Jackson, Fawcett, McMahon

It’s been a rough week in the entertainment world, with the loss of three stars in music, Hollywood and television. With the passing of Michael Jackson (music, mostly in the 1980s), Farrah Fawcett …

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The Loss of 3 Entertainment Icons: Jackson, Fawcett, McMahon

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  1. Michael was SUPER HUGE in the 90′s as well in urban community where I live!!

  2. As a child in the 70′s, MJ made such a huge impact . He was the kid with never ending talent. It was sad seeing such a gifted artist burn out on fame. I didn’t buy many of his albums (a little too pop for my taste) but I never got tired of seeing him dance.

  3. Part of my childhood has gone with him, I always enjoyed his music and dance throughout his life, and I shall miss him along with the whole world.

  4. I remember watching the Jackson 5 on Soul Train on Saturday morning and then begging my father to take me to the record store to get their latest. There will never be another MJ.

  5. Michael was terribly misunderstood by many, many people and sadly overlooked. Despite his deep pain and his unfortunate up-bringing, he was a very beautiful and special person. The world will grieve Michael’s spirit. He was a shining star in more ways than one and it’s saddening to know that his inner beauty will become most evident now that he’s gone.

    He will be truly missed.

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