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Commenting on Those Who Comment

One thing I’ve learned while publishing my writing is that I’ll have to acquire a ‘thick skin’ (and since I’m generally sensitive, this is easier said than done).

And it’s needed not because there are those who don’t particularly like my style (whatever it may be), or due to the fact that some may simply disagree with my content or thoughts — that all happens anyway and is par for the course.

You see, the reason why a thicker skin comes in handy is because the comment sections (for certain online publications) have the potential to transform into an explosive minefield of rudeness.

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Commenting on Those Who Comment

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  1. An issue can be seen from so many different angles. No one can possibly see eye to eye with another on every issue. As such, we ought to demonstrate grace towards those who disagree with us.

  2. There are some truly horrible, miserable people out there who love making others feel bad. When I first started blogging, even though I was in my forties, I was all starry-eyed and hopeful that I would find like-minded sorts who would enjoy my offbeat writing and might find me interesting as well. I thought I could enlighten people about the fact that we who live with mental illness are really just people with a few added challenges.
    That was seven years ago. These days I am part of a couple of team blogs and we do not allow search engines to find our blogs. We moderate comments. We are far more leery of putting ourselves out there. We all discovered the hard way about the truly awful people.
    Really, they are just cowards. But unless one has a self-esteem of steel, which most of us don’t, they can really tear a person down. It’s a pity anyone has to behave so awfully.

  3. Great blog – this is a topic that everyone can relate too. It’s very relevant for today with social media.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Happy Blogging~
    Looking forward to more of your work.

  4. I have read some nasty comments myself and went “wow” that was uncalled for. I wonder if the same person would stand in front of the blogger and say the same nasty words. I think that the internet has desensitized people too much. We can see the face behind the words so people feel safe in spewing their hateful venom.
    However, what often happens is you can see the struggles that the commentor is having. The blindnes to the issues mentioned in the blog that the commentor is acutally suffering from but can’t see it so they get angry at the person pointing out their flaw.



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