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10 Secrets Your Therapist Won’t Tell You

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  1. i need an answer.my therapist gives me positive stroke,but i can not believe on her,its my problem,i want to believe but i can not.She told me that in psychotherapy there is no false stroke.is it true?

  2. Hey guys, i really hope this is something like a very sarcastic joke. if therapists in america are like this, i think they are a product of your hypercapitalism…we in germany learn to be transparent, direct and honest to our patients…most of these “secrets” a therapist would definitely tell his or her patients…

  3. Im beginning to not trust therapist. I decided about two months ago that i needed to go on a short term disability from work about two months ago because i was going through some serious anxieties. My original plan was to be on leave for about a month and a half. Well toward my desired end of my leave, i went on to tell my therapist that i was ready to go back to work and her response was nothing but apprehension and recommend that i take an additional week, attend group therapies through out the week at the hospital and come back by the end of the week to discuss it further. Well, the end of the week comes, she decides she needs to postpone the appointment for the following tuesday because she has a dental emergency. The next week comes, she postpones the appointment for the next monday because shes going into dental surgery to have her teeth fixed. I am so pissed off. There is alot of things i am missing at my job and if i dont get back yo worl by early next week, i am going to miss some important deadlines which will impact my work schedule for the next 6 months. I will be really pissed if this bird therapist of mine decides to not release me back to work next week because i feel that this bitch is abusing her fucking authority. I had an idea she was a controlling bitch a couple of years ago when i went on leave and told her i was ready to go back after a year and a half because how she tried to orchestrate everything.Its pathetic when you decide to see a therapist for help and they decide to get crafty and controlling over your life just because you have a mental diagnoses. I feel totally fucking powerless right now, meanwhile Im broke as fucking hell struggling to pay my bills on my work disabilty money. I am totally not in the same place mentally as i was at the beginning of this leave. Who does the bitch think she is trying to tell me otherwise. Mental health professionals are scum. They make you think you can trust them, meanwhile your just a fucking puppet and they are the puppetmaster. If this creep therapist does not release me to my job next week, my contract with this woman is over and i am taking my business somewhere else. Its sad, this is about the only amount of power i do have. I wish i could sue this bitch. I certainly will be reporting her ass if she fucks my shit up.

  4. Well this was fckn h̶e̶l̶p̶f̶u̶l̶ depressing 😒

  5. I don’t know whether or not I can help you is very important. Many factors play into therapy/help. Some therapist are fine but that does not mean they can help you and your specifics needs/issues/diagnoses.
    Some therapists like their job but are burnt out. Some therapists are OK with their job but would rather do something else. Some therapists don’t like people anymore but really wan to make $150-$250 hr and will gladly see you — they don’t think they cannot help you. They think they are worth it and enjoy their big house and elegant lifestyle.

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