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9 Myths of Bipolar Disorder

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  1. How I Cured My Bipolar Disorder
    I read that omega-3 was being used for psychiatric disorders and gave it a try for myself. It didn’t work, but I noticed that after 13 years my urine had no calcium sediments in it anymore. Before omega-3 supplements any extra calcium I ate showed up as extra urine sediment. I then read that calcium was important for proper neuron function and added calcium supplements to my diet thinking that I might not be getting enough. I increased the amount until I started seeing calcium sediments in my urine again. My mental symptoms stopped then. I believe the mechanism for the success of omega-3 is through its ability to allow the body to maintain a higher blood level of calcium. Higher calcium levels are known to reduce the level of excitability of neurons. Perhaps omega-3 allows the kidneys to reabsorb calcium to a level that satisfies all the body’s requirements.

  2. Having a mental disorder since childhood I can say from my own experience that bipolar disorder is a physical illness. I don’t need a doctor or scientist to tell me otherwise. When your brain chemistry is out of whack, that’s physical. Bipolar is part genetic and part environmentally created. For me, both are the cause. When I get depressed the front part of my head feels like a thousand pounds of weight is pushing down on it. Is that not physical?

    My heart goes out to all of you with this disorder. It has caused me great suffering during my life and I hope with medication, nutritional supplementation and therapy I can lead a fuller life, without as much depression.


  3. OK here I go. GMO plus the use of roundup kills the body’s ability to produce a critical enzyme ( I think its called P243. Anyway this renders the body unable to process certain sticky proteins like gluten. This accounts for the growing number of celiac and gluten intolerant people. The growth in autism may also be linked here. Now even if that’s inaccurate it isn’t inaccurate to say that coating your intestine with wheat gluten and starches prevents nutritional absorption and causes leaky gut syndrome/ This can trigger thyroid distress and neurochemical imbalances responsible for brain function and mood.So stop gluten drop sugar and eat clean/organic produce.Of course that is only half the battle. Coping skills and support is what is needed but often unavailable. Thanks internet for being here.

  4. The only thing I wish you had added to this to make it 10 myths is that bipolar is not just one mental illness. There are three different classifications (a,b, and c ) and they are all characterised by different symptoms. A is what everyone takes as typical bipolar but the other two are still around, even if they aren’t as common…

  5. Bipolar disorder is a medical/physical illness. So is meningitis; so is scurvy.

    I quit trusting anything you had to say when I saw #2 and that you thought that that was a myth.

  6. Hi Dr John,

    We are in India. My father is suffering from Bipolar Disorder from more than 30 years.. on and off.
    Recently the severity has become too much. He was on medication: Lithosun SR for last 3 years (since his last manic/depressive episode).
    Now recently it strike again, and i went angry saying you have called for it yourself. You are responsible for it and please leave us or Die!
    My parents are bankrupt because of this disease, and their household is running in rough waters from years now.
    Recently he ran away from home 3 days back. We are waiting, but no wherabouts from any of the relatives or friends.
    What should we do if he returns home? Generally doctors give electric shocks or injections to calm him down. But he doesnt want to visit the doc.
    1. Can you suggest what treatment should he get?
    2. Can you suggest any good doctors or hospitals in India?
    3. Generally doctor gives him medicine and not psychotherapy. Should we get psychotherapy also done? Can psychologists treat him?

  7. Hey so I am 15 years and I think 100% that I am bipolar cause I have all the signs and in all my tests I got high scores I know its not a good thing but I really have 2 many problems tye main one is I can never concentrate especially only in school the 2nd is my mom doesn’t care at all she thinks I am just imagining and nobody is helping me

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