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5 Ways to Practice Gratitude

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  1. Great ideas! I also want to add: when you wake up in the morning think of ten things you are grateful for before you get out of bed.

    My mental health blog is seattletherapist.wordpress.com

    • tanya , your thought about this is auwsoomw , i practice it daily

  2. It’s not that I am opposed to any of these suggestions, it’s just that I cannot relate to any of them.

    For me, gratitude happens on an almost daily basis, and spontaneously. I may be at a store and have a really good experience there which I feel grateful for, and which I did not anticipate.
    (and often, the other is a total stranger to me)

    Then, what makes me happy is to express that gratitude to the other person directly, (as well as to others later) and by giving him/her feedback because that is what would also make me happy, and does make me happy…when someone does not just feel grateful in private, or by telling his/her friend, but telling me directly. (the feedback is so important, and of course it must come from the hear; otherwise it doesn’t mean much)

    I also do not believe in the necessity of ‘positive thinking’.

    I think and feel whatever I do,and I equally value all my experiences. They are a mixture, and it is the bad feelings, experiences, and thoughts that make way for the exhilaration of the good ones.

    If I only had good experiences, I would most likely become quite depressed and no longer have anything to feel grateful for, as I would take all that for granted and the good feelings about good things happening would cease to exist.

    Just some thoughts, Katrin

    Thank you for the interview.

  3. Yes, my feeling is that an attitude of gratitude is a great way to take our “eyes” off ourselves and focus our attention on our thankfulness of someone else.

    My favorite way to do that, on almost a daily basis, is to log onto a site, find an appropriate greeting card, type a heart felt personal message and hit the send button, knowing it will bring a smile to their face when they receive it in their regular mail a couple days later.

    ….And, I firmly believe if we send out positive into this ole’ world, in what ever form or by what ever vehicle, it will in time come back to us in wonderful often unexpected ways.

  4. Gratitude has been & is one of the most important attitudes I have found that helped me through 12mths Rehab & in my daily life ,giving thanks to others & to my higher power fortifies my resolve , gives me strength & makes me happy to know that I am able to appreciate life good or bad without the need to drink & for this I will be eternally grateful ,thank you for giving me the opportunity to express this
    My heart felt thanks Des

  5. Give someone a Token of Appreciation from http://www.TOFA.us – they are trackable gratitude coins that say “Thank you for making a difference in my day”. You can register them online, share your experience and then pay it forward and watch its progress on a map on the website. The gratitude coins are also great to include in a gratitude letter!

  6. I write the letters and I send them – but unfortunately it really seems to make ppl uncomfortable…why is it that we seem to be unable to accept how much we mean to others?…”to the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may just be the world…”



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