doctor, who took me off of the 4 drug cocktail and put me on Sinequan (Doxepin) and said it should have been the first drug they put me on! I started to get better the first day after I finally slept through the night (3 days) after years of insomnia! I still take it now and will be on it the rest of my life. I am one of the lucky ones!! I am so grateful for “this” drug!

    I ended up not even having bipolar and was ironically hired as one of the head secretaries at the mental health facility 2 years later and I was one of the secretaries for my 1st psychiatrist, typing up his psychological evauations on people getting the same 4 drug cocktail that I was given! He never even remembered me.

    I’ve had a lot of years to study about these drugs. Antipsychotic drugs are hazardous to your brain and causes permanent brain damage in many victims especially the longer they were taking it! Some looking so crazy, are then institionalized for having the horrible fly catching syndrome and worse with tardive dyskinesia! Please help me stop this nightmare. antipychotic drugs should be left to help uncontrolable Schitzophrenia only!!

    This all makes me wonder what drug Robin Williams was on and why he killed himself. Did he really have drug induced Parkinson’s Disease (I had that too) or Akathesia, which feels like you want to jump out of your skin!!? It’s nothing like anything I had EVER felt before in my life! And I think Sinequan, (Doxepin) would help someone with bipolar because it was the “only” drug that balanced out my Akathisia rebound brain chemistry that became permanently out of wack.

  39. I’ve been on Latuda for a few months now and despite the lack of side effects, I’m not very impressed by it. It has helped ease my bipolar depression somewhat- I’m no longer crying all the time- but I still feel lousy and have no motivation/desire to do things.

  40. Hi all, It’s a bit troubling to read all of these comments, but informative. I’m diagnosed Bipolar (mostly depressive) with long term PTSD issues. I won’t bore you but I’ve been on a long list of ant-depressants, on and off til I couldn’t stand it anymore and would go back to the VA for help. The latest one, Depakote, really screwed me up. After one month I started having tremors so bad that I couldn’t drive. Been off of it for a couple of weeks now and I’m still quivering a little, have to type with one hand. So my Doc has recommended Latuda. My first prescription hasn’t arrived yet. Anyone else gone from Depakote to Latuda? What can I expect? Thanks Much, and good luck on all of your personal battlefields… Chin Up !

  41. I was on this medicine and it is not a med I recommend for anyone it caused me to have symptoms of parkensons very painful and stiff muscles, painful tremors, sometime I couldn’t open my hand. So please think twice before taking this medicine.

  42. If you if you are already taking burp roping XLR 150 MG in the am and pristine 100 MG in the pm, and this is just not working. Should I suggest adding latuda to what I’m taking or stop something and just use the latuda. Please, I need the advice. Thanks.

  43. I am very disgusted with latuda.I cannot handle the side effects I am dizzy
    a lot of the time.Sleepy during the day.Nausea before supper.Agitated.The mornings are tough.Cannot stay up very late,etc.
    I am a bipolar in a depression and been on such since last march.My doctor will not listen to me at all.I am on 120mg.once per day at p.m.I want to cut down and get a no from him.I thought it would work by now.
    I am ready to change doctors if he does not listen to me.
    thank you.

  44. bipolar depression is not the correct term. It is bipolar disorder which consists of a manic phase and a depressive phase so calling it bipolar depression is a misnomer

    • It’s called Bipolar Depression to distinguish it from other depressions. I know I have it and if not treated right can throw people into a manic episode. That is a PIA

  45. Hi I am bipolar and take Latuda but i had been started on a dose of 160mg a day. Its been a year since then and am still taking it. I feel a whole lot better but at 160mg a day can that be harmful? I take it before bed because i cannot stay awake and function otherwise. Can this be bad?

  46. Started taking Latuda a month ago and it has been a life saver. I no long think about suicide all the time. I actually feel good for the first time in a very long time.

  47. I am just starting it but love to be out in the hot sun at the pool etc. Will I overheat

  48. I just took my first Latuda a few minutes ago after trying Abilify which gave me a terrible skin rash. I have been taking Effexor for about 10 years and my dosage was increased to 300 mgs a couple of months ago due to it no longer working well. I was taking it with Wellbutrin for several years, but was still deeply depressed. I was really disappointed because I was beginning to feel the benefits of the Ability within the first week, but the rash became so bad I had to stop it. I’ve had severe clinical depression/bipolar 2 since I was 13. I am now 38. Really hoping this will provide some relief like the Ability sans the rash. It’s nice to hear about other people’s experiences. It helps to know I’m not alone.

  49. I was diagnosed bipolar earlier this month after nearly 30 years of struggling with “depression”. I was not diagnosed earlier because I wasn’t honest with the docs and didn’t give them the whole story. I have been hospitalized twice with just mediocre treatment. Found a practitioner that recognized it for what it is-and yes I told the whole story this time-so she prescribed latuda and lexapro. The cloud is gone. For the first time in over 30 years I am able to socialize with people, I have started weightlifting again and working out and life is just wonderful. Im able to look forward and have hope. My head no longer feels like its going to explode and I am calmer and haven’t had one depressive episode since starting this. I don’t know if I would be here without this, it literally has saved my life. I was heading toward rock bottom and have a second chance. Now to deal with the aftermath of my spending sprees and to repair the relationships I have damaged. But so far things are great. And no weight gain either.

  50. My doctor has recently prescribed me this medication for extreme fatigue/exhaustion. I have taken Welbutrin, among other non addictive meds, without any success. I feel like this med is a last resort and is something that probably won’t help… Anyone have similar experiences with or without luck???

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