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Latuda: A New Treatment Option for Bipolar Depression

The depressive episodes that accompany bipolar disorder have often perplexed both people who have bipolar disorder and the professionals who want to help treat them. People with ordinary clinical depression — at one time called unipolar depression — often have a few treatment options to choose from, usually starting with psychotherapy or antidepressants.

But using antidepressants in the treatment of depression of someone who has bipolar disorder can have unexpected — and unwanted — effects. Studies of antidepressant use in bipolar disorder have been decidedly mixed.

So it’s always welcome news when a new medication — or a new use for an existing medication — has been approved. Such is the case with Latuda (lurasidone).

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Latuda: A New Treatment Option for Bipolar Depression

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  1. Hi to worried mom&all.i grew up within a bipolar great grdma,my grndpaw,my mama,me,my son,now I’m raising my granddaughter with bipolar.i remember(and I’m 48)when I was a tot having to go another state over at least once a year to stay with my grandparents so my dad could work while my mom could go in the hospital.i didn’t have to go to nursing school to get the knowledge of a PhD.that most drs have.I lived it!but to the worried mom&anyone out ther that they try to put ther kids on this or any psychotic Med.(everyones not the same now,but be very cautious)when my granddaughter was put on these new meds(shes 10&only one time did it!)it changed her into somebody we didn’t know or wanta know.last yr in school she was very aggressive,pushed her pregnant teacher several times,smart talking,thought the world hated her so she hated&tLked down to herself all the time.stayed in ISS all the time,her grades were F&Ds,oh&weight gain,sge gained 13pds in 1½ months.And yep lik others it was me that said enuff is enuff!! Take her off put her on Zoloft and see what that does… (an antidepressant,these meds build up kinda like leveling out the “chemical imbalance”that is outa balance in our brains,they build up the serotonin and dopemine on our brain cells causing us to most importantly “FEEL GUD ABOUT OURSELVES”And when you feel gud&have confidence in yourself, WHO CAN TELL YOU ANY DIFFERENT”.So now my gurl is an A/B student,has come out of spec. Ed.and has been referred to the QUEST program which bfore this year she hated get me wrong she has a few side effects but they do not come close to what we were fighting in school last yr.Those of you that have dealt with this disease for half yr life or the last 10/15 yrs,it doss get easy bc of knowledge,knowing the weapons to fight thes demons with.knowing the warning signs,knowing when enuff is enuff.And to those that believe in the higher power(God)remember he is in control of everything&everybodyhe created our bodies so you can trust he’l help you find your way.To the ones that don’t believe,well I cnt wish you gud luck bc thers no such thing as luck.So to those,I will just pray that God will open your eyes to his truth,why?bc even tho iv seen ones my family go from heaven to the pits of black hell,we are living in a fallen world(thanks to Adam)so we are going to have troubles,problems,sicknessnsss that befall us,but of course God gave us freewill,so that’s why alot of pple are the way they are…. God Bless the ones that believe,recieve&trust in God&his word.To all,please do not give up,tie a knot at the end of that rope and hold on…thers hope.

  2. i am taking this medication 2 years. It’s helps for my schizophrenic symptoms,but totally destroyed my brain.
    i lost all my memory, my brain doesn’t work , my brain 0, no cognitive capability, gain weight, i live without brain since i take this medication. Only one problem , i can not live without medication, because the symptoms are terrible.

  3. Taking Latuda lucky my RX plan thru Medicare agreed to pay so it’s around 10 bucks. I hv been on every med on every dose you can imagine. Today psychiatrist do nothing but push meds. The outpatient facility I go to in Va. Just got a psychiatrist I was being treated by a nurse practitioner There are no therapist that accept my insurance so they give me a piece of paper with a list of support groups. I know im going off topic but health care today especially in the area of mental health is a shame

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