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Steps Toward Recovery from Alcohol AddictionHow do you deal with alcohol addiction?

Studies show that people become alcohol dependent due to a number of reasons, including personal issues, stress and peer pressure.

Alcohol addiction will disrupt your life and destroy personal relationships. But the problem for most alcoholics is that they realize these negative effects at a later time, making it hard to accept the reality and seek treatment.

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Steps Toward Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

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  1. All this article is reiterate the same information about recovery that has been spouted for years. Rehab only has a 30% success rate and that is considered exaggerated. I have been doing a lot of research about programs and reading the book Inside Rehab by Anne Fletcher and I have just been amazed at what I have learned. Rehabs are not regulated and often the people who work there are trained or certified. Some of them their only “qualification” is being a member of a 12 step program. Speaking of 12 steps, a majority of the programs out their focus on that even though its success rate is debatable and alienates those who are not religious or believe in a higher power uncomfortable and feeling like a bigger failure. Saying that people will never get better is not a great message either.

    Often, these rehabs have very little one on one work using group therapy all of the time. Not everyone is comfortable about spilling their guts in a group.

    The thing I found most interesting about the book is that most people with substance abuse problems got better on their own without any help or with the help of individual addiction counselor.

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