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5 Tips for Discussing Sex Before Marriage

By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.
Associate Editor

5 Tips for Discussing Sex Before MarriageWhether you believe in having sex before marriage, talking about it before tying the knot is important. All healthy relationships must include honest conversations about sex and any other topics related to intimacy, according to Andra Brosh, Ph.D, a clinical psychologist who specializes in love, marriage and divorce.

These talks help couples work through any sexual issues and set the tone for how they’d like to connect, she said.

Sex is a significant part of marriage. “Knowing the other through sexual intimacy deepens everything in the relationship, and it can reduce tensions that might pop up in other areas.

“If things are good in the bedroom, other minor issues don’t seem as important.”

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5 Tips for Discussing Sex Before Marriage

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  1. I find your article well-written, but I do not share the underlying view that most relationships fail because of an inadequate sex life. In fact, actual sex takes only a small part of daily life for most people. Most relationships fail because of lack of common values and goals. Lack of mutual respect puts an end to more relationships that lack of communication about sex.

  2. Perhaps these 5 tips would be applicable before someone engaged in a sexual relationship with someone.

  3. A very peculiar article.
    (a) it assumes that marriage is an everlasting contract, and one better understand it fully before signing up. *Not true in todays world.

    (b) it assumes that you can just learn everything and sign the contract. *You’ll probably spend a great deal of time, like years, learning about the many layers of sex.

  4. This article assumes that the two people are healthy enough to watch porn without getting addicted. How do you determine whether or not exposing someone to porn will be harmful or helpful? Also many people who believe in abstaining from sex before marriage do not condone watching porn.

  5. Porn is now a healthy, accepted part of marriage???? Out of curiosity, I watched porn for a brief time with my partner and found it to be destructive to marriage/sex life. Why would anyone think that this comment is acceptable on a Psych magazine where so many people are addicted to porn and seeking help? Many men and women who use porn are having a harder time getting stimulated by emotionally intimate sex. They need more and more stimulation to stay engaged. I find this article irresponsible.

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