Female Drinking and Brain Damage

Women Face Greater Memory Loss Than Men
Medical research continues to reveal greater health risks for women who drink compared to men. The latest studies show that females, even young women, face more brain damage than men who drink the same …

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Female Drinking and Brain Damage

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  1. I think creativity is a very misunderstood concept. Before I continue, I would like to say I agree that all the characteristics ascribed to creative people are present in all people to some degree or other but I think at issue is the amount of degree in creative people may be somewhat higher in some areas. I am afraid I have struggled with being a creative most of my life – and have had the labels bipolar attached – not so, I do not suffer mood swings of any sort. Extroversion, as I understand it, is the need for outside energy, whereas introversion is the need for solitude and space – energy comes from within. I need people to bounce ideas with – but I am drained after, then get tired, anxious, rework the ideas and then get productive. Hard to explain. No pleasure at all in everyday simple activities such as cooking, shopping, ordinary activities of the quotidian. Live for my expressive and creative world. I have learnt to act”normally” and put on a mask to the outside world. Luckily my husband (another creative and complex person with a multifaceted identity) understands – but is a little perplexed by the idea that I have never felt “feminine” even though I am small and petite. I am not a tomboy either – gender just doesnt really exist for me, except as something you have to do. I have been described as a non conformist – which does not mean not submitting to society’s law and order at all – that’s anarchy. You do the right thing, but know your own truth at all times. Except, where, to do otherwise is the right thing!

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