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How to Avoid Being Drained by Energy Vampires

Have you ever had the experience of having the life sucked out of you by spending time with a particular person?

I’m talking about feeling exhausted, bored, irritated, stressed, anxious, threatened, overwhelmed or depressed after just a few moments in that person’s company.

There may have been times where you felt guilty for having negative thoughts about that person — which made you feel even worse. You may even have thought there was something wrong with you, such as feeling a headache coming on or stressing over a work deadline. Either way, you didn’t understand why you felt so out of sorts.

If that describes a familiar experience, chances are you have been in the company of an energy vampire.

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How to Avoid Being Drained by Energy Vampires

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  1. My friend (male) feel same you are explaining here always when he try to settle a relation with a girl…

  2. Not only am I married to an energy vampire, but her entire family including cousins, aunts, uncles, etc are all energy vampires. Why do I feel that way? Well the moment I see them, I feel instantly drained. Through smiles, I see vindictiveness. As soon as I start talking, even a greeting, I feel them just thinking horrendous thoughts about me. (I am not in the Psychology/Psychiatric field) Everything I’ve done has had little effect on my wife. I’ve stood up to her, tried to be positive like I was before marriage, even asked her for counseling. Fortunately, the solution is as clear as day and after a year of coming to grips with this, I decided it’s time that I take charge of my own life and divorce. There’s no obligation to be with that person, however, my background necessitated it. There is much to tell, and this space is not enough. Let me just end by saying they are VERY real and they are VERY difficult to get rid of. If you see signs, get out early!

  3. My own family pretty much fits that bill for me. I live 3,000 miles away from most of my family (which suits me just fine!). But I have a brother that lives 2 hours from me. He’s the only one in my family that lives close to me. Talk about draining me, he really does!

    He has wanted to visit and stay with me for at least two days if he comes. It’s hard enough as it is for me to have a guest if they are pleasant to be with. My brother would not be pleasant because all he does is complain. He complains about my (late) parents who did not raise him right. He complains about my other brother and sister. And when we go places he complains about the service that was received.

    My sister and I are the only ones in the family that’s pretty close. Though I feel like that’s drifing away lately. She’ll often tell me that it would be a good for my brother and I to get together, just because we are family. Is that alone a good reason? But yet, she would never put him up.

    My sister is married with two teen-aged kids. She drains me also. As far as me going to visit her is concerned, I can’t imagine how much that would exhaust me to be there with her!

    Sad to say, I feel very guilty for feeling like this.

  4. What is the defference between narcissistic personality disorder and an energy vampire? And, since they can’t literally drain energy from someone, why do they do this? Very interesting. Pls answer though. Thanks.

    • By the definition that has been given…Good question my friend!!
      Read my comment…may go someway towards answering it.

  5. Energy vampires (I’ve noticed) also have the tendency to be manipulative and passive-aggressive, not just vain or arrogant. If they do something to hurt you and you stand up to them, suddenly they put on a “kicked dog” persona and make it seem like you’re the bad guy (to you and to others). Get out as soon as you can! Very dangerous!

    • Not all energy vampires are like that! I am one and I’m the nicest person you will ever meet. And no I don’t go “oh look! Someone to drain of energy!”

  6. Living in a small complex of 22 separate units, have been predated upon intentionally by extremely malicious energy vampires on a daily basis for the past 8 years, these creatures have the ability to suck the energy out from a distance, they can and do inflict pain if they miss out, sometimes horrendous headaches, the “electrical zaps” are the worst, can be anywhere on the body, usually the left or right foot/heel/sole. (i’m losing this battle and my health is suffering) can you help?

  7. i’m living with a toxic energy vampire with no way of leaving. i don’t know what to do with that idea.

  8. I have found that the difficulty or getting away from physic vampires is because they have the ability to make you feel responsible for the way they are behaving if their behavior is what is bothering you!

  9. What you describe, (as do others who pretend to know what a true energy vampire is,) are people who drain you mentally which yes can affect you physically.

    You have no idea…you are guessing/presuming…I am constantly a victim of energy vampires. What you talk about is a mental drain….that, I can handle, I have dealt with those types of people everyday, all my life. I strongly dis-agree with your assumption as to what an energy vampire is.
    The energy vampires I meet…
    I do not have to talk to these people I may not even know them. They only have to touch me, something of mine or be around me and I can feel my energy starting to be drained.
    It is actually a really nice feeling when it happens, this is why it is so hard to shake whilst it is happening, but it makes you feel very relaxed and lazy. Like getting a really nice soothing massage which covers your whole back and works up your neck and off the top of your head, Your hair even feels like its standing up? One has to dig very deep to find energy to continue what you are doing at the time or to get through your day afterwards, like forcing yourself to get out of bed when your still very tired….It has nothing to do with being able to cope with people situations nor problems in life.
    There are no signs to recognise…if you can’t feel it happening to you, it just ain’t happening!
    Only certain people, not all people do this to me, without even realising that they are doing what they are doing I don’t think? Both men and women can affect me this way.
    Having gone through this many times…I understand how they may have come up with ‘vampire’ legends to begin with.
    I am not a ‘passive’ person….but I am very empathetic.
    I am also an artist, musician and writer.
    This is what I wanted to know more about…not someones assumptions on what this phenomena ‘could be’ and then making up an explanation so as not to seem dumb. ( which I been seeing a lot of.)
    I am looking for someone who genuinely knows the phenomena.

    I got sick of reading on the net what people who had never been a true victim of this phenomena believed it to be, so I posted something about it on to face book.
    Within an hour of putting a post up about this on facebook telling the way that ‘I’ experience it, 3 other people came on describing the same feelings when around certain people.
    I didn’t think that I was alone in the way that I understand an ‘Energy Vampire’to be. But I didn’t expect mis-leading information to be given to others who obviously don’t know what this really is either.
    Now normal everyday people with normal everyday problems will getting labeled as “energy vampires’ (Even kids?) when they really aren’t…only by your definitions.

  10. This dosent help and is not true!!! How do I know? I am an energy vampire people! I don’t feed on your energy unless you really annoy me and I am one of the nicest people you will meet! So can people stop saying that energy vampires are evil!!!

  11. I have aenergy vampire in my life. In fact, I have realized it today. There is a way out, and you mentioned many of them in your article. In fact, I just opened my diary, and wrote each and every one of them down.
    yoga, meditation, cooking, personal development, a mentor, good job, a beautiful place to live in

    it is crucial to be self-aware.

    xx Eve

  12. My toxic vampire is the younger brother that has been living with me for 8 years now. At first, he needed help so that he could attend college–now he is having a hard time finding a job and cannot support himself financially.

    He has ruined friendships and potential relationships by being himself. He is needy and has ruined my hobbies by destroying my focus with his constant interruptions. The only way I can find any solace is to lock myself in my room–but as soon as I leave it, he will emerge from the basement and say/do things to drain me of my time and energy.

    I have been considering moving and leaving him in the house, but he makes it clear that he wants to follow because I suspect that he unconsciously needs to follow his ideal energy source.

  13. I get the whole concept of an energy vampire and all that it entails, but what if that person is your child? How can you seriously be expected to interact less with him? There has to be other solutions. And yes I’ve tried creating energy shield around myself but it helps very little. What now?

  14. I just learned from a wise friend that a woman who has latched herself onto me is an “Energy Vampire”. She sucks me dry, I am irritated as hell after being with her–yet she seems so innocuous and innocent and harmless. She “copies” things about me–my perfume, my hair, the places I go to, the things I do, my AA sponsor, my Siamese cat. And once in a while I catch a glimpse of her staring at me with a creepy gaze that I call the evil eye! I recently stopped giving her rides everywhere (she doesn’t drive herself)and let her put-upon husband start doing it again (lo and behold!) I really think he was enjoying the break while I was caretaking her and therapying her. I’m slowly learning that this phenomena exists and that I am very susceptible to it as I am a very caring, understanding, giving sort of person. This vampire also gives the “hurt bunny” look when I try to set a boundary. I was going to try just setting limits with her so that we could continue to be friends but I don’t think she can understand limits. And I need to not be so na√Įve in choosing friends–I can’t be friends with everyone–and I have to protect my precious energy–I only have enough for me, and barely that!

  15. Oh, a few other things to note: she is extremely self-involved, drones on about the same stuff over and over, is Bipolar 1–and is into it—and I get the feeling she is a jealous type who can never be truly happy for another. I think she cares about me only when it can affect her in some way, shape, or form. I hate that in my social circles that she is associated with me now by others. I have no real need to be friends with this woman—so I am walking away–but strangely enough, feel real fear and anxiety about that, and I hate that, too! She has worked her spell on me for sure. Time to shake her loose! Thanks for reading! xoxo

  16. A relative who lives across the country from me used to call me every week to talk for up to an hour. The day after my mother was buried (May, 2013) I decided to have a quiet day by myself and not go anywhere or answer the phone. The relative started calling me about 11 a.m. (I called *66 for the number) and called me a total of six times that day. I didn’t answer because I had spoken to her two days before and I planned to call her the next day, but when she rang the phone a third time, I was angry! I was afraid of what I’d say if I talked to her then. She called my brother, who lives near me, that night to ask where I was which infuriated me even more. She also called him several other times to complain. So, for nearly two years she has kept calling, the last time a few months ago. I sent her a few very blunt emails at the beginning, but then I felt that she was getting something out of that, so I stopped communicating completely. She lied to my sibling and said she hadn’t heard from me at all. She sent me a book I didn’t ask for and said (in a lengthy message on the new answering machine) that the book about angels was about “how we should be to each other”. She emailed me a meditation, to “open our hearts”. She won’t communicate another way because there’s something about the personal connection on the phone, she said. Apparently, I am to blame. She has made my phone ring 20 times in the past, until I bought the answering machine – which was a tremendous relief. She always seemed not quite present when we used to talk on the phone. I know I was bored because there wasn’t much to talk about then because my time was taken up with taking care of my mother. Now I wonder if she tried to drain my energy. I find it interesting that she started the extraneous phone calls the day after my mother’s funeral. Was she looking for the extra emotion? I’m truly sorry that I had to cut her out of my life, but I won’t deal with her rude, self-serving behavior.

  17. I just fled from an energy vampire at work. For some context, I used to teach in the inner city. 35 troubled teens at a time. 8 hours per day. It was hard, but I could do it. This man I work with now… his levels of vampirism are so shockingly high. At first, the conversations were innocuous, lasting 1 min about superflous stuff, then, they started getting deeper and deeper and all his creepiness started coming out. He lived with his mother for 38 years. Nevermind the rest of what he said. That’s all you need to know. A 50 year old man who lived with mommy for most of his life. Basically, everything he said was a complaint. The company sucks. The pay sucks. The bosses are f–king idiots. The quotas are unfair. The parking lot is too small. So, I did what the school system taught me to do if I needed a cease and desist filed against a crazy parent or to get a dangerous kid picked up by the cops (because this is what education in American cities is TRULY about now)… i documented. For three weeks, i endured this idiot’s garbage. I let himself dig a whole so deep and i recorded every word. I used to think these tactics were “big brothery”, but in this sick world, there are people who even though they have goodness in them down deep, their current activities are harmful. It’s why babies get taken away from poor drug addicted single mothers. Anyways… after I gathered my evidence, I went to HR to ask if I even had something that was worth their time to look at. The HR manager’s eyes got wide and I think I saw smoke coming out of her ears. She very primly said that I did the right thing reporting all his comments and wanting to separate from him. They moved my desk last night. She said that if he continues to visit me, to tell him to see HR with his complaints. If he doesn’t leave me alone after that he will get disciplined or terminated possibly. Do I want this for him? No. No sane healthy grown man with a family, which is who I am, would wish a job loss on a 50 year old single income coworker in this world. It’s cruelty beyond cruelty. But, at this point, all this had better teach him something because his constant talking was destroying my creativity. The interruptions weren 6,7,8 times in 60 minutes. So, yeah, no. We’re not doing that. My friends and family were amazing helping me deal with this because the fact of the matter is that this experience totally drained me. After the work day ended yesterday, I was so tired from this, work, and the two business I run outside work and the charity stuff I do, I hit a curb and blew out a tire. Thank god the rim was ok. I came home and watched 120 seconds of tv before i passed out. I feel good today because i now have my organization’s backing. If he screws with me again, I will send an email to hr so they reprimand him and end it for good. We talk a lot about team building, but at the end of the day, I am in sales and all of usare individually responsible for our own quota, which the company tailors to our territory. The vampire’s territory consists of 5 states. Mine? Nothing major just 21 COUNTRIES. I work in 3 languages. And i need peace and quiet to do all that talking also to do frequent translations. Our small sales are for $100K, so no one can have mistakes. This guy’s ranting caused a mistake that I owned up to making that ALMOST cost a customer. He started blabbing in my face while I was on the line with the CIO of Office depot mexico. I hushed him and he wouldnt stop. Mind you, my conversation is in spanish with the CIO so i am telling this guy to buzz off and the CIO is getting angrier and angrier. Lets just say thank god i am smooth and the cio is compassionate. We were able to bring things back online, but he almost hung up and we would have lost a potential multimillion dollar client. All because little miss energy vampire’s soul is empty. This is what i recorded and this is why HR will fire him. So, there’s a strategy you can use too. If a vampire is messing with your vibe, put up with his crap for a while amd use pen, paper, your phone and record their seditious activities then go to the proper authorities and partner with them in finding a solution. Good luck.

  18. Since my Awakening just short of 2 yrs ago, I gained a bunch of terms and meanings I had never heard of before. But afterwards, I knew exactly what they are, and what they could do to ya. I have been speaking of them for the last year so many have never heard of them. So when I came acrossed you article I was jumping for joy, see I’m not the only person in the world who knows about them! But I have shared the information about them on every page I read so that people can be aware of them and step back and away from them. I too have EV’s in my family, and it is hard to know what to do or how to approach someone you love about it, I find myself distancing myself from their constant drain. I want to Thank You so much for your amazing page and I have also shared it with many, how else do we begin change and understanding? One thing, most EV’s have no idea that is what they are, they are so busy blaming you or the world for their problems that they would never admit to. The Prayer of Protection by St. Micheal really does help as well as salt on the thresholds, acrossed the streets on your lot lines, and even in the home. Cleansings seen to help when combined with the prayer and the salt, but the choice to remove them or salt. I shall be your loyal reader from now on..Thanks So Much for helping us poor Readers who seem to be educating the world instead of the neighborhood~Blessings~



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