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Drinking Diaries: On Rejecting Addiction and Drama

By Therese J. Borchard
Associate Editor

merlot bottle.jpgI was recently invited by Caren Osten Gerszberg and Leah Odze Epstein who write and compile the fun blog, “Drinking Diaries” to contribute my two-cents on where I am with the whole drinking thing. Check out the …

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Drinking Diaries: On Rejecting Addiction and Drama

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  1. Wonderful article, Therese. It really does all boil down to: “Intensity is not the same thing as intimacy.”

  2. I cannot stand ‘addiction’ articles, and advice.

    BUT, Therese, this is the best one I have ever read, and I can more than stand it.

    Really great job! Katrin

  3. I don’t read addiction articles, as a rule. However, I think that this is one of the most useful, succinct pieces of information on behavior relavent to myself and many people I know that I ever have read in my life. What’s interesting to me is that as I read it, my mind opened up to all the possibilities of healthy addictions. Who is to say that all addictions must be harmful if one can gain some good from them? Exercise, impulsive creative artistry, composing music, the possibilities are endless. Why does something practiced in a manner that at times can be a bit “over the top” be always considered a bad thing? Shopping? If one has the means, why not? Why must we, as humans, constantly judge ourselves and strip away every flaw that serves to make us more human? There are obviously concessions to make with those whom we share our lives with but beyond that, I get frustrated with constantly trying to meet some preset standard that is acceptible by majority rule. I prefer to be me, thank you very much.

  4. I hope you didn’t stop reading after the first sentence, Therese. (just recalled something you said in another post)

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