Surprising Insights on Finding the Right Person & Improving Your RelationshipFinding the right person has less to do with finding “the one” and more to do with exploring ourselves. In the book The Two Truths About Love: The Art and Wisdom of Extraordinary Relationships, co-author Jason B. Fischer, MA, LPC, writes: “The real question is not how to find the right person, but how to find the right relationship. How can you do that? By becoming the right person yourself.”

The same is true for improving your relationship: “You have 99 percent control of every relationship,” writes Fisher, also a therapist with a private practice in Austin, Texas.

Focusing on ourselves, he says, means that we can change our thoughts, our actions and the way we communicate. We have the power to learn effective ways of relating to others and creating meaningful and healthy connections.

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Surprising Insights on Finding the Right Person & Improving Your Relationship

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  1. Very inspiring.

    I had some stressful situation just yesterday, and reading this I just found out that I’ve done these steps intuitively.

    The stress was growing so much that I just had to visualize an option.. here is when your power returns to you again.

    thanks for posting

  2. Most of the time we just go through the motions of living day to day. Then from out of the blue comes an article like SURPRISING INSIGHTS ON FINDING THE RIGHT PERSON AND IMPROVING YOUR RELATIONSHIP and WHAM! It hits you like a bolt of lightning. The insight – “Your joy is your job (and no one else’s)” is a big, big revelation!

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